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Hunting in Japan Volume One- Sneakers- RFW

Sneakers- Hunting in Japan Volume One ran into a Japanese standard that is just beginning to break into the world market. One of the best selling brands in Japan, it started exporting only recently.

RFW Tokyo began as Rhythm Footwear in 1998. Until recently the brand was sold exclusively in Japan. While lacking a lot of designer features and focusing on simple silhouettes, RFW adds subtle details that catch the eye and make RFW kicks unique.

RFW Tokyo produces pretty basic sneakers without the pretensions of designer sneakers or the innovations of athletic shoes. However many feature imaginative color combinations and patterns, some in tune with the season they were released in. This makes it easy to single out RFW sneakers in a crowd. RFW sneakers are very popular in Japan and may soon replicate that success in the worldwide sneaker market.

Simplicity of design married to imaginative color and pattern choices seems to be a very good idea for sneakers. Sneakers in plaid, various camouflage designs, leafs and stars, compliment simple solid colors alone or in combination to create new and exciting looks.

RFW sneakers

RFW Eye-Catching Detail

RFW keeps things simple with high quality sneakers that are distinctive but without the bells and whistles that seem to predominate the sneaker industry. The design is basic, like the classic sneaker Converse’ Chuck Taylor or All-star sneakers, rather timeless and basic sneakers, but dressed in all new clothes. Making the most of all the things you can do to canvas and suede to make it prettier and more colorful.

patterned RFW sneakers

Imaginative Combinations on RFW sneakers

Long time staple of the Japanese sneaker market RFW is just beginning to break into the worldwide sneaker marketplace. It should be A hit among those who like simple designs filled with eye-catching detail.  

The Galaxy under your Skirt! Join the Universe Stockings Japanese Fashion now!

galaxy stockings, universe stockings, japanese fashion,  rinkya, japan

The Galaxy under your skirt! Join the Universe Stockings Japanese fashion now and rock the streets like never before! These are smart and unusual stockings: they have a hidden Spaceman and they’re pretty much a surprise. While they might look like normal stockings, they are a wonder if someone looks below that skirt! Maybe that’s why they’re called “Adult Romance Rights – Universe Inside a Skirt.” So, if there are some guys that want to peek under your skirt, they will literally take a look at the Universe.


Let’s take a closer look at them!

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Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci gives Hatsune Miku Haute Couture Glamour

vocaloid, hatsune miku, riccardo tisci, givenchy, haute couture, fashion, rinkya, japan

Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci gives Hatsune Miku Haute Couture Glamour. If you thought that Hatsune Miku couldn’t have any better makeover, you were wrong. Riccardo Tisci has envisioned this vocaloid’s diva in a totally different light. And, let me tell you: it’s amazing! Hatsune Miku is the most famous idol hologram existing right now. As you know, Hatsune Miku is a sixteen-year-old girl from Sapporo, Japan. She has long pigtails, blue fluorescent hair and sings like heaven. She’s an idol, not only for Japanese, but also for many in the States and around the world.

Being a hologram is no excuse to have a designer make an incredible makeover for herself. And so, this is what Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci did, and we must say, it’s amazing! According to Tisci, “she’s so cool.” Taken away by this diva, he has designed a unique outfit that “has multiple types of lace with some crocodile trim, and intermittently, though you can’t see them from far away, there are individual Swarovski crystals.”

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Chanel Vintage Items that You Need

chanel, chanel vintage, fashion, japan fashion, rinkya, japan

Today we want to share with you some cool Chanel vintage items that you need in your fashion collection. As you know, Chanel is a French fashion brand created back in 1909 by Coco Chanel. Chanel revolutionized both the haute couture and the prêt-à-porter by replacing corsets by functional but stylish garments that your made women’s figures even more elegant. Chanel remains today one of the leading fashion brands in the world. So, today we want to share with you some vintage jewellery items that are a must have in any fashion lover’s closet.

We start with a Chanel Vintage Necklace. It measures 38 cm, top W4 x H4.5cm. It’s a super stylish necklace that will make you shine wherever you go.


Let’s discover the rest of items!

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Evangelion Lingerie is so cool that it sold out immediately

evangelion, evangelion lingerie, super groupies, rinkya, japan

Evangelion Lingerie is so cool that it sold out immediately back in September giving us no choice but to stare and wonder if we would see it again. SuperGroupies announced a line for Evangelion lingerie that rocks. The results were, in fact, not shocking at all: the whole line sold out in record time, forcing SuperGroupies to close sales quickly. Despite doing a second round, the items sold out again soon! And it’s certainly no surprise since you can enjoy Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Shikinami and Mari Makinami’s lingerie!

