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Kotobukiya launches Horror Bishoujo with “Freddy vs. Jason”

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Kotobukiya launches Horror Bishoujo figures for Halloween! “Freddy vs. Jason” haven’t been so “sexy” in the movies! While you might be avoiding meeting the real buddies from the movies, Kotobukiya has created a really sexy pair! Horror Bishoujo is a new line created by Kotobukiya enabling you to see a very sexy Jason Voorhees and a really appealing Freddy Krueger. You haven’t seen them like this!

Jason and Freddy are sexy beauties with torn clothing and mismatched stockings. Both are seductive and appealing. Nice to have them in the room, not to have nightmares with, precisely. These two beauties, stars of the Horror Bishoujo, stand around 7 inches tall, and will create awesome chills when displaying them at home.

You can pre-order them through Rinkya Direct. Be warned though, you can only take three Jasons and 6 Freddies per person. Freddy is coming out this September and Jason this October.

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Frozen Japanese Premier Records Nine Hundreds Million Yen Box Office


Disney’s Academy Award-winning feature film Frozen, or “Ana to Yuki no Jooh (Anna & Snow Queen)” in Japanese title, premiered in Japan on March 14th, 2014. “Anayuki,” for short, has recorded a little over nine hundreds million yen in box office for the first three days, and brought in about 800K visitors to theaters.

As customary for films that premier in Japan, there are limited edition goodies you can get by reserving tickets in advance.


Some of them are showing up on Yahoo Japan Auction already!

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Vintage Mattel Living Barbie Doll Japan Exclusive Model- Iki Iki Eli

In 1970’s, Mattel sold a very unique, posable Barbie doll called “Living Barbie” everywhere in the world.
Iki Iki Eli (Living Eli) is the Japanese friend of Living Barbie. Eli was sold exclusively in Japan, and it is one of the rarest Living Barbies out there today!
Currently, Iki Iki Eli Barbie is listed for auction on Rinkya (loose, missing left hand, and stains on the two arms, see photos below).

mattel-barbie-ikiikieli-rinkya-japan mattel-barbie-ikiikieli-rinkya-japan2 mattel-barbie-ikiikieli-rinkya-japan3


mattel-barbie-ikiikieli-rinkya-japan4 mattel-barbie-ikiikieli-rinkya-japan8 mattel-barbie-ikiikieli-rinkya-japan9 mattel-barbie-ikiikieli-rinkya-japan5 mattel-barbie-ikiikieli-rinkya-japan7 mattel-barbie-ikiikieli-rinkya-japan6


Living Barbie is posable at neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip, waist, ankles, and knees. As you can see, there are many condition flaws (stains, missing hand, no box), but still a highly sought after doll.


In Japan, Pacific Rim Visual Guide Is Creating a Different Kind of Battle – Bidding War on Yahoo Japan Auction

Pacific Rim premiered in Japan on August 8th, and it’s already scoring 3 hundred million yen (~US$3M) for Japanese box office in 3 days! With all the super robots and kaijus rampaging on large screens, it’s not surprising that Japanese people fell in love with the film.

And of course, as customary for Japanese marketing, limited edition items related to the film are being released, in which Japanese fans cannot resist!
Currently, especially sought after among Japanese fans is a book called “Pacific Rim Visual Guide,” which is a translated version of what’s originally titled Pacific Rim: Man, Machines, and Monster in English by David S. Cohen.

This is the cover for the Japanese version, translated and released from ShoPro Books.


pacific-rim-visual-guide-japanese-shopro-rinkya-japan pacific-rim-visual-guide-japanese-shopro-rinkya-japan2 pacific-rim-visual-guide-japanese-shopro-rinkya-japan3


It contains beautiful concept sketches, commentary, director’s notes, behind-the-scene stories, all the good stuff. On Amazon Japan, Pacific Rim Visual Guide sold out quickly after the film’s successful opening. Right now, it’s being sold for whooping 14,000 yen at Amazon Marketplace. Wow, that’s quite a jump, since the original English version is still being sold for under $30 (although the English version seems to be out of stock at the moment too and takes months to get a reprint). This rise in price is due to the small number of prints in Japan. Only 3,000 of Pacific Rim Visual Guides were printed in total, while 200,000 people have already gone to see the film in the first 3 days.

On Yahoo Japan Auction, the price for Visual Guide is less ridiculous, ranging from 6000-8000 yen, but it’s fiercely competed and creating quite a bidding war, a different kind of war than defeating a giant monster from the ocean!



If you are a fan, could you resist the urge to add this to your collection? Or are you happy with just the movie experience? Japanese people certainly are prone to exclusive items and limited edition collectibles!

If you are interested in joining the war, check out all listings on Pacific Rim Visual Guide from the Bid Now button below!

Browse all Pacific Rim items on Yahoo Japan Auction.

Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive Items Continued

Here are some more Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Collection. These are toys that were only available at the event, there is not current plan for online releases.

threeA Toys Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive Edition Isobelle Pascha FUNKAKE!



threeA Toys released Wonder Festival Summer 2013 exclusive dolls Isobelle Pascha FUNKAKE at Good Smile Company booth. There are two versions to this model, the one with open eyes and the one with closed eyes. Make sure to check for open eyes (目開き) or closed eyes (目閉じ) when you look for the auction listings. Only 100 pieces of FUNKAKE exist!



METALBOX Nisemonogatari Oshino Shinobu Resin Kit



Above photos are taken from a finished example of the resin kit. The actual kit is not colored/finished. This model is based on the design of Shinobu from Nisemonogatari Episode 11 (the season finale).
– Uncolored, unbuilt resin kit
– Ivory base color
– Height: 200mm
– Number of parts: 13



Ques Q Toradora! Aisaka Taiga Bikini Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive Color




Ques Q re-released Toradora heroine Taiga Aisaka PVC figure with a special, limited edition color!



Ques Q Touhou Project Yuka Kazami Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive Color

touhou-project-kazami-yukawonder-festival-quesq-rinkya-japan2 touhou-project-kazami-yukawonder-festival-quesq-rinkya-japan3 touhou-project-kazami-yukawonder-festival-quesq-rinkya-japan

Yuka from Touhou Project with Wonder Festival exclusive color!



SEGA PRIZE! Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive UFO Catcher Prize: Oreimo Kirino Kousaka & Kuroneko


Sega Prize! made a limited stock of 1,000 pieces of Oreimo Kirino & Kuroneko figures to serve as special prizes for UFO Catchers (claw machines) set up at Wonder Festival Summer 2013. On the base of the figure, it says “Wonder Festival,” making it a great commemorative item for the event.

 For Kirino, bid-now-button

For Kuroneko, bid-now-button


Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive Chara-Ani.com A Set of Six Yontengo Nichijo Figures

chara-ani-nichijou-yontengo-wonder-festival-summer-2013-rinkya-japan chara-ani-nichijou-yontengo-wonder-festival-summer-2013-rinkya-japan2

Previously released “Niitengo” Nichijo figure set was sold out immediately. Don’t miss the new & exclusive version of these Nichijo figures!



Want more? Search for all listings of Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Collections on Yahoo Japan Auction!

Pacific Rim Japanese Premiere Will Be in August, Get Japan Exclusive Promo Items and Trading Cards


Pacific Rim Hits US theaters this week! Is everyone ready for the biggest giant robot fight of the year? Directed by Guillermo del Toro, a huge Japanese robot anime fan himself, and with Rinko Kikuchi and many famous super robot seiyuus (for dubbing) such as Shuuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable), Toru Furuya (Amuro Ray), and Megumi Hayashibara (Rei Ayanami) involved in the film, both Japanese fans and western robot fans have been anticipating for its release.
Pacific Rim will not be in Japanese theaters until August, but as customary of films released in Japan, theaters give away exclusive pamphlets, flyers, collectibles to viewers who purchase movie tickets in advance.

For Pacific Rim, here are some exclusive items for advance ticket viewers.

Pacific Rim Japan Exclusive Trading Cards


Photo source: Kotaku

This is a set of 5 trading cards featuring different Jaegars. The cards are the same as the ones released in US at Wonder Con, except these have been localized to Japanese audience, making them extra special! It comes in a very nice package too…



And of course, we have a Japan exclusive flyer…

pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya2 pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya3

There’s two types to the Japan Exclusive Flyer. Here’s another one

pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya4 pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya5


Many super robot creators from Japan who’ve watched it highly praised the film too, including Go Nagai (Mazinger Z), Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Evangelion), Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid), and the list goes on. I can’t wait to see it!

Browse more Pacific Rim items on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya!

Enjoy the film!

Auction Prices for Limited-Edition Attack on Titan UNIQLO T-shirts Soar After a Year from Their Initial Release



Popular apparel brand UNIQLO released a series of limited-edition Attack on Titan T-shirts in March, 2012. Back then, these t-shirts were sold for 1,500JPY a piece on retails, and some people on 2ch recall they got them on sale for half-price even.

Since then, Attack on Titan became the latest rage in Japan with introduction of anime series and flourishing in doujin culture. Consequently, prices on last-year’s t-shirts have sky-rocketed in used markets. On Yahoo Japan Auction today, the Revi t-shirts are especially sought-after and being transacted around $200-1000 range.





Some of the listings are purchased for more reasonable prices than others. It really depends on the timing of when they are listed, so if you want to get a good deal on it, use this link pre-set with correct keywords to easily monitor all new listings. Use our “Saved Keywords” function to save it on your account too! :)

There are 5 other designs for UNIQLO Attack on Titan t-shirts too.

attackontitan-uniqlo2 attackontitan-uniqlo6 attackontitan-uniqlo4 attackontitan-uniqlo3 attackontitan-uniqlo5


These can be purchased for much better prices.
Browse all listings of UNIQLO Attack on Titan t-shirts from here! 


