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Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku Preorder! Anyone who Orders Can Buy Miku!


Finally, Hatsune Miku Dollfie Dream has come true!
Volks started taking preorders for upcoming DD Hatsune Miku. Usually, a customer can only buy Dollfie by winning a lottery, but Volks is selling DD Miku on a made-to-order basis. That means everyone who placed an order during the preorder period can buy it! This is fantastic!

See how beautiful she is. So majestic.


dollfie-dream-hatsune-miku-rinkya-japan2 dollfie-dream-hatsune-miku-rinkya-japan3 dollfie-dream-hatsune-miku-rinkya-japan4 dollfie-dream-hatsune-miku-rinkya-japan5 dollfie-dream-hatsune-miku-rinkya-japan6 dollfie-dream-hatsune-miku-rinkya-japan7



In addition to Miku doll, there’s going to be an additional dress set for sale, featuring one of Miku’s most popular songs, Senbonzakura.


dollfie-dream-hatsune-miku-senbonzakura-rinkay-japan dollfie-dream-hatsune-miku-senbonzakura-rinkay-japan2 dollfie-dream-hatsune-miku-senbonzakura-rinkay-japan3  dollfie-dream-hatsune-miku-senbonzakura-rinkay-japan4


Preorder period lasts till December 1st, 2013.
DD Hatsune Miku is 65,100 yen, and the Senbonzakura dress set is 18,900 yen.
You can make an order from Volks’ special site for Hatsune Miku.