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Peach John Releases Evangelion Lingerie (Premium Bandai)

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Peach John Releases Evangelion Lingerie (Premium Bandai) and it’s stylish, amazing and a must-have in your wardrobe! All items are high quality and a delight. Beware though: all sets are selling up fast! Buy yours without hesitation if you want to make sure to have yours! This lingerie line was originally available for pre-order back in October 2015 to celebrate Evangelion’s anime 20th anniversary. However, it has been so popular, that Peach John and Evangelion have decided to make another run, and all items are available for general purchase till items last! This means that you can get your favorite set only if you are fast enough. Pre-orders were closed pretty fast, and so this new re-run will sell out fast as well!

Want to discover all the models? Keep reading!

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Evangelion Electric Car Charging Stations to be Installed in Town of Hakone


Panasonic has announced its upcoming release of electric car and plug-in hybrid car charging station, ELSEEV, for January 2014. A couple of functioning stations have been already installed in town of Hakone, and since Hakone is where Evangelion is set (as Tokyo 3), it gets to have Evangelion-themed charging stations!

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Evangelion Exhibition in Ginza Sells Limited Edition Prints and New Official Merchandise


Evangelion Art Exhibition is being held at Matsuya in Ginza, Tokyo since August 7th, 2013. Three hundred gengas and one thousand layouts, sketches, settei, douga are being displayed along with life-size Evangelion character figures.



Cool gengas, huh?

One of the souvenirs sold at the exhibition is a set of art prints featuring the new character art drawn for the event, Asuka, Kaworu, Shinji, Rei, and Mari. This set or prints are so popular they sold out within 2 hours from the grand opening.

evangelion-exhibition-ginza-art-print-rinkya-japan evangelion-exhibition-ginza-art-print-rinkya-japan3evangelion-exhibition-ginza-art-print-rinkya-japan4evangelion-exhibition-ginza-art-print-rinkya-japan5evangelion-exhibition-ginza-art-print-rinkya-japan2

Using the above artwork, each print will be delivered in a frame, as shown below.


The prints are made to order, so they will be shipped in September once ordered (in which order slots are already full). Not many of them can be found on Yahoo Japan Auction even, so get them while listings last!



Some other cool merchandises from the event include: Evangelion Exhibition exclusive figures, mugs, rubber coasters, and more!

Evangelion Exhibition Exclusive Rei Ayanami Figure





Evangelion Rubber Coasters








Evangelion Mugs

evangelion-exhibition-mugs-rinkya-japan evangelion-exhibition-mugs-rinkya-japan3






There are more souvenirs and merchandises from the show, check all listings on Evangelion Exhibition at Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya!

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer Figure Collection by Medicom Toy

Wonder Festival, the largest event for figures and garage kits, for Summer 2013 season took place on July 28th. A lot of limited edition items were sold at the event and are already showing up on Yahoo Japan Auction!
Today let’s take a look at Medicom Toy’s WonFes Summer 2013 Collection, and I’ll give you links to finding those items on Rinkya.

1) Medicom Toy Evangelion Unit 00 RAH NEO Wonder Festival 2013 Summer Limited Edition


wonder-festival-2013-summer-medicom-evangelion-rah-neo-rinkya-japan2 wonder-festival-2013-summer-medicom-evangelion-rah-neo-rinkya-japan3

Limited stock of 600 pcs. (At the event 100 pcs/Via online order 500pcs)
Height: 390mm
Find all listings of Medicom Toy Evangelion Unit 00 RAH NEO WonFest Summer 2013 Edition.

2) Medicom Toy RAH Shikinami Asuka Langley (Jersey Version)

medicom-toy-rah-shikiha-asuka-langley-jersey-wonder-festival-rinkya-japan medicom-toy-rah-shikiha-asuka-langley-jersey-wonder-festival-rinkya-japan2


I love the realistic jersey texture (and of course she’s so cute with that cap)!
Limited stock of 400 pcs. (100pcs at the event/300pcs via online order)
Height: 300mm
Find all listings of RAH Shikinami Asuka Langley Jersey Version on Yahoo Japan Auction.

