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Limited Hello Kitty Café in Osaka

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Rejoice because there’s a limited Hello Kitty Café in Osaka. Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel are the stars in the super cute menu at THE GUEST Café & Diner in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. All the menu is incredibly cute, and I’m sure it’s a pure delight to eat and drink everything!

It’s affordable too! For example, the Hello Kitty Full of LOVE Beef Stroganoff costs 1480 yen, and it comes with a cute ceramic cup.

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Valentine 2016: Hello Kitty Godiva & My Melody Godiva, Sanrio Limited & Godiva Collaboration

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Prepare yourself to have a cuteness overload this Valentine 2016. Hello Kitty Godiva & My Melody Godiva goodies are incredibly cute! Sanrio Limited teams up with chocolate haven Godiva to bring you the ultimate Valentine present ever: a super cute Hello Kitty and My Melody plushies with super yummy chocolates. Both have been released this January 6 and are the best option to enjoy this Valentine!

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Hello Kitty is not a cat, she is a theriantrope!

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We have just learnt that Hello Kitty is not a cat. According to Christine R. Yano, author of Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty’s Trek Across the Pacific she is not a cat, she is a cartoon character. “She is a little girl. (…) But she is not a cat”. Let’s analyze this information with more detail.

If we take a closer look to Hello Kitty we can see that she has a cat head. Even if Christine R. Yano insists in Hello Kitty not being a cat, her head is that of a kitty. Now, the body is totally human. So, if she states that “she is a little girl,” we need to revise Hello Kitty. Okay, Hello Kitty is not a cat, and thus, she cannot be an anthropomorphized kitty. What is anthropomorphism? Anthropomorphism is the act of attributing human characteristics, or human behaviors to animals, objects and even Gods. So, if Hello Kitty was to be a cat, she would definitely be an “anthropomorphized cat.”

However the statement that Hello Kitty is not a cat, leaves us with another, yet more interesting, view about Hello Kitty. If “she is a little girl,” then she must be a “theriantrope.” But, what is a “theriantrope”? A theriantrope is a being who is half animal, half human. The word theriantrope comes from the ancient Greek words: “therion” (wild animal) and “anthropos” (man, human). Theriantropy is used to describe ancient belief systems, according to which half human half animal Gods helped humanity. It also explains spiritual beliefs in animal transformation into the Japanese culture (According to “A History of the Japanese People from the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji Era”, 1915). In recent times, theriantropy has also been used to explain cave-art paintings from our ancestors.

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Bento Friday: Cute Tora Hello Kitty Bento Box

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This Friday’s cute bento is a Hello Kitty Bento Box recipe! More precisely: a Tora Kitty! This time we’ll need a little bit more patience in order to complete the bento box, but once it is finished is going to be so cute! Yummy, of course, and cute!

We need the following ingredients: one egg or two to make the omelette, nori, cheese, boiled rice, ketchup (if you wish to add some ketchup to the rice), ham, boiled pasta, some mayonnaise and assorted vegetables.

First we need to make the omelette, a very thin one, and then we need to boil the rice. We put some rice into plastic wrapping paper and we give it a round shape (the size depends on you, but don’t do it too big, otherwise you won’t have enough omelette to cover it up). We put it on the omelette and with a shape cutter we cut a circle.

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Bento Friday: Watermelon Hello Kitty

What do you think of when you visualize summer season in your head?
Beach, coconuts, sunsets, ice cream, or…?
Evidently this bento artist Mihhon thought of watermelon and Hello Kitty!

hello kitty watermelon bento

Hello Kitty in watermelon is so adorable and funny. I assure you kids must love it.
Mihhon says on her blog that this bento was inspired by watermelon-flavored Caramel Corn.


What does watermelon Caramel Corn taste like? Well, I’ve never tasted it, since it was only sold for limited time in 2009. You can find other Caramel Corn flavors on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya.

Bento Source: Mihhon

Sanrio Boosts Its Annual Popularity Poll with Limited Season Character Cafe

As many of you may already know, Sanrio runs an annual popularity poll called “Sanrio Character Award” to select the most loved character of Sanrio every year. For 2014 Award, Sanrio will open a limited season cafe in Omotesando to promote this exciting annual event.


Concept sketch of the upcoming cafe.

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Japan Word of the Day #56 – Deco (Blings!)


Today’s Word is: Deco (デコ)

The word deco (デコ)” appears in several products sold in Japan.
Deco is an abbreviated form of English word “decoration.”
Many people in Japan, especially girls, tend to decorate their belongings with shiny fake gems and cute stickers to personalize and differentiate from others.
Generally, deco is used in conjunction with another word, such as deco den (decorated phone), deco nail (decorated fingernails), and deco iPhone case (decorated iPhone case).

If you want those shiny gems and stickers, you can find them by searching deco stickers (デコシール).



Image source: kross,  nailcom, Syokugan oukoku


Super Cute! New Addition to Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Shoe Line

In January, footwear brand Randa released a line of adorable shoes celebrating Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary.

randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-shoes-rinkya-japan4 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-shoes-rinkya-japan

This month they announced new additions to the line, Hello Kitty sandals!


They are cute, playful, and fun, just like Hello Kitty herself!
Right now, two types of sandals with three color options per type are available for sale.
You can order all of them through Rinkya Store Order. (Please note that all Store Orders must be paid immediately. Any order not paid within 24 hours will be cancelled.)

1) Hello Hello Hello Kitty’s Sandal (Lots of Hello Kitty)



randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan10 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan9


randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan12 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan14 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan11 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan13


You can purchase Hello Hello Hello Kitty’s Sandals through Rinkya Store.
Sizes are available in S (=22.5-23), M (=23.5), L (=24), and LL (=24.5) (See international shoe size conversion).

Price: $110.00 (including all Rinkya fees before international shipping)*
*This price applies only if you are buying a single pair.
Buy more than one pair from Randa and save on fees! See how fees work for Rinkya Store order.

2) Playful Hello Kitty’s Wedge Sole Sandals

randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan2 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan6 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan7 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan3 randa-hello-kitty-40th-anniversary-sandals-rinkya-japan5




You can purchase Playful Hello Kitty’s Wedge Sole Sandals through Rinkya Store.
Sizes are available in S (=23), M (=23.5), L (=24-24.5), and LL (24.5-25) (See international shoe size conversion).

Price: $110.00 (including all Rinkya fees before international shipping)*
*This price applies only if you are buying a single pair.
Buy more than one pair from Randa and save on fees! See how fees work for Rinkya Store order.


More new shoes are coming up soon! We’ll keep you updated as soon as the details are announced!