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New Sailor Moon Smartphone Cases for Everyone! 9 Styles to Choose from, Fits iPhone 4, 4S, 5, Galaxy SIII, S4, Xperia


Show your love for Sailor Moon to everyone, at anywhere!

Premium Bandai released a set of new Sailor Moon Smartphone Cases with 9 designs  and fit 6 different phone models!

Wow, all 9 of them are soooooo cute, it’s hard to decide which one to choose!


Assembled (Horizontal)


Assembled (Vertical)


Sailor Moon Romantic ver


Princess Serenity Romantic ver


Assembled (Gothic)


Comic Style


Item Icons




Luna and Artemis (It’s transparent. Here it shows how it looks against black phones (left) and white phones (right))

Each smartphone case is 2,100JPY. What a great deal!
Here’s what you will need to fill in our Rinkya Store Order form to make an order.

  • Style: Choose the style you want and copy the item URL next to it, paste it in the URL area or our form.
    1) Assembled (Horizontal) – URL
    2) Assembled (Vertical) – URL
    3) Sailor Moon Romantic ver – URL
    4) Princess Serenity Romantic ver – URL
    5) Assembled (Gothic) – URL
    6) Comic Style – URL
    7) Item Icons – URL
    8) Silhouette – URL
    9) Luna and Artemis – URL
  • Your phone model: Specify in the item description which model you want the cases for. Choose from iPhone 5, iPhone 4 &4S,  Galaxy S III & IIIa, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z SO-02E, and Xperia A SO-04E.
  • Quantity: You can order multiple designs at once. And specify how many you’d like to buy.

Then you are set! Order from Request Store Order in your account! Make sure you are logged in first. Register with us if you haven’t!