3) Shikinami Asuka Langley Jersey Version BE@RBRICK 



Limited stock of 1,000 pcs (300 pcs at the event/700 pcs via online order)
Height: 70mm
Find all listings of Shikinami Asuka Langley Jersey Version BE@RBRICK on Yahoo Japan Auction.


4) Evangelion Unit-08β BE@RBRICK 400%

wonder-festival-2013-evangelion-unit8-beta-400-bearbrick-rinkya-japan wonder-festival-2013-evangelion-unit8-beta-400-bearbrick-rinkya-japan2

Limited stock of 500 pcs (200 pcs at the event/300 pcs via online order)
Height: 280mm
Find all listings of Evangelion Unit-08β BE@RBRICK 400% on Yahoo Japan Auction.

There are a lot more to cover for Wonder Festival! I’ll continue with WonFes limited collections from other brands later, but you can go ahead and browse all Wonder Festival Summer 2013 items, including both professional and amateur pieces, on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya.


(Photos provided by: みんなのエヴァファン)

Saraba Sailor Moon and Pretty Soldier, Rare Sailor Moon genga/settei books collecting art of Shinya Hasegawa and Naoko Takeuchi

Today we have a couple of really cool Sailor Moon books!
If you know about Saraba Sailor Moon and Pretty Soldier, you are probably quite an expert in Sailor Moon, and chances are you’ve been looking for them! :)

Saraba Sailor Moon: Gekitokushu Hasegawa Shinya is a doujinshi collecting selected genga work of Shinya Hasegawa, edited by Hideaki Anno.



  • Shinya Hasegawa was the art director of Sailor Moon anime series, known for his very specific (cute and sexy) style and consistent, quality art. He later created characters for Revolutionary Girl Utena and drew the legendary intro sequence of Evangelion. So all the selected genga included here look amazing.
  • What makes it even more interesting is that the editor who compiled this doujinshi is Hideaki Anno, who later directed Evangelion (This doujinshi was published 1994, a year before Evangelion hits TV). Anno was not part of Sailor Moon production staff then, but he absolutely loved the show and Sailor Moon universe to the point he independently published Hasegawa’s genga book. It’s interesting that you can kind of tell Anno’s Eva style showing up on the cover design, isn’t it?

Here are some photos taken from previous auctions (since the auction currently running does not show what’s inside), so you can see what kind of genga is included in this book.sarabasailormoon saraba-sailormoon3 saraba-sailormoon2


Bid on Saraba Sailor Moon Gekitokushu Shinya Hasegawa via Rinkya Auction!

And here is another awesome rare art book.

Sailor Moon Pretty Soldier Settei Book by Naoko Takeuchi.


This settei (model sheets), “Pretty Soldier” is a book published by Kodansha in 1999 (and of course long sold-out) collecting gorgeous full-color artwork and sketches by Naoko Takeuchi. These model sheets were used as a reference to guide art direction for Sailor Moon TV anime series. Plus, it includes an exclusive manga you can only see in this book!




Bid on Sailor Moon Pretty Soldier settei book by Naoko Takeuchi!

Want to shop more items on Sailor Moon?
Search all Sailor Moon items on Rinkya Auction.

Evangelion Gendo’s new commercial for Shick razors

Evangelion’s Gendo stars in Shick’s razor commercial again this year!



Two commercials were shot for this year’s campaign.

Gendo is being interviewed as a Shick customer.


Shick razors in collaboration with Evangelion come with chibi earphone jack plugs

Eva Store now sells limited-edition Rei, Asuka or Eva 01, Mark 06 stands!

evanstand2 evastand

Buying three of Shick x Evangelion collaboration products will make you eligible for a lottery to win this special Evangelion alarm clock too!

Request to buy Shick x Evangelion campaign razors from your Rinkya Stores’ account page!