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Dragon Ball Gals: Super Sexy Android 18 from Bandai Megahouse

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Dragon Ball Gals welcome the super sexy Android 18 from Bandai Megahouse. This May MegaHobby Expo we could see Android 18 new figurine of 19cm from Dragon Ball Gals line. She is not only super sexy, she is also a must-have in your figurine collection. Bandai Megahouse Dragon Ball Galls figurine line also has released Bunny Girl Bulma and Army Girl Bulma. However, Android 18 seems to be the sexiest of all of them!

Let’s take a closer look at her! [She is super sexy]

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Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary History Collection is here!

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Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary History Collection is here! Dragon Ball is more strong than ever, and to prove that we’re going to enjoy Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary with a super cool History Collection, the Dragon Ball Super History Book that will be released on January 21! It’s published by Shueisha and it has a very luxurious content. The cover is a special one and it has a long interview with Akira Toriyama, the author of Dragon Ball. It also includes sketches and drawings for the 30th anniversary.

It has a very valuable contents for all Dragon Ball fans, including information on voice acotors, producers of Dragon Ball Z, and stories of the games and toys that are out at the moment.

This volume has 248 pages of goodness! And it will cost 3500 yen. Remember that Dragon Ball is still on air. As you know, Dragon Ball it’s stronger than ever! Celebrate its 30th anniversary with this great volume!

If you want to have this volume, please contact us and make sure you’ll have yours! We can get all the merch of the manga and anime you love from Japan! Just let us know!

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Auctioning a Complete Set of Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Cards!



This is an auction for a complete set of Dragon Ball Heroes cards from vol.1-9 including many promotional cards! All the SEC cards and hero avatar cards are stored in two special binders (see the photo above) featuring the latest Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. CP, UR, SEC, and GM cards are stored in official sleeves in mint condition.

complete-dragon-ball-heroes-cards-and-binder-rinkya-japan2 complete-dragon-ball-heroes-cards-and-binder-rinkya-japan3

Add to your Dragon Ball collection!
The auction ends on October 4th, 2013 at 06:28 in PDT.


Epic Manga Meat Is Now Available As a Sweet Pastry

When you see a dining scene in manga and anime, meat on the bone seems to be a popular choice of meal, and it always has that particular shape and looks for some reason.

manga-meat-roll-cake-rinkya-japan10 manga-meat-roll-cake-rinkya-japan7



Have you ever wondered what manga meat tastes like? It certainly looks good when all the characters munch on them so hungrily.
A Japanese company Kawabun actually made “Manga Meat,” an accurate real-life replica of that delicious meat on the bone w always see in 2D.


The bottom photo is the actual product. Notice it’s got kind of a fluffy texture?
It’s actually made of Baumkuchen, a sweet German-style cake that is particularly popular in Japan. I’m not quite sure what they were trying to accomplish by turning meat into a cake, but it would be a great joke gift and a birthday present for sure!

You can order from a single serving of manga meat for 1,260 yen, to 3 servings, 6 servings, 10 servings, and 15 servings. Wow, it gets crazy pretty fast!



The bone part is made of plastic, so you can eat it, by the way… You can keep it after eating the cake.

SUPER RARE Dragon Ball Z Trading Card – Amada PP Card No.889/890 Full Prism

Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Cards are packets of trading cards (directly competed with Bandai’s carddass cards) that used to be sold at dagashiya (traditional sweets shop for kids) and supermarkets in mid-1990s.

Today I found this pair of rarest of rare cards from Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Card Collection!

Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Full Prism Card No.889/890 w Original Mount Board


These cards are usually traded around 400,000JPY without the mount boards, but this item is fully complete with the original packaging and mount. Only 3,000 of them were made, and the only way you could get these cards were from finding lottery tickets in blind packets (if you happened to be lucky) to be eligible for a chance to win them.

The back of the mount board is very cool too.



Amada made total of 1,323 cards, numbered from No.1-1323, and these are No.889/900. To complete a collection of Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Cards, you need to have these cards, or otherwise it’s incomplete. Yes, this is a horrible nightmare for collectors but also very enticing!

Bid on Amada Dragon Ball Z PP Cards Full Prism No.889/900 now.