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Halloween 2016 in Japan: 6 spooky-cute cakes to try

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Halloween 2016 in Japan is plenty of amazing spooky-cute cakes to try and enjoy. We have six delicious cakes that you can try if you are around Japan for Halloween. We start with a super cute Ghost Cake from Lawson. This chocolate marvel was released on October 11 and it sells for 295 yen including tax. This is a white chocolate cake with whipped cream. It has chocolate mousse and it’s certainly super cute!

Let’s discover the rest of the cakes!

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Bento Friday: Halloween Bento Box Ideas

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We have a super cute Bento Friday with lots of Halloween bento box ideas. We start with cute little rice Halloween onigiri. Easy rice balls are a great idea for Halloween. They are cute, and perfect for beginners. These are wonderful for Halloween parties and to share with family and friends.

Let’s take a closer look to the rest of ideas!

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Kaldi Halloween Ghost Smashed Potatoes Recipe

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This Kaldi Halloween Ghost Smashed Potatoes Recipe is perfect for Halloween. If you want to do something fast but cute and compelling, here you have an amazing Kaldi recipe to surprise yourself, your family and/or your friends. You can do the whole thing from zero, but you can also use ingredients like these: prepared instant curry, milk, black sesame, instant smashed potatoes and bags to use to create the ghosts.

It’s a super easy recipe to make. Let’s take a look at it together!

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Halloween in Japan: Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Halloween Burger

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Celebrating Halloween in Japan is an amazing experience. It’s even better with a full stomach. Teddy’s Bigger Burgers is serving a Halloween Burger to die for: it has a purple pumpkin on it! Using mashed purple potatoes, the design is super cute and alluring. In all stores of Teddy’s Bigger Burgers you’ll find the Halloween Burger until October 31 for 980 yen excluding tax. It’s made from 100% juicy beef patties, homemade mashed potatoes and purple potatoes. A super cute Halloween pumpkin is the main design of this delicious burger, perfect for children and adults.

If you love themed food and want to enjoy a good burger, get into a Teddy’s Bigger Burgers in Japan and order the Halloween Burger! You’re set to success if you accompany your burger with a great spooky Cosplay. What about some cute purple outfit to match the purple pumpkin of the burger?

If you happen to be in Japan during this Halloween season, don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on this delicious Halloween Burger: it’s cute, spooky and purple. And, let’s be clear: who doesn’t love purple and pumpkins!?

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

Halloween Treats: Seven Eleven Cocoa Donuts

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The best Halloween treats can always be found in Japan. Seven Eleven has released these super cute cocoa donuts: super cute Kitty cocoa donuts that will make your October delicious. The wrapping is super cute, and the donuts seem to be delicious! With some exceptions, most Seven Eleven stores in Japan will have these super cute black cat cocoa donuts with whipped cream. It was released on October 4, and it sells for 128 yen including tax.

This cute kitty cocoa donut has delicious cocoa dough with a fluffy texture. The whipped cream is delicious and fluffy too. The package has a especial black cat perfect for Halloween! (I would buy many in order to enjoy a perfect Halloween!) It’s cute and amazing!

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on one of these cocoa donuts if you’re in Japan during Halloween. This is the perfect sweet to make your trip a delight! You just need to visit a Seven Eleven and pick up your delicious cocoa donut! In fact, this would be perfect for having tons of treats.

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

Ginza Cozy Corner Disney Halloween Sweets

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Ginza Cozy Corner Disney Halloween Sweets are coming! The famous Ginza Cozy Corner from Tokyo is preparing cool Disney Halloween Sweets for Halloween. These sweets are limited and are set to be released on September 1st and sold until October 31. This year we can enjoy a “Petit Gateau JOYJOY Halloween Disney Villains” set with several villain motifs on the cake set. For example, we have the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland,” Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty,” Scar from “the Lion King,” Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmatians,” etc. The villains cake set is set to cost 2,268 including tax.

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Japan travel: Halloween in Tokyo, what to do

Japan travel during Halloween is amazing, especially if you join one of the events that are held in the country. Halloween in Tokyo is the hotest: you can find almost endless things to do! One of them is joining the Tokyo Costume Street Party in Shibuya. It’s fun! Take a look at the video above and remember that this was viral last year! There are many clubs in Shibuya that held events.

Let’s take a look at the ShibuFes Halloween 2015!

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Q-pot spooky-cute items for Halloween: welcome Ghost-chan!

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Great News! Q-pot spooky-cute items for Halloween are to die for! Say welcome Ghost-chan! This Halloween line of jewelry is amazing and perfect for Halloween, Cosplay or for any occasion if you like cute little ghosts. You can have any of them through Rinkya. Just contact us before they’re all sold out. We begin our spooky-cute adventure with a mischievous little ghost who ate a candy! You have a ribbon charm and also a Tiny tricky ghost that ate a tiny candy.

Velour Ribbon Charm 4,500 yen + tax
Tricky Ghost that ate a candy necklace 16,000 yen + tax

Let’s discover the rest of them!

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Rinkya Staff Pick Ups Special: Halloween must haves

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I am so exited! We are starting a new section in our blog! Rinkya Staff Pick ups! And we start with a very special must-have list! Prepare yourself for the best pick ups ever!

Totoro is one of my favorite animes and this is a cel that is an END cel. So, what’s an “End Cel”? An end cel is the last cel in a cel sequence. It is often marked with ‘End’ or ‘E’ or sometimes even ‘tome’ (meaning stop). All end cels are also key cels because the last frame in a sequence is drawn out by the gengaman (key animator). Here we have a very special End Cel: the Neko bus!

Get this awesome My Neighbor Totoro End Cel featuring the Neko Bus!


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Sailor Moon CaramellDansen

This week’s CaramellDansen is Sailor Moon! There are some funny Sailor Moon CaramellDansen videos that would be awesome to use as background to dance and have fun while cosplaying as Sailor Moon this Halloween!

So here are some crazy funny ideas to cosplay during Halloween:

  • Cosplay as your favorite Sailor Moon character.
  • Ask some of your friends to cosplay as their favorite Sailor Moon characters too.
  • Take CaramellDansen as inspiration and create a Halloween video!
  • Post it in Youtube!

If you do the video, we’ll share it here for sure! (I know, it’s crazy, but it is funny and cosplaying as Sailor Moon is a delight!).

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