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An Extremely Rare Super Sailor Moon Baby Face Doll from BANDAI Found on Auction!

This might be one of the greatest finds of Sailor Moon toys I’ve shown on this blog. If you are a Sailor Moon collector, you’ve got to check this out!

BANDAI’s so-called Sailor Moon Baby Face Doll (Japanese name: いつもなかよしスーパーセーラームーン) is extremely rare, one of the most sought-after Sailor Moon dolls sold during the time of its TV run.



Around the same time this was released, there was also Sailor Chibi Moon version of the same baby face doll line. You see Chibi Moon version occasionally on Yahoo Japan Auction, but this, Super Sailor Moon version is extremely difficult to find even in Japan. And especially when it’s in a near mint condition like this, with an original packaging, it must be a collector’s dream come true. The same doll was recently sold for 70,000 yen just for the doll itself, without the box!

The current highest bid is only 35,000 yen. Two more days till the auction ends!
Good luck bidding!
Browse more Sailor Moon listings on Yahoo Japan Auction.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask questions through our Contact form or Support Desk.

New Sailor Moon Merchandise Lineup – Sailor Senshi T-shirts, Luna Tissue Box Case, Plush Dolls, and more!

There’s no time to take a break for Sailor Moon fans!
Lots of new Sailor Moon products are coming up, including Sailor Moon plush dolls, Luna’s tissue box cover, new T-shirts, and more! (Prices shown here are only applicable if you order a single item. If you order multiple items from the same Japanese store, you’ll save money on Rinkya fees due to the combined shipping within Japan. To calculate the final price for combined order, read the instruction shown on the Rinkya Store Order page).
For you reference, Item #1 is ordered from Premium Bandai and #2-6 is ordered from Prespe.

1) Sailor Moon Full Color Print T-shirts

美少女戦士セーラームーンFull Color Print Tシャツ (Release Date: October, 2013)sailor-moon-full-color-print-t-shirt-rinkya-japan


Now you can get not only Sailor Moon but all inner Sailor Senshi’s T-shirts as well!
Each T-shirt is USD77.00 including all Rinkya fees before international shipping, if you are only buying one T-shirt. Get more than one (you can choose different design) to save money on Rinkya fees!

Sailor Moon Full Color Print T-shirt with White Background




Sailor Moon Full Color Print T-shirt with Gray Background





Sailor Moon Full Color Print T-shirt with Yellow Background





Sailor Mercury Full Color Print T-shirt





Sailor Mars Full Color Print T-shirt





Sailor Jupiter Full Color Print T-shirt





Sailor Venus Full Color Print T-shirt





Found the design you like? There are more T-shirt designs available from Premium Bandai! Pick ones you like and list them on Rinkya Store Order form.

2) Sailor Moon Mini Plush Cushions

セーラームーンミニぬいぐるみクッション (Release Date: October 31st, 2013)

The five main Sailor Senshi will be available in adorable plush dolls made by Bandai! Each plush is about 6-inch tall (when standing, 4 inches when seated) that fits right in your palm. Preorder now, so you can get it shipped in October!
Price: USD 34.00 per each plush (including all Rinkya fees before international shipping)

*Make sure to write down which character you wish to order in the description section!


3) Sailor Moon Luna Tissue Box Cover

美少女戦士セーラームーン ルナBOXティッシュカバー (Release Date: October 31st, 2013)sailor-moon-luna-tissue-box-case-rinkya-japan

This is my favorite! Sailor Moon’s companion Luna Tissue Box Cover.
It is 45-cm long cover that fits a Japanese-size tissue box of 115mm x 240mm x 50mm (which is different from most US tissue boxes, so be aware of that). This item is released in end of October.

Price: USD 42.00 (including all Rinkya fees before international shipping)


4) Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon Attachable Mascots

美少女戦士セーラームーン つなげてマスコット (Release Date: October 31st, 2013)

These are little charms of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon. You can link them with Luna or Luna-P Ball by snap buttons on their hands, so they are always together! The item will be released in end of October. Sailor Moon and Luna come in a set, and Chibi Moon and Luna-P come in a set.

Price: USD 38.00 per each (including all Rinkya fees before international shipping)
For Sailor Moon and Luna Set buy-now-button
For Sailor Chibi Moon and Luna-P Set buy-now-button


5) Sailor Moon Luna Multi-purpose Pouch

美少女戦士セーラームーン ルナポーチ (Release Date: October 31st, 2013)


Luna’s always helping Usagi, now she can help you organize your stationaries (or makeups, coins, whatever you want). Luna Multi-purpose Pouch is 33cm in length and has plenty of space inside.

