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Taco Bell Japan translation fails: Crunchwrap Supreme Beef is “Supreme Court Beef”

While people queue in the hundreds outside the first Taco Bell Japan, its website shows up quite a funny story: Taco Bell Japan translation fails are too funny to be ignored! On our top is the “Supreme Court Beef.” I didn’t know we would be eating High Court Beef in Taco Bell Japan!

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Internet Meme Cat Smartphone Holders “I’ll hold the enemy here! Now you go without me!”

These cute but a little bit demented smartphone holders created latest internet meme!
Kitan Club’s “I’ll hold the enemy here! Now you go without me!” smartphone holders feature self-sacrificing cats who (look as if they) prevent enemies from getting close to you and letting you go forward without them. It’s kind of sad but very touching!

Kitan Club also shows potential alternate uses for these smartphone holders.

kitanclub2 kitanclub


Even if you don’t own a smartphone, you can still use them!

These smartphone holders are already sold out on Kitan Club‘s official site, but guess what. Of course you can find them on Yahoo Japan Auction. Bid on “I’ll hold the enemy here! Now you go without me!” Smartphone Holders via Rinkya!

Pic Source:  Rocket News 24