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Kawaii Animal Donuts by Ikumimama

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Kawaii animal donuts by Ikumimama are a delicious way to enjoy Christmas in Japan. Ikumimama is famous for their cute donuts. Their donuts are so cute that it’s hard to eat them! However, they’re also delicious! From November 27 until December 3 you will find these bird donuts at the Bird Festival in Jiyugaoka. These super cute donuts will be sold during the festival, but you can find others at their store (not birds, but other designs). But if you can make it to the festival you’re going to love these birdy donuts!

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Five Super Kawaii Japanese Cat Fashion Accessories You’re Going to Love

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Here you have five super kawaii Japanese cat fashion accessories you’re going to love. As you know, Japanese are unique in creating super cute fashion items related to cats. In Creema you can find tons of them! However we’ve chosen five for you to enjoy. We start with these super cute kitty bottoms ear jacks. They’re pretty unique and unusual, but certainly you’re going to rock your natural style hard if you get one set of these.

Let’s find the other super kawaii Kitty items!

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Japanese yummies: Japanese Kawaii Food

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Some yummies in Japan are so creative that you start wondering if you should eat them or not! Japanese kawaii food gives you another level of satisfaction: it not only attacks your taste, but it also makes your eyes marvel. Not only you can find seals in sherbets trying to make their way through a sea of yummy pinkish sherbet, or funny bears swimming in ice creams, you can also find all types of menus! Yummy kawaii hamburgers, yummy kawaii drinks, yummy kawaii coffees (my favorite!), and yummy kawaii deserts! Anything that you can think of will be kawaii, and of course, yummy.

So, why do we consume so many kawaii foods? Why do we entertain ourselves with such delightful kawaii foods, if we are going to taste them right away and destroy the kawaii figure?

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Pre-order your Sailor Moon Mars and Uranus Bishoujo Figures

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Pre-order your Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Bishoujo Sailor Moon Mars and Sailor Moon Uranus through Rinkya Direct. Sailor Moon is preparing a lot of wonderful goodies to celebrate Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary including wonderful figures. These are really nice and great items to have for collection or to enjoy. While Sailor Mars is in combat and showing up all her strength, Sailor Uranus is capable of moving! You can put her on the pose you want the most, and you can make her as sweet, rebellious or spooky as you want.

Sailor Moon Mars is in action! Made by Figuarts Zero, she is 190mm. Sexy and with a lot of energy, this figure will look great anywhere! Plus, thanks to Premium Bandai you can order 12 figures per person (which is a quite huge limit to have). I always end up buying two figures, one to display and the other to keep in a box. Having such a limit ensures that I can satisfy myself easily.

All the energy that Sailor Moon Mars is displaying is courageous! Her face is cute but menacing, and her whole body is pure action. A great figure to have at home! Pre-orders are opened now. She will start selling on February 2015. Pre-order before it’s too late!

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Sanrio Opens Little Twin Stars Cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo


Sanrio’s limited season themed cafe featuring Little Twin Stars (Kiki and Lala) will be opening at Shibuya Parco in Tokyo this month. “Kiki & Lala Cafe” has been opened in Kansai in the past, but this is the first time the cafe is held in Kansai area.

There are many merchandises to see, and it will also serve food menu too adorable to eat!


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Super Cute! New Addition to Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Shoe Line

In January, footwear brand Randa released a line of adorable shoes celebrating Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary.

randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-shoes-rinkya-japan4 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-shoes-rinkya-japan

This month they announced new additions to the line, Hello Kitty sandals!


They are cute, playful, and fun, just like Hello Kitty herself!
Right now, two types of sandals with three color options per type are available for sale.
You can order all of them through Rinkya Store Order. (Please note that all Store Orders must be paid immediately. Any order not paid within 24 hours will be cancelled.)

1) Hello Hello Hello Kitty’s Sandal (Lots of Hello Kitty)



randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan10 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan9


randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan12 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan14 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan11 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan13


You can purchase Hello Hello Hello Kitty’s Sandals through Rinkya Store.
Sizes are available in S (=22.5-23), M (=23.5), L (=24), and LL (=24.5) (See international shoe size conversion).

Price: $110.00 (including all Rinkya fees before international shipping)*
*This price applies only if you are buying a single pair.
Buy more than one pair from Randa and save on fees! See how fees work for Rinkya Store order.

2) Playful Hello Kitty’s Wedge Sole Sandals

randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan2 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan6 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan7 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan3 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan5




You can purchase Playful Hello Kitty’s Wedge Sole Sandals through Rinkya Store.
Sizes are available in S (=23), M (=23.5), L (=24-24.5), and LL (24.5-25) (See international shoe size conversion).

Price: $110.00 (including all Rinkya fees before international shipping)*
*This price applies only if you are buying a single pair.
Buy more than one pair from Randa and save on fees! See how fees work for Rinkya Store order.


More new shoes are coming up soon! We’ll keep you updated as soon as the details are announced!



Kawaii Hello Kitty Shoes to Celebrate 40th Anniversary, Both Pumps and Sandals!

randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-shoes-rinkya-japan randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-shoes-rinkya-japan4


Randa, an Osaka-based footwear brand, is going to release an adorable collection of Hello Kitty pumps and sandals in celebration of the character’s 40th anniversary. The designs are both elegant and playful at the same time, just like Hello Kitty herself! You can preorder now and get them shipped in February. Check them out!

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