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Fan art: the Awesome Art of Chiri

Chiri, chiri art, fan art, rinkya, japan, kawaii, cute, sexy

This week we have the awesome art of Chiri, with pieces of fan art as well. Most of the girls belong to “Sea Yogurt” series. It is cute, sexy. The colors he uses are great, by the way. All in all, his art is very sexy, and it depicts a myriad of characters in different situations: some are cute, some are cute sexy, others are just sexy, and some are whimsical.

Let’s take a closer look!

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Mischievous fan art: Johnlock (John Watson x Sherlock Holmes)

johnlock, sherlock holmes, john watson, sherlock and watson, rinkya, japan, fan art, slash

This week we have mischievous fan art with Johnlock (John Watson and Sherlock Holmes). Some fan art is based on ships, the fictional relationships that can be canon or fanon about any given fandom. In the case of Sherlock Holmes there are many, but perhaps the most prominent of all them is Johnlock. Depending on the author, the ship can go from funny jokes, to bromance, to a slash ship. We start with the art of Sash-Kash. It is really funny, amazing and, well, mischievous. Let’s take a look!

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