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The Most Mouthwatering Phone Stand Ever: Udon Smartphone Stand


There’s been many smartphone accessories from Japan that look like real food, but I’ve never seen anything that’s this big before. Hamee, a Japanese online shop specialized in cellphone accessories, released Udon Samrtphone Stand that’ll make sure to keep your phone safe and still while constantly keeping you hungry as well.

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Smart Tablet Friendly Cushion “GORON” Allows You to Play Games and Read Laying Down

This is the world’s coolest cushion for laziest people!

They call is Tablet-friendly multi-purpose cushion “Goron.” Goron is an onomatopoeia for laying down in Japanese. So, literally, what you can do is just lie down without having to hold a tablet. No more sore hands and arms from gaming or reading!


You can even use it while seated. The cushion holds your tablet tightly in a desired spot. Normally, you’d need two hands to operate a tablet, but with Goron, you can actually talk on the phone or drink coffee while using it!


Suggested use of Goron.goron-worlds-coolest-cushion-for-lazy-people-rinkya-japan3

You can order a “Goron” cushion from Amazon Japan through Rinkya Store‘s service!
Each cushion is 19,500 yen plus Rinkya fees and international shipping (Estimated cost for a single purchase before international shipping would be around $236.00).

Source: Kotaku

Yumm…Japan’s Extraordinary Fake Food Artists Meet Technology: 10 Most Mouthwatering Smartphone Cases

Japan is known for making everything kawaii, especially when it comes to something people use on daily basis. “Deco Den (デコ電),” cellphones decorated with imitation gems and stickers are an example of such culture. Fake food for restaurant displays, is also another example of skilled artisan culture of Japan. Some of the food displays look stunningly realistic and delicious.

What if those two cultures cross? Food Deco Den. These are some of the most delicious-looking iPhone cases from Japan, they make me hungry!


1) Juicy Fruit Tart iPhone 4/4S Case


Jeez, this looks extremely realistic. You can’t tell it’s fake even if you zoom in.

Source: Kiss-you Deco Shop

2) Chocolate Cake with Assorted Berries iPhone 4/4S Case



Source: Strapya

3) Santa Claus Christmas Cake iPhone 4/4S Case

Source: Strapya


The strawberry is placed in such a way that it’s actually not in the way when you are using!

Not so into sweets? For heartier meals, how about these phone cases?

4) Pork Cutlet Curry Rice Smartphone Case

Source: Tsukasa Food Sample

Curry rice is one of the most popular food staple in Japan! Mmm…thick curry sauce over juicy tonkatsu (pork cutlet)! This case is available for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, several Galaxy and Xperia phones. You can check all the available types on Tsukasa Food Sample’s website.




5) Nigiri Sushi iPhone 4/4S Case


Speaking of Japanese food, do you love sushi? Do you love enough to carry it around all the time? If yes, this is a perfect phone case for you!



It looks so good…and no, it’s not real. It’s an iPhone case. Available in a shrimp & tuna combo…




And also in an ikura & uni combo. Which one do you like better?

Source: Strapya


Maybe you can surprise your friend with it!

6) Grilled Eel (Unagi) Over Rice iPhone 4/4S Case

Source: Strapya



I cannot resist the urge to poke it with my chopsticks! I mean, just look at the attention to detail…


Every single rice grain looks so real and mouth-watering.

7) Salmon, Nori, and Pickled Daikon Radish Smartphone Case

Source: Tusakasa Food Sample

A healthy traditional Japanese breakfast menu! Available for iPhones, Xperias, and Galaxies.

japan-delicious-food-decoration-iphone-case-rinkya-japan19 japan-delicious-food-decoration-iphone-case-rinkya-japan20


8) Hearty Steak Dinner Smartphone Case

Source: Tukasa Food Sample

I…I cannot eat anymore…
Available for iPhones, Xperias, Galaxies.

9) Assorted Oden iPhone 4/4S Case

Source: Strapya

Oden is my favorite food in winter! It always reminds me of the season in Japan…. The phone case even comes with yellow karashi mustard!






