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Enjoy Beer Slushy this Summer with Kirin Beer DIY Frozen Ice Cream Machine

As weather gets warmer in Japan, demands for ice cold beer becomes higher. “Frozen Draft Beer (フローズン生ビール)” is a recent popular summer staple offered by Kirin Beer where beer is served with icy, slushy foam made under -5 degree Celsius.


The frozen foam on top of beer has sorbet-like texture when you drink it, and it melts like cream on your tongue. The foam also keeps the beer’s temperature cool for longer time.
Want to try it?
Now you can enjoy this delicious Frozen Draft Beer at home using Kirin Beer DIY Frozen Slushie Ice Cream Machine!


It’s super easy to operate. You only need 4 C batteries to run the machine. Just follow the instruction manual and you’ll have your own Frozen Draft Beer.
You can purchase it through Rinkya Direct now for only $54.00! Quantity is limited, so hurry!




Japan Word of the Day #106: PET Bottle

Today’s Word is: Petto Botoru (ペットボトル)

Petto botoru (ペットボトル), or PET bottle, is a Japanese-coined English word that refers to a type of plastic bottles made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). In English, these bottles are simply called plastic bottles.


90% of PET bottles in Japan are used for beverages as they are best suited for. The rest are used for condiments, cosmetics, and medicine. The first company to develop PET bottles in Japan was Kikkoman in 1977, which adopted this new material as soy sauce container.

There are several different sizes available for drinks sold in PET bottles. Most commonly seen in Japan for beverages are 500ml, 320ml, and 280ml (as shown in the photo below). Larger bottles can be found in stores, but not at vending machines.



Also, stores and vending machines in Japan sell warm beverages all year round. Some products such as tea and coffee are specifically blended for being served warm. Even when stored in room temperature, you can usually tell beverages meant for warm temperature by the color of bottle caps. Drinks meant to be served warm have orange caps, and ones meant to be served cold have other colors, most commonly white, blue, and green caps.



I also find it interesting that many people in Japan use what’s called PET bottle holders (ペットボトルホルダー) or PET bottle cover (ペットボトルカバー) to carry drinks in their purses. These cloth bags specifically made to fit PET bottles will save you from having to carry a bottle in your hands and preventing inside of your purse from getting wet from condensation around the bottle. You can get them as cheap as 100 yen (before tax) at 100 yen shops. (Or find them at Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya, if you are a Rinkya member!)



PET bottles are recyclable in Japan, so make sure to find the correct recycle bins labeled with “ペットボトル” when you are done enjoying beverages!

Image sources: Rakuten, Netton, Itoen, AllAbout, Wakeiseijaku

Japan Word of the Day #20 – Joshikai (Girls-Only Gahering)


Today’s Word is: Joshikai (女子会)

Joshikai is gatherings or drinking parties exclusively for girls.
“Joshi” means girls, and “kai” means a gathering. Women in Japan are under constant pressure of social expectations and gender roles, which are still very much conservative compared to western culture. A joshikai is where they can be free. It is generally set up in an intimate environment like izakaya and restaurants where girls can have some privacy to discuss things they wouldn’t otherwise do in front of men.

The term joshikai started showing up around 2008. According to Wikipedia, it was first coined by izakaya chain “Warawara” when they started using “Warawara Joshikai” as a name for special package deals they had for female customers. Due to the huge success of this campaign, several other food and beverage services followed and adopted the term.

Because of such background, you can find a lot of izakaya and restaurants that offer female-exclusive discount plans. Even if you don’t have anything to hide from men, you can still take advantage of those deals when going out with your female friends :) For instance, check out Hot Pepper for all restaurants and izakaya that offer joshikai deals.

Image source: Grunabi