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Smart Tablet Friendly Cushion “GORON” Allows You to Play Games and Read Laying Down

This is the world’s coolest cushion for laziest people!

They call is Tablet-friendly multi-purpose cushion “Goron.” Goron is an onomatopoeia for laying down in Japanese. So, literally, what you can do is just lie down without having to hold a tablet. No more sore hands and arms from gaming or reading!


You can even use it while seated. The cushion holds your tablet tightly in a desired spot. Normally, you’d need two hands to operate a tablet, but with Goron, you can actually talk on the phone or drink coffee while using it!


Suggested use of Goron.goron-worlds-coolest-cushion-for-lazy-people-rinkya-japan3

You can order a “Goron” cushion from Amazon Japan through Rinkya Store‘s service!
Each cushion is 19,500 yen plus Rinkya fees and international shipping (Estimated cost for a single purchase before international shipping would be around $236.00).

Source: Kotaku

Awesome Japanese Legless Chair Looks Like Toast Bread

These legless chairs made by Japanese furniture company Nitori created a big buzz on internet recently.

How can you not love it? It looks so… delicious!

toastchair1  toastchair2



When flattened, it looks even more comfy… (and totally a piece of bread)

It makes me want to eat breakfast on these chairs!


A slight variation to this product: Lightly Toasted Bread Chairtoastchair5


I just think it’s hilarious that they made a considerate decision to make a toasted version, in case someone prefers toasted bread over untoasted bread.


Also, speaking of bread, from Rakuten there are 4-piece toast cushion set for sale too.
breadcushion breadcushion3 breadcushion2

Japan is a rice country, but evidently people love bread!

If you want to get any of the above items, Request Store Order from your Rinkya account (make sure you are logged in).
Just copy and paste Nitori URL (untoasted or toasted bread chair) or Rakuten URL (4-piece bread cushions) into our form, set quantity, and you are good to go!
You can use Request Store Order feature to order virtually anything in Japan  outside of Yahoo Japan Auction.

Use Cuvilady cute exercise chair and get bodies like Kara’s!

cuvilady02 cuvilady01

These cute colorful chairs are one of the new hottest things in Japan now.
Cuvilady is designed in such a way so you can get exercise in abdomen areas just from sitting on it.

The spokesperson selected for Cuvilady is KARA, a Korean idol group who are also very popular in Japan. Watch their cute commercial to see how it works!

When not suing, just put it on a stand to make it a normal chair. It’s perfect as a stylish furniture piece too!

Get Cuvilady on YJ Auction and get a body like KARA’s for this summer!