Price: USD 35.00 (including all Rinkya fees before international shipping)


6) Sailor Moon Melamine Cups

セーラームーンメラミンカップ (Release Date: October 10th, 2013)

Melamine cups are light and hard to break! Enjoy your drink with Sailor Moon.

Price: USD 28.00 per each (including all Rinkya Fees before international shipping) 







You can also find many Sailor Moon items listed on Yahoo Japan Auction

Sylvanian Families in Japanese Fundoshi Undergarments Are Somehow Extremely Fitting

Sylvanian Families is a line of animal figures and dollhouses originally sold by Epoch in 1980’s. Later it was distributed and became widely popular worldwide. I’m sure you’ve seen the adorable critters made of flocked plastic living in traditional western-style housings.


Photo Source: Amazon Japan

They are such adorable creatures!
However, there’s been some odd trend around Japanese Twitter community recently.
Here are cute Silvanian Families… 

Photo Source: Sylvanian Families 

Add Japanese “fundoshi,” a traditional Japanese undergarment…



“Let’s Partyyyyyyyy!”

Photo Source: Wikipedia

By just adding a single piece of garment, Sylvanian Families suddenly turn into exciting (possibly drunken) Japanese matsuri (festival) participants. They give us totally different impressions than when they are in their usual, western-tyle outfits that we are all familiar with.


“Is this where the party’s going on?”


Bunny Cop: “Where is the party!?”


“Everyone here? Let’s wait for the village chief and start the fundoshi festival!”


 Beavers: “Can’t hear your voice! Louder!”


“My underwear’s ripped! I have too much energy.”

(And a very drunk mole passed out on the sidewalk…)


“My family only has one grown man who can participate in the matsuri. Good luck Dad!”



Duck Mom: “Wh…who are you? Why are you in my house!?”
Ducklings: “Whoa… you guys are so cool!”


“Heave-ho! Heave-ho!”


“You two should get ready after the supper too!”


Beaver: “Are you ready for matsuri?”


“Fundoshi matsuri is all over Twitter!”


“Fundoshi is…so romantic.”
“Hahaha, you just found that out?”


“Here comes the mikoshi!”
“Heave-ho! Heave-ho!”

*Mikoshi is a portable Shinto shrine that four selected men (or women sometimes) carry to parade around the town during a matsuri.


 “Keep it up guys!”




“Great job, gentlemen!”

Photo Source: @mee0121 Twitter

“Let’s celebrate! Eat! Drink!”

Meanwhile…the mole family is completely wasted.

Photo Source: @kusomushimogura Twitter

“See what I can do! Hahaha”
“Hey! Keep your undies on!”

They are having so much fun! I’d never thoguht Sylvanian Families would look so good in fundoshi, but apparently they do. To follow all photos of fundoshi matsuri, check out the hashtag #ふんどし祭り.

Are you now interested in owning a Sylvanian Family?
Check out Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya for all listings of Sylvanian Families!

All Photos are from NAVAR matome, unless otherwise credited.

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer Figure Collection by Medicom Toy

Wonder Festival, the largest event for figures and garage kits, for Summer 2013 season took place on July 28th. A lot of limited edition items were sold at the event and are already showing up on Yahoo Japan Auction!
Today let’s take a look at Medicom Toy’s WonFes Summer 2013 Collection, and I’ll give you links to finding those items on Rinkya.

1) Medicom Toy Evangelion Unit 00 RAH NEO Wonder Festival 2013 Summer Limited Edition


wonder-festival-2013-summer-medicom-evangelion-rah-neo-rinkya-japan2 wonder-festival-2013-summer-medicom-evangelion-rah-neo-rinkya-japan3

Limited stock of 600 pcs. (At the event 100 pcs/Via online order 500pcs)
Height: 390mm
Find all listings of Medicom Toy Evangelion Unit 00 RAH NEO WonFest Summer 2013 Edition.

2) Medicom Toy RAH Shikinami Asuka Langley (Jersey Version)

medicom-toy-rah-shikiha-asuka-langley-jersey-wonder-festival-rinkya-japan medicom-toy-rah-shikiha-asuka-langley-jersey-wonder-festival-rinkya-japan2


I love the realistic jersey texture (and of course she’s so cute with that cap)!
Limited stock of 400 pcs. (100pcs at the event/300pcs via online order)
Height: 300mm
Find all listings of RAH Shikinami Asuka Langley Jersey Version on Yahoo Japan Auction.

