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Smart Tablet Friendly Cushion “GORON” Allows You to Play Games and Read Laying Down

This is the world’s coolest cushion for laziest people!

They call is Tablet-friendly multi-purpose cushion “Goron.” Goron is an onomatopoeia for laying down in Japanese. So, literally, what you can do is just lie down without having to hold a tablet. No more sore hands and arms from gaming or reading!


You can even use it while seated. The cushion holds your tablet tightly in a desired spot. Normally, you’d need two hands to operate a tablet, but with Goron, you can actually talk on the phone or drink coffee while using it!


Suggested use of Goron.goron-worlds-coolest-cushion-for-lazy-people-rinkya-japan3

You can order a “Goron” cushion from Amazon Japan through Rinkya Store‘s service!
Each cushion is 19,500 yen plus Rinkya fees and international shipping (Estimated cost for a single purchase before international shipping would be around $236.00).

Source: Kotaku

Watch this Nissin Cup Noodle Transformer Robot Dance and Sing!

Happy 4th ofJuly! Is everyone having a great time today? For people who celebrate United States’s Independence Day, this is the day you’d want to feel happy and cheery. Catch up on shopping at Rinkya if you haven’t done so recently! Or maybe read some of Rinkya’s Buzzfeed posts for fun read.

Today I’m going to show you fun video clips of NISSIN Cup Noodle Robot Timer!

Here’s our buddy, NISSIN 40th Anniversary Cup Noodle Robot Timer.
It’s basically a ramen noodle transformer that’ll make your 3-minutes wait for ramen more enjoyable.
Watch the following video to see its dance and talk! It transforms, dances, gives you a fortune of the day, tells you about ramen trivia and ramen idioms.

Indeed, it works very hard to keep us entertained for 3 minutes!
For people who can’t view the video, here’s the transformation’s before and after.

Nissin-Cup-Noodle-Robot-Timer-Transformer-Rinkya-Japan2 Nissin-Cup-Noodle-Robot-Timer-Transformer-Rinkya-Japan3 DSC_7833a

So adorable, isn’t it?
NISSIN celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2011, and this was one of the prizes for their lottery campaign. Only 10,000 lucky winners were able to adopt the robots!
Bid on NISSIN Cup Noodle Robot Timer 40th Anniversary Edition!

But wait, there’s more! In the following year, 2012, NISSIN did another birthday campaign.
This time, they had Cup Noodle Robot Timer Trio: Soy Flavor, Curry Flavor, and Seafood Flavor.

Each of the three flavors has different characteristics. The Soy Flavor Cup Noodle Robot Timer has an ability to play rock-paper-scissors with you. The Curry Flavor Cup Noodle Robot Timer is a hard-boiled guy (see the mustache?) with bold and fun personality. The Seafood Flavor Cup Noodle Robot Timer is a pretty lady with gentle personality.
Watch all three of them perform a dance and talk at the same time!

Nissin-Cup-Noodle-Robot-Timer-Trio-Transformer-Rinkya-Japan2 Nissin-Cup-Noodle-Robot-Timer-Trio-Transformer-Rinkya-Japan3 Nissin-Cup-Noodle-Robot-Timer-Trio-Transformer-Rinkya-Japan4

If I have all three of them, I’ll just play with them one by one, and my noodle will probably be very soggy afterward… 😛
Browse on Yahoo Japan Auction for all listings of NISSIN Cup Noodle Robot Timer Trio: Regular, Curry, and Seafood! Find the one you like and bid on it!

*Each listing usually only sells one of the three robots, not all three in a set, so be aware of that!

Enjoy your holiday, have fun, and be safe!