10) Sweet Smartphone Cases by “Deco Den Artist” Dolce Deco

Source: iPhone Sweets Deco Case Workshop

Dolce Deco is a professional decoration artist (yes, there’s such a thing) who runs Sweets Deco School, a private school specialized in teaching students how to decorate phones with fake sweets.  Anybody can take the workshop, and it’s a very small, intimate environment with maximum 4 students at a time!

These are some of the phone cases Dolce Deco made (you can buy them from her online store too).

Source: Dolce Deco Online Shopping

Source: Dolce Deco Online Shopping

Did they make you hungry? I actually feel so stuffed just from looking at them!
If you would like to order any of the smartphone cases shown here, you could make an order from Rinkya Store. Just copy the source URL and paste it in the Store Order form! ^_^


New Sailor Moon Smartphone Cases for Everyone! 9 Styles to Choose from, Fits iPhone 4, 4S, 5, Galaxy SIII, S4, Xperia


Show your love for Sailor Moon to everyone, at anywhere!

Premium Bandai released a set of new Sailor Moon Smartphone Cases with 9 designs  and fit 6 different phone models!

Wow, all 9 of them are soooooo cute, it’s hard to decide which one to choose!


Assembled (Horizontal)


Assembled (Vertical)


Sailor Moon Romantic ver


Princess Serenity Romantic ver


Assembled (Gothic)


Comic Style


Item Icons




Luna and Artemis (It’s transparent. Here it shows how it looks against black phones (left) and white phones (right))

Each smartphone case is 2,100JPY. What a great deal!
Here’s what you will need to fill in our Rinkya Store Order form to make an order.

  • Style: Choose the style you want and copy the item URL next to it, paste it in the URL area or our form.
    1) Assembled (Horizontal) – URL
    2) Assembled (Vertical) – URL
    3) Sailor Moon Romantic ver – URL
    4) Princess Serenity Romantic ver – URL
    5) Assembled (Gothic) – URL
    6) Comic Style – URL
    7) Item Icons – URL
    8) Silhouette – URL
    9) Luna and Artemis – URL
  • Your phone model: Specify in the item description which model you want the cases for. Choose from iPhone 5, iPhone 4 &4S,  Galaxy S III & IIIa, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z SO-02E, and Xperia A SO-04E.
  • Quantity: You can order multiple designs at once. And specify how many you’d like to buy.

Then you are set! Order from Request Store Order in your account! Make sure you are logged in first. Register with us if you haven’t!

Internet Meme Cat Smartphone Holders “I’ll hold the enemy here! Now you go without me!”

These cute but a little bit demented smartphone holders created latest internet meme!
Kitan Club’s “I’ll hold the enemy here! Now you go without me!” smartphone holders feature self-sacrificing cats who (look as if they) prevent enemies from getting close to you and letting you go forward without them. It’s kind of sad but very touching!

Kitan Club also shows potential alternate uses for these smartphone holders.

kitanclub2 kitanclub


Even if you don’t own a smartphone, you can still use them!

These smartphone holders are already sold out on Kitan Club‘s official site, but guess what. Of course you can find them on Yahoo Japan Auction. Bid on “I’ll hold the enemy here! Now you go without me!” Smartphone Holders via Rinkya!

Pic Source:  Rocket News 24

Grooviest iPhone Holder Ever – Takara Tomy Face Stand lets you dance, dress up, and sing!

There are hundreds of choices available for iPhone stands nowadays, but nothing is quite like Takara Tomy’s Dancing Face Stand for iPhone. It is very… strange.

dancingiphonestand dancingiphonestand2 dancingiphonestand3

By inserting your iPhone in the slot, Takara Tomy Face Stand plays music from your iPhone/iPod Touch and dances according to the rhythm!

Not only it can dance, but using its built-in App it’ll automatically make your face displayed on the screen lip sync with the music.


Evidently you can choose to dress up as a giant panda and wear weird masks…

Check out the video on Takara Tomy’s website to see how it works!

Compatible with iPhone 4/4S, 5, and iPod Touch (4th gen).

Pre-order Takara Tomy Face Stand for iPhones from Rinkya Stores now!
Shipping will start from end of June.