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KFC Japan releases crazy music video with Ladybeard! (You haven’t seen anything like this)

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KFC Japan releases crazy music video with Ladybeard! You haven’t seen anything like this! It’s surreal, amazing and totally weird. KFC Japan has created one of the craziest videos ever. It has ninja maids, a weird storyline, Sailor Suit Old Man and Ladybeard. I must admit that it was hard to get into the story to get the perfect taste for the sauce, the video is so odd that you cannot stop watching it. It’s an 80s music video with VHS quality. It’s vintage flavor is making us think that the message is older than it really is. Plus, you can get the song “Taressence” from “Chicken Records.” And yes, it’s sung by Ladybeard!

So, what’s up with the sauce?

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J-pop cover of the Ghostbusters is so quirky that you’ll get addicted to it!

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J-pop cover of the Ghostbusters is so quirky that you’ll get addicted to it! If you loved the original Ghostbusters and are exited to see the new movie, please take a look at the Japanese MV of the Ghostbusters: it’s quirky, funny and gets to the point! This is a new hit of pop culture trends that are sweeping around the world. The iconic theme song gets a bust with these four Japanese girls that kick ass in the MV. These four women are famous comedians in Japan and are promoting the movie for SonyPictures Japan. They’ve got the moves and the colors to make ghosts frightened!

Let’s discover all about it!

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BABYMETAL reacts to youtubers react to BABYMETAL and it’s just lovely. As you know, BABYMETAL is a Japanese kawaii metal band who is getting more and more famous worldwide, especially in the US. They’re really cute and amazing when reacting to youtubers who react to their music. BABYMETAL’s style can be defined as kawaii metal, but it’s basically a cute mixture of metal and Jpop. Their videos are colorful, energetic and full of amazing images. If BABYMETAL’s videos are so fun, can you imagine a full concert? I bet it might be just amazing. But, before showing you how these pretty girls reacted to youtubers reacting to their music, let’s take a look at the reactions of youtubers first.

So, even the ones who didn’t know how to define BABYMETAL’s music, ended up liking it despite their first faces of surprise!

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Ayaka Ohashi’s first solo album Kidou Start Up! is here to rock you!

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Ayaka Ohashi’s first solo album Kidou Start Up! is here to rock you! Voice actress Ayaka Ohashi, known for her role as main heroine in “Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls” Shimamura Uzuki is about to release her first solo album next May 18!! But, for the time being, she has posted a short version of ABSOLUTE YELL, the lead track for her first solo album. This first album includes her previous released single songs plus new ones.

As you might already know, Ayaka Ohashi started as a voice actress back in 2012 in the anime Amagami SS+. However, her first regular character was Fleur Blanc in Eureka Seven: AO also in 2012. After that she has lend her voice to many other characters in other animes like Aikatsu, Fantasista Doll, Dokidoki! PreCure, Sabagebu! and The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls. At the moment she is the voice of Falrion in Endride.

Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload thanks to ABSOLUTE YELL.

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OMG! You must watch BABYMETAL on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert tonight!!!

OMG! You must watch BABYMETAL on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert tonight!!! BABYMETAL have a new album titled “Metal Resistance” at the moment, and they’re going to be on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert tonight. They’re rocking the US from every single corner! Don’t miss CBS at 11:35 pm EST/ 10:35 pm CST to watch BABYMETAL in their full glory! Don’t miss them! Watch them live and let us know what you think!

Don’t miss them! If you want to know what they’re up to, follow them on Twitter @BABYMETAL_JAPAN!! [They post tons of info, including their latest videos, like the one above.]

Sources: BABYMETAL on Twitter, Natalie

LADYBABY 2nd Single “Age Age Money ~Ochingin Daisakusen~” explodes!

LADYBABY 2nd Single “Age Age Money ~Ochingin Daisakusen~” explodes! As you know LADYBABY has a unique music style and visual style that shocks audiences all over the world. Their second single is here with great visuals and a great message: they ask for working people’s salary raise and peace in the world.

The title of the new single is “age age money ~Ochingin Daisakusen~”. The Japanese word “ochingin” means payment and the word “daisakusen” means big mission. We can see Ladybeard asking his hypothetical boss a pay raise. Meanwhile, Rie and Rei are asking that salaries go up for everyone.

Take a look at the video. It’s really funny and the message is a great one! Please notice all the fashion LADYBABY is wearing in the video. Their style is a great source of inspiration as well! They smash boundaries and stereotypes.

Source: Tokyo Girls Update
Image Source: LADYBABY

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Rinkya News: H.Ear × WALKMAN ® SCANDAL Collaboration Model

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We have awesome Rinkya news! H.Ear × WALKMAN ® SCANDAL Collaboration Model is here! And it’s super cute! This limited collaboration model will be available for purchase till February 16, 2016! If you are interested in getting yours, please contact us! (Remember to attach the link of this post!)

So, what’s cool about this H.Ear × WALKMAN ® SCANDAL Collaboration Model? You get a SCANDAL logo Walkman ® print on the back of the body! It’s also engraved on the headphones, and there’s also an original wallpaper! It comes with a special package.

Let’s take a closer look at it!

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10 Most Popular Karaoke Songs in Japan

In Japan, going to karaoke is one of the best ways to get to know your friends.
Know songs that are popular and impress your Japanese friends!

Top 10 Most Sung Karaoke Songs in Japan (based on 2012 data)

1. Heavy Rotation (AKB48)

Music Video for Heavy Rotation by AKB48


2. Memeshikute (Golden Bomber)


Music Video for Memeshikute by Golden Bomber


3. Senbonzakura (Whilte Flame feat. Hatsune Miku)


Music Video for Senbonzakura by White Flame feat. Hatsune Miku


4. Zankoku na Tenshi no These (Yoko Takahashi) 


Music Video for Zankokuna Tenshi no These by Yoko Takahashi.


5. Eikou no Kakehashi (Yuzu) 


Music Video for Eikou no Kakehashi by Yuzu.


6. Flying Get (AKB48)


Music Video for Flying Get by AKB48.


7. Chiisana Koi no Uta (Mongol800)


Live Video for Chiisana Koi no Uta by Mongol800.


8. Kiseki (Greeeen)


Music Video for Kiseki by Greeeen.


9. Matryoshka by Hachi feat. Hatsune Miku & GUMI


Music Video for Matryoshka by Hachi feat. Hatsune Miku & GUMI.


10. Hanamizuki (Hitoto Yo)


Music Video for Hanamizuki by Hitoto You.

Was it all you expected, or are you surprised by the ranking of most sang karaoke titles? I thought it’s a great mix of Japanese Idol pop, Visual-kei, punk rock, anime, vocaloid, and touching ballad!