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Fujiko F.Fujio Museum, Doraemon museum

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You might be familiar with the Ghibli Museum, but there is a Doraemon Museum near Tokyo: the Fujiko F.Fujio Museum, which celebrates all his works, specially that of Doraemon.

The museum is located in Kawasaki-city, and is well connected. So, you can arrive comfortably from Tokyo. The museum is cute and displays Fujio’s work, as well as lots of Doraemon. It is really “kawaii” and a must-go if you are visiting Tokyo.

The real name of Fujiko F. Fujio was Hiroshi Fujimoto. He created lots of sweet manga plenty with dreams, hope, courage, curiosity, and friendship.

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Chogokin Super Robot Featuring Doraemon, Dorami and More Fujiko F. Fujio Characters Arriving This Fall!


Do you like Doraemon? Do you like super robots?
This would be a perfect toy for you!

Chogokin Chogottai SF Robot Fujiko F. Fujio Characters is a combiner robot toy released from Bandai, based on characters from Fujiko F. Fujio manga. It’ll be released this November, and you can pre-order through Rinkya Direct starting today.

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Bento Friday! Happy Doraemon

TGIF! This week’s bento is Doraemon.



Here’s a recipe for this delightful bento.

1) Make a round-shaped rice ball (put whatever ingredients you like inside the rice ball)

2) Cut out a piece of paper in circle so it’s slightly smaller than the rice ball.

3) Fold a sheet of nori seaweed large enough to wrap the entire rice ball into half. Cut a circle out using the paper you made in (2)

4) Wrap the nori around the rice ball tightly using a saran wrap.

5) Slice a sausage into a rectangular shape to make Doraemon’s coller.


6) Punch a hole in a sliced cheese to make his collar bell. Do the same with lighter colored cheese for his eyes.

7)Use a hole punch to make Doraemon’s nose.


8) Stick a pasta in the sausage, place it on Doraemon’s face. Use more nori to make his whiskers, eyes, and mouth.

Have a great weekend!

Source: Cookpad

Japan Word of the Day #17 – Gianism (originated from Doraemon)



Today’s Word is: Gianism (ジャイアニズム)
(actual pronunciation: jaianizumu)

Gianism is a Japanese-coined English that originates from a Doraemon character, Gian, aka Takeshi Goda.
Gian is usually portrayed as a school bully who always picks on protagonist Nobita.
In one episode of Doraemon, he said “We are friends, and are are allies, aren’t we? That means your belongings are mine, and my belongings are mine.”



This utterly unreasonable motto of Gian has left such a strong impression to readers, the term “Gianism” was eventually coined and became a common expression (usually used jokingly) for anyone or any organizations with such selfish philosophy.

Do you know anyone around you who can be identified with Gianism?

Image sources: Hibikyokan

16 Most Inappropriate Quotes Found in Doraemon Comics

Doraemon, as you may already know, is one of the most popular manga/cartoon loved by Japanese people. A cat-shaped robot Doraemon from the 22th century travels to the past to aid a young boy Nobita. It is generally regarded as a story about friendship, courage, and morals. It’s a family-friendly show.
However, if you ever read the original manga, you’ll find that Doraemon and his friends have actually said pretty mean (and funny) things from time to time!

1) “Only losers who have absolutely no charms to women would use this pathetic gadget. Do you still want to give it a shot?


Nobita: “Absolutely.”


2) “If entire Japanese population is brought down to your intelligence level, the world would collapse!”




3) “I’m afraid Nobita’s brain is retarded.”




4) “You think too much, Nobita. You can’t be the most useless person in the world. There is always someone inferior.”


That makes him feel so much better, Doraemon.

5) “I’ll diagnose you! Take your clothes off right here!”


Nobita, you perv!

6) “How can they abuse someone as week as you!? Someone so pathetic, so dumb…” 


Nobita: “Now you are starting to sound insulting.”


7) To an army soldier in the WWII…
Nobita: “Don’t worry about the war. It will end soon.”
Doraemon: “Yeah, Japan loses.”



8) Little Mermaid:  “I wish to have human legs.”
Sea Witch: “I will take your beautiful voice in exchange.”
Doraemon: “Mean! It’s only a pair of legs, give them to her for free! Look at this poor little girl, you heartless, stingy bastard.” 




9) “My model is the problem. He’s neither beautiful nor cute.”


Nobita blames his lack of artistic skill on Doraemon’s appearance.


10) “Later. I’m pooped right now.”




11) Shizuka: “It’s mean to make someone happy and then bring him down, even though it’s true he’s kind of dumb.”




12) Nobita: “I don’t want to live anymore.”
Doraemon: “Like always.”




13) Dorami: “What happened?”
Doraemon: “It’s all because of this idiot Nobita…”
Nobita: “Yes, that idiot Nobita… What!?”




14) Nobita: “How come you are taking bath all the time? I can’t do anything to you, do you ever think about how I feel!?”


We’ll report you for sexual harassment, Nobita!


15) Nobita: “I want a little sister who looks exactly like me and adorable.”
Doraemon: “Being both adorable and looking just like you is pretty much impossible.” 


Brutal, just brutal.


