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Rinkya News: Japanese Bean-Throwing Festival aka Setsubun, bye bye evil ogres and spirits!

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We have Rinkya News today regarding Japanese culture: the Japanese bean-throwing festival also known as Setsubun. This is a time to say goodbye to evil ogres and spirits by throwing beans at them! Setsubun is held on February 3 every year. The name means “seasonal division” and it’s the day before beginning of Spring in Japan. Hence, this is the time to cast all evils away and start anew. While you cleanse away all the evil, you can do it in a cute way. It is true that many children in Japan end up crying when they see the “oni” (evil) coming closer to them, reality is that we can find many kawaii “oni” around.

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Giant Rubber Duck Returns to Osaka! The City Welcomes with “Rubber Duck Plate”

Giant rubber duck is back to Osaka, as it did in 2012! The gigantic rubber duck created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has traveled all over the world since it started the ambition journey.
This year, the duck is visiting Osaka again as the city holds its annual waterfront event through October 11-20th. These are photos from 2009 when it appeared in Osaka for the first time.

giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan2 giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan3 giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan6 giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan7


To welcome the return of Giant Duck, Osaka Rihga Royal Hotel is offering “Rubber Duck Plate” on its menu for limited period of time.

giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan4 giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan5


Don’t worry, the rubber duck is not made of rubber. It’s actually made of Omurice (Seasoned chicken rice wrapped in omelette).
Here are photos taken by GIGAZINE food reviewer.

giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan8 giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan9 giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan10 giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan12 giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan13

The head is actually made of mashed potato. It kind of makes you feel guilty as you eat…

giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan14 giant-rubber-duck-osaka-rinkya-japan15


The Rubber Duck Plate is served from October 10th to 30th, 2013!

Source: Rocket News 24, GIGAZINE

Enjoy Moon-Viewing Festival with Cutest Mochi Balls That Look Like Java Sparrows

Moon-viewing, or tsukimi, is a traditional festival in Japan (and my other regions of Asia) on 15th days of eights months in lunar calendar, in which falls on September 20th of 2013 in modern solar calendar. Usually, moon-viewing is celebrated with dango, a rice-based sweet made with mochi powder.

A Japanese Twitter user (@gelatik_putith) made these super cute dango for this year’s tsukimi. They are Java sparrow dango!



They are absolutely adorable ^_^
Later on, the Java sparrows took some bathes in apple soda and grape soda.



@gelatik_putith takes many great photos of Java sparrows, check it out if you like to see them!

Charity Auction for Tohoku Earthquake: Autographed Gibson ES-335 Larry Carlton Signature Model

The 12th annual Tokyo JAZZ Festival was held a couple of weeks ago starring great musicians from all over the world.
Larry Carlton, 4-times Grammy-winning Jazz guitarists, have initiated a charity auction with his Gibson ES0335 autographed by himself and actually played during the Festival.
This guitar has traveled a lot since Larry started his plan for the auction. Larry took the guitar to his favorite Jazz club in Paris, France, called “The New Morning Club.” There, he left the guitar so that famous artists who visited the club for their shows can sign it too.




After he picked up the guitar, he brought it in to Tokyo Jazz Festival and used it for his performance.


Model: Gibson Larry Carlton ES-335 Vintage Sunburst – Serial # CS152269 – MSRP $5,645

Here is a list of artists who have signed it:
Larry Carlton, Denys Lable, Patrick Verbeke, Derek Trucks, Bernard Paganotti, Bireli Lagrene, Francis Cabrel, Didier Lockwood, Romane, Phillip Frankhauser, Slim Pezin, David Reinhardt, Eric Bibb, Diego Imbert, Keith Carlock, Popa Chubby, Abraham Laboriel, Greg Mathieson, Christian Escoude, Michael Jones, Otis Taylor, Bill Frisell, Mauro Serri, Chris Simmons, Titi Robin, Bill LaBounty, Arthur Neilson, Leon Russell, Reese Wynans, Travis Carlton, Shemekiah Copeland, Tak Matsumoto Manhattan Transfer,Bob James, Steve Gadd, David Sanborn, John Oates, James Genus, Charles Altura, and many more. 

All the profit generated from this auction will be donated to Red Cross Japan and School Music Revival toward helping victims of Tohoku Earthquake.
Also, Rinkya offers free commission on any charity auction items! Help Japan by bidding on this very special guitar.