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Behold! The New Godzilla And Yomiuri Giants Collaboration is here! Beware Chunichi Dragons!!!

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Behold! The New Godzilla And Yomiuri Giants Collaboration is here! Beware Chunichi Dragons!!! The New Godzilla has partenered with Yomiuri Giants for June 29 game at Tokyo Dome. Yomiuri Giants will face Nagano’s Chunichi Dragons, with a plus: Yomiuri Giants have Godzilla! So, if you are waiting and dying to watch the New Godzilla (aka Godzilla Resurgence) on July 29, you can start feeling Godzilla’s presence during this match! So, what does this fierceful collaboration entail? What does it include? A real appearance of the giant Godzilla?

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The New Godzilla is massive! The biggest of them all!

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The new Godzilla is massive! The biggest of them all! Illustrator and cartoonist Ulaken has drawn a poster where you can see how big the new Godzilla is! Bigger than the Hollywood version. This new Godzilla stands 11.5m high! If you were having the chills with previous versions of our beloved Godzilla, now you’re going to feel your spine freeze. Next to this version, we’re obviously doomed. Take a look at the picture and try to find the average human. Even Ultraman feels too tiny next to this new Godzilla!

This is just a tiny taste of what’s to come on July 29, 2016 when the New Godzilla will hit the Japanese big screens.

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Limited 46cm long Howling Godzilla is going to rock your heart!

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Great news! Limited 46cm long Howling Godzilla can be yours thanks to Premium Bandai! Discover Toho 30cm series Godzilla (2014) limited Howling version, and orders yours before it’s too late! Pre-order are only available till November 20, 2015!!! This Godzilla is 32cm tall and is 46cm long! It’s a great figurine to have at home. Plus: it’s the Howling version!


Let’s explore this awesome Godzilla together!

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Japan Exclusive: Godzilla 2014 Cup with Awesome Figure Topper

One of the best blockbusters films of this summer, Godzilla 2014 finally premiered in Japan last Friday after long wait. Delayed release is not always bad though, because Japanese viewers can buy this really awesome Godzilla Cup with Figure Topper in theaters!

Buy Godzilla 2014 Cup with Figure Topper

As you might have guessed, this cup is sold exclusively in Japanese theaters, and for limited quantity only. So how can you get it if you want one? Well, you can always find rare collectibles and novelties on YJ Auction via Rinkya!


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1954 Sets Only! Steiff x Godzilla 60th Anniversary Stuffed Animal

Steiff x Godzilla

High-end teddy bear maker Steiff is going to release limited edition stuffed Godzilla this coming November to commemorate the 60th year anniversary of Godzilla. The quantity is limited to 1954 pieces, which is the same number as the year the original Godzilla movie hit theaters.

Steiff Godzilla

This Godzilla is all hand-made as all Steiff stuffed animals are, and sold exclusively in Japan. You can pre-order this very special Godzilla through Rinkya Direct now. Remember, quantity is very limited!

Steiff Godzilla

Steiff Godzilla

Steiff Godzilla

Rinkya Price: $587.72 (excluding international shipping)

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Auction Wednesday: NITTO Vintage Wind-Up Gamera Toy 1966

It’s Auction Wednesday! Did you find anything cool on YJ Auction this week?
Rinkya is here to help you find items of your interest.

This week we found this awesome vintage Gamera toy!


It’s a wind-up Gamera toy made by NITTO (which no longer exists) in 1966.
This is the first edition of this toy.

As you can see from the photos, this item is still in the original plastic bag and has never been used.




There are some tear and wears on the instruction manual and the outer box, but the toy itself is in wonderful condition. The seller has good rating and history as well.

This auction ends on June 29th, 2014 at 23:56 in PDT.

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Bento Friday: Godzilla

Happy Friday!
Have you already seen the new Godzilla movie? I absolutely loved it!
I liked it so much I went looking for Godzilla bento.


The detailed cut of seaweed replicating the iconic silhouette is amazing! The side dishes to go with the rice (boiled pumpkins, pickled plum) are also very traditional style homemade Japanese food, reminding us of Showa-period Japan when Godzilla first appeared on screen.

Here are some Godzilla birthday cakes too.

godzilla-cake-rinkya-japan godzilla-cake-rinkya-japan2

Have a nice weekend!

Source: Atsushi Arino, Harimaya, Nonkinaahiru

The Greatest Kaiju Toy, BANDAI 20-inch Tall R/C Mechagodzilla 1974


One of the greatest kaiju toys out there, BANDAI’s 20-inch Radio Controlled Mechagodzilla 1974 is being listed for auction right now.
Even with the hight retail price of US$800, this mighty Mechagodzilla toy sold out immediately after its release in 2009. Its massive 1/100-scale, 20-inch tall body, loaded with built-in gimmicks, and the attention to details made it way worth the money, and it has been highly sought after on used market ever since. These photos are from the item’s official site.

bandai-rc-remote-controlled-mechagodzilla-1974-rinkya-japan bandai-rc-remote-controlled-mechagodzilla-1974-rinkya-japan2

The auction seller has never opened the toy, so this is what the actual auction item looks like, in an original box.


It’s got lots of fun, great gimmicks!

  • Rotating head (action for making energy shield)
  • Mouth opens/closes
  • Arms move up/down
  • Hands rotate at the wrists
  • Flashing lights in eyes
  • Flashing lights in mouth
  • Flashing lights in fingertips
  • Chest opens and flashes light
  • Installed sound effects for each action

The appearance of Mechagodzilla is based on 1974 model. Watch the promo video below to see what amazing actions it is capable of!

If so, don’t hesitate and bid on BANDAI 20” R/C Mechagodzilla on Yahoo Japan Auction!

On somewhere like Amazon Marketplace, it’s being listed for 500,000 yen, but on our Auction, its current highest bid is only 101,000 yen, and if you really don’t want to miss it, the seller is offering buyout option for 150,000 yen! So don’t hesitate and get it!

Gamera comes to life! CCP 1/1-scale Gamera 3 Head Replica Looks Amazing, Limited Stock of 500


CCP, a high-end PVC figure company in Japan, started a line of models called 1/1-scale Replica Series in 2011. This is the first product to be released from the line: CCP 1/1 Gamera 3 Head Replica.

CCP 1/1 Gamera 3 Head Replica features the gigantic head of Gamera that appears in Gamera 3.


The replica head is about 42cm tall (16.5 inch). The smaller CCP 1/6-scale Tokusatsu Series Gamera HG ver. figure is being displayed next to the 1/1 head in the above picture to compare the size between the two (thus not included in the set). Looks incredible, doesn’t it?
It’s also built in with a fun gimmick. When you push down on Gamera’s tongue, its eyes and mouth starts to flash just like Gamera did in the film, with the lighting effect imitating fiery plasma shots coming out of its throat.


In the upper right photo, you can see the eyes and throat glowing.

Only 500 of them were made as limited edition in 2011, and were sold out immediately. Today we found one listed on Yahoo Japan Auction for 69,800 yen! (Original retail price 49,800 yen)


Want to wait for another chance? Use this preset keyword, save it, and monitor auction listings until you find the one you want!