16) Nobita: “Let’s make it together.”
Shizuka: “Make what?”
Nobista: “Our baby!!”




Yes, childhood nostalgia is sometimes better left alone…
I still love Doraemon though! It actually makes me want to re-read all of the manga I’ve read when I was little.

Browse all Doraemon items on Yahoo Japan Auction.

Source: NAVAR 1, 2, Neta World

Doraemon and Dorami-chan Portable Drink Coolers/Warmer – Use them outdoor or on a car!

Photo source: YJ Auction Item number m110929448

Bring Doraemon to everywhere this summer!
This Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler/Warmer is perfect for camping, outdoor activities, parties, concerts…No matter where you go, he’ll keep your drink nice and cold for you (or warm for you in winter)!
The item is a special gift given out by Art Moving Center to their customers. Thus, you can’t find it on regular market.

Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler

As you can see, the front cover opens up, and there’s just enough space for four 500ml bottles of beverage inside.



doraemon-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan4 doraemon-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan5
Photo source: Jomonart

How cute!
It also has a collapsible handle on the top for easy transportation.


You can plug it into either a regular electric outlet at home, or to a 12V cigarette lighter socket in your car. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the battery when your are driving with Doraemon. It can cool your drink or keep your drinks warm. Or maybe pack some lunch in it, keep the food warm! The control switches are located at his foot.

Phoso source: Jomonart

Want to own one of Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler?
Yahoo Japan Auction is the place to find it!


Also, there are Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler Christmas Edition and Dorami Version too.

Dorami-chan Portable Drink Cooler

doramichan-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan doramichan-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan2 doramichan-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan3
Photo source: YJ Auction item number u49369612

Doarmi-chan version is slightly smaller than Doraemon. It’s big enough to hold two cans of beer.


Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler White X’mas Edition

The X’mas version is white Doraemon, and it sings a X’mas song for you by turning on a switch on his Santa hat!



I want to collect all three of them! I’m sure kids would love it too :)

Bento Friday: Doraemon in His Original Yellow Color and Cat Ears

Happy Bento Friday! Today’s bento features one of my favorite shows from childhood: Doraemon.
And it is not in the normal blue color we commonly see, it’s yellow Doraemon with cat ears!



Bento source: hirunori

How handsome! I love yellow Doraemon!
Did you know that Doraemon’s original color was yellow? The official story tells that Doraemon used to be yellow, as all of the other mass-produced cat robots of his model were. After his ears were bitten off by rats, he was so depressed that his cat ears and his golden plating fell off.  (There has been a few retcons in the past, a feature film 2112 Birth of Doraemon (1995) shows him drinking “sadness potion” after robot rats bit of his ears, which turned him blue).


Which Doraemon do you prefer?

I selected a couple of other yellow Doraemon bentos for today.
Here is an adorable, looong yellow Doraemon omurice.


Bento source: yukaxxx

Doraemon blows a kiss 😳


Bento source: kyonchimama



All of them are adorable! Yellow Doraemon rocks!


Enjoy your weekend!

Browse for auction listings of Doraemon on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya.

My recommendation: Tamashii Nation Doraemon 2112 ver.

Giant Doraemon Ride, Time Machine Adventure, and Doraemon Illuminating Gnome!

Do you like Doraemon?

Doraemon’s latest movie Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum premiered on March 9th. It was reported yesterday to have brought in box office total of 4 billion yen! What a success! Doraemon’s popularlity seems to never end.

For Doraemon lovers, we have some interesting Doraemon items for auction today. Let’s check them out!

*There could be extra charge estimated about $2000 for oversized shipping if you won the following items, and you can’t cancel or refund once you won, so make sure to use caution!

Giant Doraemon



This is an attraction ride for children that you can get inside Doraemon and control  Doraemon (in a rotating movement) while playing a fun interactive game on the screen, voiced by original Doraemon seiyuu Oyama Nobuyo. Usually, you have to grab a card that comes out to start the game, but for this particular item, the automatic card vendor is not working. So you have to start it manually by taking the card by hand, but otherwise everything else is functioning fine.
Dimension: 200cm x 140cm x 140cm.
It comes with 100 cards for starting the games.

Bid on Giant Doraemon at YJ auction!


Doraemon Time Machine Adventure

doraemontimemachine doraemontimemachine2

This is so cool! I want have it in my yard, it’d be so much fun inviting friends for a ride! 😀
This Doraemon ride takes you to an adventure through time. Whoohoo!
You can either choose “past” or “present” as destinations at the beginning, and that affects the gameplay on the screen. Its voice tape is not working, so unfortunately it can’t talk to you. But you can still play with it.
Dimension: 125cm x 78 cm x 140cm.

 Bid on Doraemon Time Machine Adventure.

You can check out this blog to see more information on the games.

Don’t have enough space for a ride at home?
Here’s a really cute something for you.

How about vintage 80s Doraemon X’mas light?

doraemonxmas doramonxmas

It kind of makes me think of a yard gnome with that pointy hat. With his cheery smile, it would certainly light up your house and yard during Christmast season!
Dimension: H62cm x W36cm.

Bid on Doraemon X’mas Light on YJ auction.


For more choices, check out more Doraemon items on Yahoo Japan auction.

Have fun!