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Join the Masurie fever! Japanese DIY with washi tape.

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Join the Masurie fever with Japanese DIY using washi tape. You need: Masurie stickers, a cutter, masking tape (washi tape), and a cutting mat. It’s pretty easy: choose your favorite Masurie stickers, then put your favorite combinations of masking tape, use the cutter to get rid of the extra stuff. That’s it! With Masurie you can create super cute designs for you schedule book, letters, presents and whatever you have in mind!

Let’s take a look at the possibilities!

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DIY Frozen’s Olaf Plushie: so cute!

Want to be creative this Xmas? DIY Frozen’s Olaf Plushie! So cute! What do you need to create this awesome Olaf Plushie? First of all: the will to have a great time creating one of the cutest characters Disney has ever created!

Ingredients: pins and needle, thread, embroidery floss, scissors, glue, fabric marker, a white sock, black felt, white felt, orange felt, brown felt, polyester fiber and patience!

It is actually easier that it looks. Follow the video and create this awesome Olaf Plushie with a white sock! It is fun! You can also do it along with friends during Xmas!

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