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In memory of hide…20th solo Anniversary & May 2nd Memorial Day

2013 is 20th anniversary since hide, Japanese legendary guitarist, started his solo career after leaving X-Japan. Even though hide unexpectedly passed away on May 2nd, 1998 (he was 33 years old), there is still a huge following to present day.

There are many events planned for this year and next year (next year is hide’s 50th birthday), including screening of filmed live concerts, re-opening of hide Museum, release of tribute albums and hide photo book App, and fan-made tribute contests & 24-hr live show hosted on Niconico Video.

We have lots of hide-related items on Yahoo auctions now too!

Super mint condition FERNANDES Burny MG360-S Yellow Heart 


hide used Fernandes MGs all through his life and career.

This is a replica model from Fernandes with same specifications as the one hide used to play, and was only produced from 2000-2002. This so-called “Yellow Heart” guitar can be seen mostly during hide’s career under the band name hide with spread beaver.

FERNANDES Burny MG-340X Cherry Sunburst 



Cherry Sunburst was made by Fernandes specifically for hide to use at the time. It was based on Gibson Les Paul 1959 model that hide used to own and used for recording.

Likes hide, but not a musician yourself?

How about a hide X Taeyang collaboration doll? There has been several hide dolls produced by Taeyang. This year’s model is hide Psyence version.
The attention to details on replicating hide’s Psyence costume is amazing!

hidetaeyang img59496916 img59496917

Search for all Taeyang x hide dolls from YJ auction now! (including models with other outfits)

There’s also a limited edition hide plush doll from hide Museum, with a special New Year outfit?

So cute!!

Hide Museum opened in year 2000 to commemorate hide. It was supposed to be a three-year exhibiti, but visitors didn’t cease to come. Therefore the Museum stayed till 2005, and closed that year. After 8 years, the hide Museum will re-open this summer for upcoming two-year exhibit.

Visit hide City for updates on events and related merchandise 😉