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Sailor Moon News: Sailor Moon × ISETAN 2016 events & Sailor Moon × BABY-G 2nd Collaboration

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We’ve got great Sailor Moon news! There are new Sailor Moon × ISETAN 2016 events & a Sailor Moon × BABY-G 2nd Collaboration! Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, 7th floor, will held a series of events during 2016, from March 16 to 22. It will also be held in Osaka and, for the first time this year, Nagoya. Isetan will also have a gorgeous display of Sailor Moon Moonlight Love Girls ~ Let’s Prism Power Make Up! Theme ~ with unique items.

Along with the events scheduled by Isetan, a Sailor Moon x BABY-G is also here! With this second collaboration we’ll be able to have a Sailor Moon BABY-G with a pink panel LCD. It will also have a Moon silhouette! It will also have a Crystal Star compact case as accessory, which is super cute. This case can be used for many purposes, not only to keep your Sailor Moon BABY-G!

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