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Pullip Sailor Pluto (Premium Bandai Limited Ed.)

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Yay! Pullip Sailor Pluto (Premium Bandai Limited Ed.) is here! And she is super cute! She is a must-have in your Sailor Moon Pullip doll collection. She measures 310mm, and comes with an awesome dress set: leotards, skirt, boots, a tiara, a choker, gloves, a suit set (jacket, shirt, skirt, shoes), a stand, and a profile card. She is available for pre-order till items last! She starts shipping on October 2015. Pre-order her now before it’s too late!


Let’s take a closer look at her!

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Japan Word of the Day #108 – Teruteru Bōzu

Today’s Word is: Teruteru Bōzu (てるてる坊主)

Teruteru bōzu is a doll made out of a piece of white paper or cloth. Hanging teruteru bōzu is believed to prevent rain on the next day. Of course, not many people actually believe its credibility, but it’s nevertheless a widely known Japanese superstition, and making of teruteru bōzu provides a fun recreational activity for kids.


Make sure it’s hang in an upright position though. When upside down, it’s believed to cause rain!

Image source: Sakuno

New Sailor Moon Puchi Chara Dolls Will Be Released in Three Variations: Two Regulars and One Limited Edition

This September, toy company MegaHouse is releasing “Puchi Chara Sailor Moon -Petite School Life-,” a new product from Puchi Chara line featuring Sailor Scouts in their everyday outfits.

There are Regular Edition and Limited Edition versions for this set. Regular Edition will have two variations in characters’ facial expressions. A special Limited Edition version that is sold exclusively on pre-order basis will vary in both facial expressions and posing.



All three of them are available for pre-order through Rinkya Direct, but the limited edition version must be ordered before June 29th, 2014.


Let’s look at the differences between the three versions closely.


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Lolita Fashion Brand Angelic Pretty x Takara Tomy Jenny Collaboration Doll

kera-jenny-angelic-pretty-doll-rinkya-japan2 kera-jenny-angelic-pretty-doll-rinkya-japan

Isn’t she the cutest Jenny doll ever?
She is a very special doll released by gothic/lolita fashion magazine Kera, in collaboration with Jenny and Angelic Pretty.

Jenny is a line of fashion dolls made by Takara Tomy since 1982. In 2007, Kera decided to release three special Jenny dolls dressed in gothic/lolita fashion for limited time only. One of them was this Jenny, with a dress designed by popular lolita brand Angelic Pretty.



Because of its short span of production, Angelic Pretty Jenny is extremely rare.
We luckily stumble upon one on Yahoo Japan Auction today, in a fantastic, never-been-used condition. The seller has opened the box in order to make sure everything is there, but otherwise the doll has never been exposed nor used.

On the back of the box it shows a pretty picture of Jenny.


The only visible damage is found on the transparent plastic part of the outer package. The seller has provided a photo to show the cracked part.



This is a beautiful doll in a superb condition.
Don’t miss this chance to add her to your collection!

This auction ends on April 19th, 2014 at 5:59 in PDT.

Just for reference, there are two other dolls released from Kera along with Angelic Pretty version.



You can add アンジェリックプリティ(Angelic Pretty), アルゴンキン (Algon Quins), and メタモルフォーゼタンドゥフィーユ(Metamorphose temps de fille) to your Saved Keywords and Alerts on Rinkya, so you can search for and get notified whenever these dolls show up on Auction.

Something Has Happened to the Little Sad Keanu Reeves Figure

It is fresh to our memories that 3D printing company Shapeways released a 3D replica of “Sad Keanu Reeves,” a long-loved internet meme that’s been around since 2010. Here is the original Sad Keanu Reeves.



And here’s the 3D printed version of him, which is available for sale from Shapeways.



Recently, additional photos have been uploaded to the item description page. Not only Keanu is sad now, but he is now seen in several surreal situations like this.



Nobody showing up for his X’mas party makes Keanu even sadder.




sad-keanu-reeves-rinkya-3d-japan5 sad-keanu-reeves-rinkya-3d-japan6


(新刊落ちました means “I couldn’t publish my latest doujinshi on time.” As some of you may know, it is the most miserable feeling for a doujinshi artist/writer to show up to a comic event without any books to sell.)

sad-keanu-reeves-rinkya-3d-japan8 sad-keanu-reeves-rinkya-3d-japan7


Cheer up, Mr.Reeves!

You can buy A Little Sad Keanu Reeves and An Itty Bitty Sad Keanu Reeves from Shapeways.