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Let’s Take a First Look at Nintendo Switch

Let’s take a first look at Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new home gaming system. After months in the dark with tons of speculation about what Nintendo would do, we’re now able to see this wonderful preview. This new home console hybrid is amazing: it’s like a PlayStation Vita, but it also is like a tablet! You can play with Nintendo Switch at home, but you can use it as a mobile console wherever you are. The console seems to include a tablet with docks for experiencing it as a traditional console and a new ultimate experience.

Since it has detachable controller modules, the console can be used by two people when outside home (or more if other people have another Nintendo Switch). The tablet also supports cartridges, so it seems that it will have a DS games feelings as well. But, we’ll need more information from Nintendo in the future. Will all games come in cartridges? Or, downloading will also be an option?

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Kirby Café to open tomorrow in Tokyo!

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Kirby Café to open tomorrow in Tokyo! Prepare for a cuteness overload with Kirby at the Toky Sky Tree Twown Soramachi. You’ll find the Kirby Café, and with it, super cute and yummy food featuring Kirby. This collaboration between Sky Tree Town Soramachi and Kirby will start tomorrow, August 26. The café has a great collaboration café menu plenty of Kirby and friends. This is to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Kirby’s birth next year.

Let’s take a closer look at it!

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You won’t be able to look up Hatsune Miku’s skirt on Hatsune Miku VR Future Live

Hatsune Miku VR Future Live, hatsune miku, rinkya, japan

You won’t be able to look up Hatsune Miku’s skirt on Hatsune Miku VR Future Live. So, if you were eager to take a look what’s going on with Miku’s skirt, know that you won’t be able to discover anything. Hatsune Miku is famous worldwide. She is also a digital diva. A great amount of subculture has been created around her, and one of the actions to do when playing with her, is to look under her skirt. Granted, it’s CGI underwear, but it’s the dream of many to look under that skirt. However, creators aren’t so eager to let fans play the peeping Tom under Miku’s skirt.

Despite many products portraying Miku as super sexy, creators of Hatsune Miku VR Future Live won’t let some fans do that.

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Pokémon craze asking for a Pokémon live-action movie!

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Pokémon craze asking for a Pokémon live-action movie! While almost the rest of the world is enjoying Pokémon Go, Japan is still waiting for its launch. However, there are some that are starting to want something else from all this craze: a movie! Someone in Hollywood, Legendary Pictures, is showing interest in adapting it. What we know so far is that Pokémon Go is a great success hit for Nintendo. So much so, that in a week Nintendo’s stock has high-rocketed, and the app is more used than Tinder! Not only people are having tons of fun playing it, but it’s also helping people exercise and have the will to go out there. Thus, when you have a hit success like that, it’s not surprising at all that Hollywood wants to capitalize on that.

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Perhaps the Most Expensive Video Game-Themed Items Ever: SQUARE ENIX Releases Romancing Saga x Aritayaki Porcelain

Are you a fan of Saga series? Romancing Saga, Saga Frontier, Unlimited Saga, Emeperor’s Saga It’s one of SQUARE ENIX’s most popular titles continuing from Super Nintendo era to present day.
SQUARE ENIX has recently released a line of beautiful porcelain ware in collaboration with Saga Prefecture, in a traditional style popularly known as “arita yaki,” that feature illustrations from Saga series.



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Japan Word of the Day #18 – Itai (Ita-car, Ita-PC, etc.)


Today’s Word is: Itai (痛い)

“Itai (痛い)” in a normal conversation means “painful,” but in otaku context, it is used to describe people who are going against social norm and openly display their otaku tendencies and hobbies.

One way to display your otaku passion is to decorate your belongings with your favorite characters. You can combine the word “ita” (Omit the last “i” from “itai”) with any physical items that are decorated with characters from anime, manga, and video games.

Some common examples are:

  • Itasha (ita + car) 


  • Ita-PC (ita + personal computer) 


  • Ita-SUICA (ita + SUICA train pass)


Image sources: Hatenafotofile, Itasha blog, Ijokanso Chuiho

Japan Word of the Day #6 – Anpai (Anzen pai)

Today’s word is: Anpai (アンパイ)

When you say something is anpai, it means it’s risk-free and is guaranteed of future safety. Originally, it is short for anzen pai (安全牌), where anzen means safety, and pai is a tile used in mahjong game.