3) Shikinami Asuka Langley Jersey Version BE@RBRICK 



Limited stock of 1,000 pcs (300 pcs at the event/700 pcs via online order)
Height: 70mm
Find all listings of Shikinami Asuka Langley Jersey Version BE@RBRICK on Yahoo Japan Auction.


4) Evangelion Unit-08β BE@RBRICK 400%

wonder-festival-2013-evangelion-unit8-beta-400-bearbrick-rinkya-japan wonder-festival-2013-evangelion-unit8-beta-400-bearbrick-rinkya-japan2

Limited stock of 500 pcs (200 pcs at the event/300 pcs via online order)
Height: 280mm
Find all listings of Evangelion Unit-08β BE@RBRICK 400% on Yahoo Japan Auction.

There are a lot more to cover for Wonder Festival! I’ll continue with WonFes limited collections from other brands later, but you can go ahead and browse all Wonder Festival Summer 2013 items, including both professional and amateur pieces, on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya.


(Photos provided by: みんなのエヴァファン)

Vintage Transfromers: Victory Breast Force Liokaiser toys 1989, all 6 of them in a set in fantastic condition

Today we have a set of great vintage toys from Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory from 1989.

What’s on our auction is a set of all 6 members of Destron(Decepticon)’s Breast Force that will combine to be Liokaiser  (yes, Breast Force is what they were called).


From top left, we have Jallguar, Killbison, and Drillhorn. From bottom left, Leozack, Gaihawk, and Hellbat.

transformervitory-breastforce2 transformer-breastforce3

As you can see, they are in fantastic conditions both contents and packaging-wise. The seller has kept the toys totally untouched except for placing the original stickers in proper positions. Let’s form Liokaiser with the six elites of Breast Force! :)

Trivia: Breast Force earned the first place in the 30 Most Unfortunately Named Transformers in 2009.

Breast Force ranked number 1

Smile, guys!

bidnow Bid on Transformers: Victory Breast Force Toy Set now!


Want something else?
Search all Transformer Toys via Rinkya Yahoo Japan Auction.

Hatsune Miku x Louis Vuitton Collaboration Figures Getting Attention on YJ auctions

If you are a passionate Miku fan, you might have heard about the life-size Hatsune Miku figure dressed in Louis Vuitton outfit that showed up at Bunkamura Orchard Hall on May 22nd. It was made in collaboration with Hatsune Miku’s opera, “THE END.”


Life-size, 158cm tall Hatsune Miku figure displayed at the reception event of THE END

Although there wasn’t any public announcement, a limited number of miniature replicas of this Louis Vuitton x Hatsune Miku figure were given to guests who attended the reception, and the event was for invitation only.

Therefore these figures are extremely rare! We’ve found a few of them appearing on YJ auction recently.

Here is one Hatsune Miku x Louis Vuitton “THE END” Limited Edition Figure listed on Auction right now.


1/6-scale Miku figure and a catalogue booklet for THE END.lousivuitton-hatsunemiku5


vuitton-hatsunemiku vuitton-hatsunemiku2


Here’s some more pictures from previous auctions to show you more details.

louisvuitton-hatsunemiku4 louisvuitton-hatsunemiku3


Previous auctions on this item ended up with highest bid of 110,000JPY. As the number of available figures go to collectors’ hands, it is expected to be more and more difficult to find. Bid on Hatsune Miku x Louis Vuitton collaboration figure now before they go completely away!


If you don’t win this particular auction, keep checking with Rinkya Auction by entering “初音ミク ヴィトン フィギュア” in our search bar, or just use this link pre-set to search this item.




Grooviest iPhone Holder Ever – Takara Tomy Face Stand lets you dance, dress up, and sing!

There are hundreds of choices available for iPhone stands nowadays, but nothing is quite like Takara Tomy’s Dancing Face Stand for iPhone. It is very… strange.

dancingiphonestand dancingiphonestand2 dancingiphonestand3

By inserting your iPhone in the slot, Takara Tomy Face Stand plays music from your iPhone/iPod Touch and dances according to the rhythm!

Not only it can dance, but using its built-in App it’ll automatically make your face displayed on the screen lip sync with the music.


Evidently you can choose to dress up as a giant panda and wear weird masks…

Check out the video on Takara Tomy’s website to see how it works!

Compatible with iPhone 4/4S, 5, and iPod Touch (4th gen).

Pre-order Takara Tomy Face Stand for iPhones from Rinkya Stores now!
Shipping will start from end of June.