Let’s take a look together at these gorgeous items on models that look the heroines from Eva! [Let’s make the topic hotter so that SuperGroupies announces another round soon!! Remember to use Rinkya as a deputy service to get these gorgeous geek fashion items!]

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Sailor Moon News: Sailor Moon Mocomoco Room Wear from Premium Bandai

sailor moon, sailor moon mocomoco, sailor moon fashion, bandai, premium bandai, rinkya, japan

Great Sailor Moon News! The new Sailor Moon Mocomoco Room Wear from Premium Bandai is here and it’s super cute. There are two different models: Luna and Artemis. These are super fluffy and kawaii room wear for you to enjoy during this winter. Pre-order them asap, since pre-orders are only available till October 19! These start shiping on January 2016. Don’t miss them!


Let’s take a closer look together!

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Cosplay ideas for this Halloween

hello kitty, halloween, halloween cosplay ideas, halloween cosplay, cosplay, rinkya, japan

Are you still lost and have no clue about what to wear this Halloween? Here you have some cool cosplay ideas for this Halloween!! Take a look and decide which one is for you!

We start with our number 1 idea: Hello Kitty DIY cosplay dress! The main ingredient for this cosplay is to get lots and lots of Hello Kitty plushies! You need to sew them together (you can use an old dress). You can also find a cool wig, put some kitty ears too! No clue where to find such an amount of Hello Kitty plushies? Take a look here!


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Japanese Fashion: Shimokitazawa’s unique Japanese Converse designs.

shimokitazawa, tokyo, rinkya, japan, rinkya japan, ripery's sugar, designers convers, japanese fashion, japanese shoes, unique japanese design

Shimokitazawa’s unique Japanese fashion shoes are here! Rypery’s Sugar brings Converse to a new level of unique design. Ripery’s Sugar is a designers shop located in Shimokitazawa, the alternative fashion district of Tokyo. Shimokitazawa’s designers shops are unique and really creative. Shimokitazawa, aka Shimokita, is a very popular district for young people in Tokyo. There are lots of designers shops, stylish cafés, bars and theaters. Shimokitazawa is well known for its young designers and their unique pieces.

Ripery’s Sugar Converse are unique. You only get one design per pair of shoes. They also create unique bags and hats. Through Rinkya Direct you can now have access to this awesome Shimokita’s designer shop and their unique designs. Take a look to their shop and how they work:

shimokitazawa, tokyo, rinkya, japan, rinkya japan, ripery's sugar, designers convers, japanese fashion, japanese shoes, unique japanese design shimokitazawa, tokyo, rinkya, japan, rinkya japan, ripery's sugar, designers convers, japanese fashion, japanese shoes, unique japanese design

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Japan Word of the Day #136 – Jinbei

Jinbei yukata japan

Today’s Word is: Jinbei (甚平)

Jinbei (甚平) is Japanese summer wear traditionally worn by men and children. It consists of a kimono-like shirt and short pants. It’s a lot more relaxing than yukata (浴衣), and considered as casual outfit for informal occasions. In present days, the most likely place you’d see people dressed in it is at matsuri (summer festivals).

Jinbei Japan

Today, jinbei is also popular among women, and you start to see more and more of them designed and targeted for girls.

women's jinbei japan

Unlike yukata and kimono, it’s easy to move and loosely fitted, so many people use it as an indoor wear and as a pajama too. The material used for it is usually either cotton, hemp, or combination of both. It absorbs sweat and breathes air well, making it comfortable to wear even in hot weather.

If you want your own jinbei, you can browse the ones listed on YJ Auction via Rinkya.

Image sources: Rakuten, Nadesiko Peace, Jiggys Shop

Japan Word of the Day #134 – Chack

Today’s Word is: Chack (チャック)

In Japan, zippers are called “jippā,” “fasunā,” or “chack.”
Jippā (zipper) and fasunā (fastener) are obviously derived from English, but what’s chack (チャック)?


Chack is actually a made-up word coined by a zipper manufacturing company in Omichi as a trademark. It’s derived from Japanese word kinchaku (巾着), meaning drawstring bag. The trademark was registered in 1927, and zippers sold under the trademark “chack” were received very well by public.

Today, zipper, fastener, and chack are used interchangeably in Japanese.

Image source: Rakuten