Each of the above tiles is a mahjong pai.

In mahjong, the main objective of the game is for a player to collect a set of pai tiles to complete a specific winning hand. There are four players in the game, and when discarding one of your own tiles to trade with a new one, the other player is allowed to take the previously discarded tile to add to his/her hand. Sometimes this allows the other player to complete a winning hand, thus you have to be very careful of what pai you are discarding. Anzen pai therefore, refers to a tile without a risk of letting others win. It’s a tile that you know for sure is safe to discard. Kiken hai (danger tile), on the other hand, means a tile that you are pretty sure will let the other player win the game.


So, as mahjong games become more prevalent in Japan, anzen pai started to describe anything that’s “risk-free.”

For example, in relationship context, women often refer their partners anzen pai because they know these guys won’t cause trouble when married.
The term also holds a nuance in such that something could be risk-free but possibly fairly boring and tiresome in a long-run. For example, you could describe someone’s life as anzen pai, because everything about it is mediocre, and there are no ups or downs to his/her life.


Do you prefer things to be anpai? Or do you prefer things to be unpredictable and fun?

See previous Word of the Day posts.

Image sources: Wikipedia, Yarujay, Revysoku

Japan Word of the Day #5 – Furagu/Flag (Game and Internet Slang)


Today’s word is a good example of how an otaku word has grown into something much more versatile.

Today’s Word is: Furagu (フラグ)

The word furagu originates from “flag” in English, pronounced in Japanese kana.
What does it mean when someone says “Flag has been raised. (フラグが立った)” in Japanese ?

The term “flag” in this context was originally associated with dating sim games. In these games, in order to trigger certain dating events to happen (and ultimately achieve romantic relationship with the character you pursue), players must satisfy several conditions, such as answering correctly to questions, leveling up player’s skills, etc., or otherwise these events wouldn’t happen.


Typical dating sim game lets you answer in multiple choices. The heroine is asking for an advice here.

In computer programming (in both Japanese and English), “flag” refers to a bit sequence that stores a binary value: true or false. So when true, a program goes on and triggers certain actions, and when false, it triggers others (I’m totally simplifying things here), which is exactly what’s happening underneath these dating sim games.

So hardcore gamers started using phrase “Flag has been raised” to indicate times when they think they’ve fulfilled all the conditions to trigger romantic events with the characters they pursue.

The word became even more versatile when it’s spread over internet. Now it can be used in virtually any occasions. For example, when someone says “overtime flag has been raised (残業フラグが立った),” it probably means that he or she sees so much work piled up in front of him/her, that overtime work is an inevitable event to come.

“Death flag (死亡フラグ)” is also a very popular phrase, particularly in TV shows, games, and manga, when characters act in such a way that audience can totally foresee their deaths in future episodes. (Often times when character starts saying things like “When this war is over, I’d like to propose to that girl,” you know that the character won’t make it through.)

Image source: Tokimeki Memorial Mobile, Fujisaki Shiori SP

BANDAI to Release Hanafuda Playing Cards with Saint Seiya Art on Them

Hanafuda is a type of Japanese card game played with a set of hanafuda cards (translates as “flower cards”) with a pretty picture of Japanese plants on each card. (Did you know Nintendo started out as a hanafuda company?)
A typical hanafuda set looks like this.



Now, Bandai is going to release hanafuda cards with Saint Seiya art on them. Even if you don’t know the game, the art style is extremely cool!

saint-seiya-hanafuda-card-game-rinkya-japan saint-seiya-hanafuda-card-game-rinkya-japan2 saint-seiya-hanafuda-card-game-rinkya-japan3 saint-seiya-hanafuda-card-game-rinkya-japan4 saint-seiya-hanafuda-card-game-rinkya-japan5 saint-seiya-hanafuda-card-game-rinkya-japan6


Of course, if you learn how to play the game, this item would be extra cool! It’s simple to learn, and a fun game to play with friends. These hanafuda cards are made in traditional style following Nintendo’s instruction, with high quality boards, and come with a special edition die-cast Pandra Box to store them.

You can order this item through Rinkya Store! (Item specifics on Bandai’s website)
The item will be shipped in February, 2014.