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Hyper Japan 2016 was a total success!

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Hyper Japan 2016 was a total success! Hyper Japan 2016 was a total success! Jodie Fincham went there to report for us. From the 15th-17th of July, London Olympia hosted the Uk’s biggest J-Culture event: Hyper Japan. Over these 3 days, Otakus would flock, costumes at the ready, to experience this kawaii overload of Japanese culture. I was there, as the photographer on the floor, snapping as much as I could of this amazing convention.

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Valentine’s Day in Japan: what to do?

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So let’s say that you spend Valentine’s Day in Japan, do you know what to do? While for most of the world Valentine’s Day is a very romantic day, in Japan it works, perhaps, in a different way. Just answer this simple question: who gives the chocolates to who in Japan? While in the US men will give flowers and chocolates to their loved ones, in Japan it’s girls who do the deed! Girls give chocolates to the guy they love, but also to their friends or even to male mates at work. So, how does this chocolate-giving work?

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince, the movie

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Are you prepared for “Wolf girl and Black Prince,” the movie? This live-action movie is based on the popular shojo manga “Wolf Girl and Black Prince” and it will be released all over Japan on May 28, 2016. As you might already know, this is a love story in which the Blue Prince turns out to be a huge tyrant! Would you do whatever he asked you to do? Would you lie to everyone? Would you leave your honor at stake as a popular girl? What would you do?

Everything begins with a lie, but from it appears love. But it’s that so? What adventures we’ll be able to enjoy with this live-action movie based on “Wolf girl and Black Prince”? Are you up for the adventure? Let’s take a look at the promo video below.

How much can she stand? How can she make him fall in love? Would you do something of the sort? Take a picture of a guy you like, say to everyone that he’s your boyfriend, and then lie pretending that he is so? We’ll need to wait till May to know how good this live-action movie is!

Source: Animeanime
Image source: Animeanime

Rinkya News: Japanese Bean-Throwing Festival aka Setsubun, bye bye evil ogres and spirits!

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We have Rinkya News today regarding Japanese culture: the Japanese bean-throwing festival also known as Setsubun. This is a time to say goodbye to evil ogres and spirits by throwing beans at them! Setsubun is held on February 3 every year. The name means “seasonal division” and it’s the day before beginning of Spring in Japan. Hence, this is the time to cast all evils away and start anew. While you cleanse away all the evil, you can do it in a cute way. It is true that many children in Japan end up crying when they see the “oni” (evil) coming closer to them, reality is that we can find many kawaii “oni” around.

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100 Years of Japanese Beauty, from Meiji till Now! Get Amazed!

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In 100 years of Japanese beauty, from Meiji till now, things have changed a lot. Women’s hairstyles and makeup has gone from sweet to pop art in a very short time. Get amazed with this quick but yet compelling travel through time exploring how Japanese beauty has changed during the years! Embrace yourself because it’s an amazing journey! The video 100 Years of Beauty – Episode 16: Japan gives us a glimpse on Japanese beauty from 1910 to 2010. Changing fashion every 10 years it lets us discover how much Japan has changed!

Let’s do this journey together!

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Japan Fashion Fukubukuro 2016

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Japan Fashion Fukubukuro 2016 are here! As you already know, fukubukuro is a surprise bag that is sold from January 1st every year. Every shop prepares these bags, and some contain awesome bargains. You always pay less than buying all the items together. And some bags contain the real deal. For example, you pay 10,000 yen and you get a bag plenty of goodies valued five times more! Many fukubukuro can be pre-ordered online, since they belong to awesome brands that sell out quickly. Now you have the opportunity to pre-order your favorite Japan fashion fukubukuro before they all sell out! Be quick, because these disappear in a flash!

We start with Peach John! PEACH JOHN Fukubukuro 2016 can be ordered in S, M, L sizes. Each bag contains 4 items. Pre-order before it sells out! (This is going to go super quickly!)


Let’s take a look at the rest of fukubukuro!

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Discover How Akiba Water Girls Help Otaku Cool Down

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So, what do Otaku for cooling down during summer time in Japan? Let’s discover together how Akiba Water Girls help Otaku cool down during mid-summer in Tokyo’s geekiest spot! This August 23 there was held the 12th Uchimizukko Daishugou. And this time, there was also cosplay allowed, so it was awesome! This is not only a way to “cool down” some Otaku, but this is also a way to make temperatures get lower. But this has even a deeper meaning: it’s also a purification ritual and a way to attract more customers when temperatures are extremely hot.

Let’s take a look at the pictures! It looks like a lot of fun!

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Avengers Age of Ultron Japan Posters rock!

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Avengers Age of Ultron Japan posters rock! Japanese culture sees things in a different light, so it’s not a surprise to discover that the Avengers Age of Ultron posters that will be around cinemas in the archipelago are going to be quite different from the ones we can see in the rest of the world. They focus on human relationships and the drama within the movie. So, it’s not a surprise to see how different the posters can be. Despite being so different, they really rock!

We start with Iron Man, exhausted from the battle. We can actually see that the superhero is having some trouble.

Let’s take a look at the rest of posters!

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Anime in the Edo period: Hokusai rocks!

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Anime in the Edo period is staggering! Specially if we bring some masterpieces to life. Think about Hokusai! If you aren’t well aware about Japanese art from the Edo period, Hokusai was one of the best examples of it. Do you remember the Great Wave off Kanagawa? Or the Red Fuji? I’m sure of it! You can buy postcards and tons of souvenirs about these masterpieces! Not only in Japan but also worldwide since his art has become part of pop culture in many countries.

Well, US animator Tony White as taken part of the masterpieces of Hokusai and create incredible anime! Let’s take a look!

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Japan Culture: Temple’s Scarlet Seals

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We start a new section called Japan Culture. And we begin it with Japanese Temple’s Scarlet Seals. Each Temple has a seal, scarlet one. When you visit many Temples across Japan you can collect them if you wish. Each Temple has a different seal. Some are very traditional, others are really cute, and others are simple works of art.

Let’s take a look at some of them!

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