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Gudetama Café opens at Maid Home Café in Akihabara

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A Gudetama Café opens at the Maid Home Café in Akihabara for a limited time. Gudetama, the lazy egg, is a cute anthropomorphic amazing egg. He’s perfect for food and creating amazing bentos. Now, from Juanuary 14 you can enjoy Gudetama in one of the most amazing Maid Cafés in Akihabara, the Home Café.

Maid cafés are famous for having an amazing staff of cute and hardworking mades. Now, they’re going to make all your dreams come true with Gudetama. The maids at Home Café are going to bring you the cutest menu ever with Gudetama.

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Gudetama Café at the Seibu Ikebukuro is so cute!

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Good news! Gudetama Café is to be opened at the Seibu Ikebukuro 8F from November 4 to January 15, 2017. This is a great collaboration with Sanrio character Gudetama and Seibu.

Gudetama is going to adorn a gorgeous menu with super cute dishes and cocktails. There are going to be pancakes, rice dishes and fantastic ingredients with yellow color as the main feature. You can enjoy Gudetama in salty dishes for your meal and also with fantastic desserts. Clients will be given an original postcard as present too.

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Find Gudetama Fair at Circle K and Sunkus!

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Find Gudetama Fair at Circle K and Sunkus! If you love Gudetama, you’re going to love this fair! Convenience stores Circle K and Sunkus are helding the Gudetama from May 10 to May 22. During this short time, they’re releasing special Gudetama items, including super yummy cream breads and rice balls with the image of Gudetama. Many items will be available for purchasing till June, and many are as cheap as 298 yen including tax.

Let’s take a look at some of the yummy Gudetama items that will be available!

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