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Hyper Japan, Xmas market in London: music x yummy food

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Another chapter about Hyper Japan, the Xmas market in London. This time we are going to talk about music and yummy Japanese food! We start with JPU records are both publishers and also promoters of up and coming Japanese music talents. These guys have a finger on the pulse on the awesome beats coming from Sunny Nippon, and worth checking out if you are want to check out what to listen to both at home or live.

Look out for Scandal – the girls will be have their UK show in early 2015!

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Hyper Japan: Xmas presents ideas

hyper japan, xmas, london, japan, xmas ideas, xmas present ideas, rinkya

We follow with our accounts about Hyper Japan! And we bring you along the way some Xmas presents ideas, just in case you are still wondering what to buy to your loved ones.

This is the Tell Tails, a funny shops of… tails! Yup, you can now wear a tail if you want to. Usually the tail stick out and wags as you walk. The store gentle folk mentioned that they were made in the UK. As you can see, he has them tied to his back. I think the didn’t want to stab or accidentally hit someone with it during Hyper Japan, but if you are being polite and taking public transport, it is good manners to tie it up so you don’t hit people with your tail. You can do furry tails or if you like, or you can even go Godzilla!!

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Hyper Japan: the best Cosplay costumes in town

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We attended Hyper Japan, one of the biggest Japan related events in London. And it was great! Since there were tons of things to do, we start today with cute and Cosplay costumes! Hyper Japan was plenty with cuteness, not only Japanese items, but also kawaii girls. We could also find lots of cool Cosplay! Many fans were cosplaying as their favorite characters. There were simple Cosplays, and very cool ones too!

Let’s take a look at them together!

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