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Sushi KitKat in Ginza: for chocolate lovers (from KitKat Japan)

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Chocolate lovers, you’re lucky this Valentine! There is sushi KitKat in Ginza! Wait, what!? A KitKat specialty store is to open at Ginza that plays with KitKat Japan flavors. And to celebrate it, customers will be able to enjoy Sushi KitKat! This will be the world’s first Sushi KitKat ever. But, don’t despair, because it’s incredibly amazing. The store will open from February 2nd and will offer KitKat delicacies. The first one: Sushi KitKat.

Sushi KitKats are made with rice puff molded as shari for sushis. It has crispy texture and it looks like rice. The toppings are amazing KitKats coated with wasabi powder to give them accentuated flavor.

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Alice in Wonderland Tea from Karel Capek: Alice’s Girls Tea and Alice’s Chocolate Grey

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Lost on what to give as Valentine present? What about an Alice in Wonderland Tea set from Karel Capek? There are two flavors: Alice’s Girls Tea and Alice’s Chocolate Grey. They both have Alice in Wonderland motifs, and all of them are super cute! Each set contains five bags and will sell for 594 including tax.

Alice’s Girls Tea is sweet and with strawberry flavors. It also has vanilla and tea from Sri Lanka. It has a very rich flavor and can be drank with whatever you like: alone, with cookies, cakes, etc.

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Gudetama Café opens at Maid Home Café in Akihabara

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A Gudetama Café opens at the Maid Home Café in Akihabara for a limited time. Gudetama, the lazy egg, is a cute anthropomorphic amazing egg. He’s perfect for food and creating amazing bentos. Now, from Juanuary 14 you can enjoy Gudetama in one of the most amazing Maid Cafés in Akihabara, the Home Café.

Maid cafés are famous for having an amazing staff of cute and hardworking mades. Now, they’re going to make all your dreams come true with Gudetama. The maids at Home Café are going to bring you the cutest menu ever with Gudetama.

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Marvel Tsum Tsum Cakes: Spider-Man is a berry Cake!

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Marvel Tsum Tsum Cakes: Spider-Man is a berry Cake! Ginza Cozy Corner is releasing a set of Marvel Tsum Tsum cakes Valentine’s day. The set is a Petit Gateau Valentine Collection that includes 9 Tsum Tsum cakes. It’s a limited set. It’ll sell from January 13 until February 14 at Ginza Cozy Corner. The set will sell for 2268 yen including tax.

Marvel Tsum Tsums are super cute. This set contains some of the cutest ever, like the berry Spider-Man. The set lineup is as follows:

  • Black Widow: a tart of chocolate cream and white chocolate cream
  • Hawkeye: a mango cream roll cake
  • Thor: a passion fruit ganache-filled lemon cream tart
  • Falcon: a chocolate cream and cocoa sponge roll cake
  • Marvel Tsum Tsum: a vanilla flavored white chocolate cream and cocoa sponge cake
  • Spider-Man: a raspberry cream and raspberry flavor sponge roll cake
  • Captain America: a mint-flavored white chocolate cream tart
  • Iron Man: a white chocolate cream and roll cake with raspberry flavored sponge
  • Hulk: a Matcha Mont Blanc Tart

If you’re going to spend Valentine’s Day in Japan, consider getting your hands on this Marvel Tsum Tsum Cake Set from Ginza Cozy Corner.

Source: Entabe
Images source: Entabe

Japan’s Moon First Landing Candy

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Japan’s Moon First Landing candy are here from Vintage Confections, a brand that specialises on delicious candy. They’re releasing their Moon Candy. Vintage Confections is an American lollipop candy. There are 6 candy with different patterns. Reservations are accepted from January 11 until February 8. Each lolly has different motifs: Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and Uranus. The Moon Candy are packed all together. The set is astonishing, with hyper-realistic candy that are a treasure.

These candy are very astonishing. The patterns are very realistic. These candy are a must-have. Plus, the designs are so realistic and amazing that it takes a great will to eat them all. And yet, they’re delicious.

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Limited Hello Kitty Café in Osaka

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Rejoice because there’s a limited Hello Kitty Café in Osaka. Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel are the stars in the super cute menu at THE GUEST Café & Diner in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. All the menu is incredibly cute, and I’m sure it’s a pure delight to eat and drink everything!

It’s affordable too! For example, the Hello Kitty Full of LOVE Beef Stroganoff costs 1480 yen, and it comes with a cute ceramic cup.

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Let’s say hello to Coca-Cola Ginger!

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Let’s say hello to Coca-Cola Ginger! Japan is the land for new tastes, and huge brands like Coca-Cola know it. Because it’s cold, the perfect flavor is going to be ginger! So, Coca Cola Japan is releasing Coca-Cola Ginger for a limited time from January 23! The price for each bottle is going to be about 140 excluding tax.

A Coke has never been so spicy before! With the ginger extract, we have spice to enjoy. This is perfect if you have a cold and want to enjoy a coke anyway. It’s also perfect for those who are addicted to ginger.

This is the first time that Coca-Cola launches a coke with ginger in it. The pioneer country in Asia will be Japan.

If you’re dying to get your hands on bottles of Coca-Cola Ginger, don’t hesitate to contact us. This is going to be a one-of-a-kind Coke for the ages! Don’t miss it!

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

Kumamon and Rilakkuma team up with Lawson Japan

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Kumamon and Rilakkuma team up with Lawson Japan. From December 2016, you can find items like Ehumaki for Setsubun, with Rilakkuma and Kumamon. The Kumamon Naga Roll (420 yen including tax) is about 30cm. It has whipped cream, raw chocolate, fruits and also has cocoa flavor.

You can also find Setsubun Rilakkuma mini mochi rolls for 450 yen including tax. This set has strawberry and pudding flavors. One set has two types of roll cakes. Each measures about 4.5cm in diameter and about 9cm in length. It also includes a limited sticker.

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Ginza Cozy Corner x Disney Limited New Year 2017 Sweets

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Ginza Cozy Corner x Disney Limited New Year 2017 Sweets are cute and delicious! Ginza Cozy Corner is one of the most famous Japanese Sweet retailers at the moment. They create limited-edition sweets. They often collaborate with Disney Japan and create amazing sweets. New Year is around the corner, so they’re featuring Disney characters and creating Japanese traditional sweets for our delight. Plus, the packaging is amazing. The topic: New Year. The main characters: Disney ones!

Wrapping and packaging is paramount in Japan. Thus, there’s no wonder the Disney New Year boxes plenty with sweets are elegant and amazing. We start taking a look at Disney New Year Cookies can with 8 cookies. It has cookies with several shapes, including Mickey Mouse’s shape! It sells for 1080 yen including tax.

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Glico’s Champagne Pocky, Caplico and Almond Premio are delicacies

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If you loved Whiskey Pokey you’re going to love Glico’s Champagne Pocky, Caplico and Almond Premio. These new Glico alcoholic sweets contain real champagne! Glico is a Japanese sweet confectionery famous for Pocky chocolates. During New Year the company is releasing a new delicacy with champagne as one of the key ingredients. This is a sweet collaboration between Glico and famous pastry chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi, famous in Japan for his sweet creations.

One of the products that will be graced with champagne, is Glico’s Almond Premio. Champagne gives them a refreshing taste and an amazing aroma.

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