Now taking orders for Sailor Moon Brooch Rings, mini towel, and tapestry


Following the announcements of Sailor Moon face powder and nail polish set, Premium Bandai announced yet another really cool Sailor Moon merchandise. This time, they are releasing a pair of gorgeous Sailor Moon S Brooch Rings.

The ring is styled after the brooch appearing in Sailor Moon S anime. Made with sterling silver and Swarovski crystal, it matches perfectly with the colors of Sailor Moon Nail Collection! It comes in silver and gold color.






sailormoon-broochring4 sailormoon-broochring

They are SO pretty, aren’t they?

You have until July 19th (Japan time) to order. If you miss this chance, you may not be able to get it again!

Sailor Moon S Brooch Ring – Item Details:

  • Size: Choose from ring size 7-13
  • Material: Sterling silver and 5mm Swarovski crystal
  • Color: Silver or 18-carat gold coated
  • Price: 15,750 JPY (+Rinkya fees + International shipping)
  • Shipping schedule: Order by July 19th, it will be shipped in October. 
  • Read the description on the page after clicking “Buy Now” for fee details.

To make an order, click Buy Now button below (you need to be logged in to Rinkya). Make sure to specify the correct ring size and color (silver/gold) in the description.


(Here’s an easy way to find out your ring size, if you don’t know already!)


We are also taking pre-orders for Sailor Moon mini towel and Sailor Moon tapestry from Premium Bandai. Get them all together and save money on shipping! :)

Sailor Moon Mini Towelsailormoontowel

  • Dimension: 20cm x 20 cm
  • Material: Microfiber from 80% polyester and 20% nylon
  • Price: 600 JPY (+Rinkya fees + International shipping)
  • Click Buy Now button below for information about Rinkya fees (make sure you are logged in)


Sailor Moon Tapestrysailormoon-tapestry

  • Dimension: B2 size (515mm x 728mm)
  • Material: Polyester suede
  • Price: 3,150JPY (+Rinkya fees + International shipping)
  • Click Buy Now button below for fee information (make sure you are logged in already)


RARE! Pokemon Zukan 2004 Campaign Prize: 1/40-scale Wailord Figure

Like Pokemon? We have a rare Pokemon toy for auction today!

Pokemon Rittai Zukan is a series of Pokemon figures sold through gachapon vending machines in Japan since 2003. There was a special campaign in 2004 where you can use tickets that came along with these figures to enter a lottery to win this awesome, giant Wailord toy!

pokemonwailord-plush2 pokemonwailord-plush3



This Wailord is made in 1/40-scale size, measuring 38 x 19 x 16 cm (approximately 15 x 7.5 x 6.3 inch). Since it was a prize for a limited-time campaign, you won’t find them in regular trade. Presence of this adorable figure will brighten up your room for sure!

We have a couple of buying options here.

Bid on brand new Pokemon Rittai Zukan Wailord, unused.

BId on USED, PRE-OWNED Pokemon Rittai Zukan Wailord.

And even after the above auctions are over, keep checking on this link to follow all listing of the same product!

Hatsune Miku x Louis Vuitton Collaboration Figures Getting Attention on YJ auctions

If you are a passionate Miku fan, you might have heard about the life-size Hatsune Miku figure dressed in Louis Vuitton outfit that showed up at Bunkamura Orchard Hall on May 22nd. It was made in collaboration with Hatsune Miku’s opera, “THE END.”


Life-size, 158cm tall Hatsune Miku figure displayed at the reception event of THE END

Although there wasn’t any public announcement, a limited number of miniature replicas of this Louis Vuitton x Hatsune Miku figure were given to guests who attended the reception, and the event was for invitation only.

Therefore these figures are extremely rare! We’ve found a few of them appearing on YJ auction recently.

Here is one Hatsune Miku x Louis Vuitton “THE END” Limited Edition Figure listed on Auction right now.


1/6-scale Miku figure and a catalogue booklet for THE END.lousivuitton-hatsunemiku5


vuitton-hatsunemiku vuitton-hatsunemiku2


Here’s some more pictures from previous auctions to show you more details.

louisvuitton-hatsunemiku4 louisvuitton-hatsunemiku3


Previous auctions on this item ended up with highest bid of 110,000JPY. As the number of available figures go to collectors’ hands, it is expected to be more and more difficult to find. Bid on Hatsune Miku x Louis Vuitton collaboration figure now before they go completely away!


If you don’t win this particular auction, keep checking with Rinkya Auction by entering “初音ミク ヴィトン フィギュア” in our search bar, or just use this link pre-set to search this item.