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“Human-size” Gundam Models – Bandai HY2M RX-78-2 Gundam

You may not have a room for actual-size Gundam in your house, but what if it was “human-size” model?


HY2M (Hyper Hybrid Model) 1/12 scale Gundam was originally released by Bandai in 2006 for a limited number. This model comes in 3 boxes (originally, could be shipped in more boxes for this auction), with 260 pieces. When completed and standing, it reaches 1.5 meter (5 foot) tall and weighs 35kg (77 lb). Posable joints allow you to set Gundam up in different poses, and what makes it even cooler is that it’s pre-recorded with a bunch of SE from the original show!

hy2m-03 hy2m-05 hy2m-04

Details of this product (according to Bandai’s specification):

– 260 parts total to complete the model. They are all pre-painted, so you don’t need to do a painting job youself. However, this particular auction item has been modified with additional shading and panel line enhancement with black lines to make it look even more realistic.
Compare the original (left) and auctioned item (right) for panel line enhancement.

hy2m-02 hy2m

– No super glue or adhesive necessary. Only bolts and nuts are used for building the model (just like real Gundam would be!)
– The materials used for HY2M 1/12 Gundam is common materials used for other plastic models from Bandai. Therefore, if you have experience modifying Gundam models before, you can basically apply the same techniques and mod it however you want.
– Shoulder joints can be locked into one angle to allow more flexibility and rigidity when posing the model. Elbows, wrists, fingers, forearms, neck, waist, are all movable and posable.
– It comes with a remote control to activate sound effects. There are 15 types of SE, including gatling guns, start-up sound, etc. And also it controls illumination of eyes, gatling guns, etc.
– Comes with a building manual. Just follow the instructions (and patience, it is estimated to take 4 hours of building work) and you’ll have a human-size Gundam!

Included Equipment:
Beam Rifle, Beam Saber, and Gundam Shield

Recorded Sound Effect list:
– Start-up sound
– Hatch open/close
– Camera eyes
– Target scope activation
– Warning alert
– Duct emission sound
– Walking SE
– Movement in Space sound
– Gatling guns
– Beam Rifle
– Beam Saber unsheathing
– Beam Saber piercing enemies
– Hyper Bazooka
– Meelee sound
– Explosion

Watch a video showing the process of building HY2M 1/12 scale Gundam, and for reference on how it works!

To bid on BANDAI HY2M 1/12 scale Gundam RX78-2, visit this page!

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(*Due to its size, the shipping cost could be higher than usual. For your reference, this item by itself without packaging weighs 35kg. No cancellation or refund is allowed after winning the auction, so please use caution. Thank you!)