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The Most Mouthwatering Phone Stand Ever: Udon Smartphone Stand


There’s been many smartphone accessories from Japan that look like real food, but I’ve never seen anything that’s this big before. Hamee, a Japanese online shop specialized in cellphone accessories, released Udon Samrtphone Stand that’ll make sure to keep your phone safe and still while constantly keeping you hungry as well.

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Smart Tablet Friendly Cushion “GORON” Allows You to Play Games and Read Laying Down

This is the world’s coolest cushion for laziest people!

They call is Tablet-friendly multi-purpose cushion “Goron.” Goron is an onomatopoeia for laying down in Japanese. So, literally, what you can do is just lie down without having to hold a tablet. No more sore hands and arms from gaming or reading!


You can even use it while seated. The cushion holds your tablet tightly in a desired spot. Normally, you’d need two hands to operate a tablet, but with Goron, you can actually talk on the phone or drink coffee while using it!


Suggested use of Goron.goron-worlds-coolest-cushion-for-lazy-people-rinkya-japan3

You can order a “Goron” cushion from Amazon Japan through Rinkya Store‘s service!
Each cushion is 19,500 yen plus Rinkya fees and international shipping (Estimated cost for a single purchase before international shipping would be around $236.00).

Source: Kotaku