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Japan Fashion: Robe Japonica in Harajuku, Super Handsome Men

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Japan fashion can be really amazing, specially if we’re talking about Robe Japonica in Harajuku, a brand that turns men into super handsome men thanks to their kimonos and great designs. Robe Japonica opened a store in Harajuku last December 19. This brand is more than fashionable kimonos, it’s also a way of thinking modern Japan. A flagship for Japanese pop culture, Robe Japonica shows us how Japanese men can be when mixing Japanese ideas with ideas from the West.

But, are these kimono just for men?

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Preorder Now! SPINNS x Sailor Moon Apparel Collection Week 3!


SPINNS has been releasing new Sailor Moon apparel items every week since beginning of this month. This week, you can pre-order the following new items! In order for Rinkya staff to secure your order on time, please request an order 24 hours before the deadline. That means you have to place an order before May 21st, 12:00 (in Japan time) if you want to buy any of the following items. Less than one day left from now!  Official pre-order period for these items have been closed. 

Here is the list of the new SPINNS items featuring Sailor Moon this week. (All items are scheduled to be shipped in July, 2014)

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Sailor Moon x SPINNS Apparel Series WEEK2! Preorder Starts May 10th


Did you preorder Sailor Moon x SPINNS apparels for WEEK1?
SPINNS’ Sailor Moon apparel collection WEEK2 features two T-shirts and a black tote bag.


The official pre-order period for these items has been closed.
However, good news is Premium Bandai is now taking order for Sailor Moon Tote Bag (black)!
You can place an order through Rinkya Store service now.

Rinkya Price for Sailor Moon Tote Bag Black: $38.00 (including all Rinkya fees except international shipping)

Only Till May 7th! Sailor Moon x SPINNS Harajuku Style Apparels Preorder


SPINNS, a Harajuku-style casual apparel brand is releasing a series of Sailor Moon apparels from this week!  This week’s items will be available for order until May 7th 12:00 (Japan time).    The official pre-order period has been closed, but Premium Bandai is now taking orders for Luna’s Pass Case and Sailor Moon Tote Bag.

Please note that all Pre-Orders must be paid immediately. Available quantities are limited. Any order not paid within 24 hours will be cancelled.

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Lolita Fashion Brand Angelic Pretty x Takara Tomy Jenny Collaboration Doll

kera-jenny-angelic-pretty-doll-rinkya-japan2 kera-jenny-angelic-pretty-doll-rinkya-japan

Isn’t she the cutest Jenny doll ever?
She is a very special doll released by gothic/lolita fashion magazine Kera, in collaboration with Jenny and Angelic Pretty.

Jenny is a line of fashion dolls made by Takara Tomy since 1982. In 2007, Kera decided to release three special Jenny dolls dressed in gothic/lolita fashion for limited time only. One of them was this Jenny, with a dress designed by popular lolita brand Angelic Pretty.



Because of its short span of production, Angelic Pretty Jenny is extremely rare.
We luckily stumble upon one on Yahoo Japan Auction today, in a fantastic, never-been-used condition. The seller has opened the box in order to make sure everything is there, but otherwise the doll has never been exposed nor used.

On the back of the box it shows a pretty picture of Jenny.


The only visible damage is found on the transparent plastic part of the outer package. The seller has provided a photo to show the cracked part.



This is a beautiful doll in a superb condition.
Don’t miss this chance to add her to your collection!

This auction ends on April 19th, 2014 at 5:59 in PDT.

Just for reference, there are two other dolls released from Kera along with Angelic Pretty version.



You can add アンジェリックプリティ(Angelic Pretty), アルゴンキン (Algon Quins), and メタモルフォーゼタンドゥフィーユ(Metamorphose temps de fille) to your Saved Keywords and Alerts on Rinkya, so you can search for and get notified whenever these dolls show up on Auction.