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Sailor Moon Transformation Locket Capsule Toys

Capsule toy company Gashapon’s having a series of small Sailor Moon toys in their machines. One of the popular toys are Sailor Moon transformation lockets.


Beside Gashapon vending machines, you can get them at Amazon Japan or Yahoo Japan Auction, in which both Rinkya is capable of helping you purchase.

Please note that all Store Orders must be paid immediately.
Any order not paid within 24 hours will be cancelled.

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Takara Tomy’s Latest Capsule Toys Feature Deep Fried Whole Sharks

Recently, Takara Tomy have been releasing all sorts of weird capsule toys.
Their latest toys you can get from those machines are breaded and deep-fried sharks.



I’ve never thought of deep-frying a whole shark….
But these look really good!


(Photo source: Hobby Search)

Deep-fried capsule toys are available for 200 yen each from gashapon vending machines.

Source: Takara Tomy