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Fan art: sexy Disney Princesses in Lingerie

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Fan art is one of the best ways to show up devotion to your favorite fandoms. This time we’ve decided to post about sexy Disney Princesses in Lingerie! Biaani has created this gorgeous fan art pieces creating the sexiest versions of the famous Disney Princesses that I’ve seen so far. Not only they are sexy, they are also alluring and very well designed!

If you take a closer look at Pocahontas you’ll realize that the artwork is not just amazing: it is mesmerizing!

Let’s discover the rest of princesses!

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Fan art: Living Comic Book Characters

living comic book characters, comics, fan art, rinkya, japan

Today fan art rocks: living comic book characters! Lianne Moseley‘s work is amazing. She uses make up to turn you into a living comic book character. Literally! Comic book characters then jump from paper to reality. It seems that in order to create this wonderful make up art, the artist needs several hours to complete each one. Though it might look like as a work created with Photoshop, in reality it’s just makeup! So, don’t be fooled! These are real people with real makeup creating something amazing: paper comic book characters that come to live on skin!

Let’s take a closer look to her art.

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Fandom crossovers: Disney x Firefly Joss Whedon Mashup

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Today we have lovely fandom crossovers with Disney x Firefly Joss Whedon mashup. Firefly was one of my favorite series of all time, and even if it lasted for just a few chapters, I enjoyed it greatly. Joss Whedon’s characters are always strong and intriguing, that’s maybe why I loved it so much. But I also love Disney! So, this fan art mashup is a delightful sight for me.

Let’s remember Firefly a bit:

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Awesome fan art: if some Disney characters were living amongst us

fan art, disney, fandom crossovers, rinkya, japan

Today we have awesome fan art: what if some Disney characters were living amongst us? If their stories were to be told in our present time, their fashion styles would change for sure! The artist who has envisioned all these characters now is Hyung86. Amazing work!

We start with Alice in Wonderland! She would be an artist imagining new stories! Let’s guess the rest!

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Fandom Crossovers x Cosplay of the week: incredible mashups

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Darayz on Reddit

This week we have crazy fandom crossovers x cosplay with incredible mashups! Some cosplayers are really creative! You only need to take a look at these mashups and think about following their steps! Some are really weird, but others are really great, like this Captain America x Spiderman. Could we call him Captain Spider?

Let’s take a look at the rest of mashups!

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Fandom Crossovers: Hello Kitty Superheroes

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This week fandom crossovers are really funny! Hello Kitty teams up with Marvel Superheroes! Many people on the web have decided to give some Hello Kittly glam to Marvel Superheroes by re-imagining them with pink clothing and Hello Kitty adornments. Memes are a great way to convey ideas and have fun. Let’s begin with the Hello CapKitty!

Let’s discover the rest!

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