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Ginza Cozy Corner Disney Halloween Sweets

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Ginza Cozy Corner Disney Halloween Sweets are coming! The famous Ginza Cozy Corner from Tokyo is preparing cool Disney Halloween Sweets for Halloween. These sweets are limited and are set to be released on September 1st and sold until October 31. This year we can enjoy a “Petit Gateau JOYJOY Halloween Disney Villains” set with several villain motifs on the cake set. For example, we have the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland,” Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty,” Scar from “the Lion King,” Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmatians,” etc. The villains cake set is set to cost 2,268 including tax.

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Tokyo Disney Sea 15th Anniversary The Year of the Wish limited menu is here!

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Tokyo Disney Sea 15th Anniversary The Year of the Wish limited menu is here! And it looks amazing! Not only it is cute, but it’s also super yummy! To celebrate the 15 Anniversary of our beloved Tokyo Disney Sea, a limited edition menu, with the topic of “wish” is out and about! The theme’s symbol is a colorful wish crystal that many characters will be wearing around the park.

Restaurants in Tokyo Disney SEa will offer a limited super cute menu, different depending on the restaurant you are in. For example, you will find Mickey Mouse in the Café Portofino restaurant, but you’ll find Minnie Mouse in the New York Deli. If you love Donal Duck, you’ll need to pay a visit to Casbah Food Court, or the Yucatan Base Camp Grill if you want to meet Pluto. If you’re a fan of Goofy, you better go to the Vorukeinia Restaurant.

The menu is colorful and super cute! Let’s take a look at some of the dishes!

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Disney Pixar Inside Out and Japanese Poison Berry in My Brain, a happy coincidende?

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Today we are going to comment a “happy coincidence” with a Disney Pixar movie and a Japanese movie (by Toho), both out in 2015. Both are based on the idea that inside our brains we have anthropomorphic emotions that decide for us sitting around a table. Both movies are comedy, however the Japanese one is focused on love, the lifestyle of a woman who is turning 30. While in the Japanese movie we can actually see real people, Pixar and Disney have created cute creatures.

Despite the differences, similarities, or the idea behind is strikingly the same: what do we have, or what happens, in our brains? Disney Pixar Inside Out and Japanese Toho Poison Berry in My Brain seem too similar. A happy coincidence? Or is Inside Out taking the main idea from the manga?

Let’s discover more about these two movies:

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DIY Frozen’s Olaf Plushie: so cute!

Want to be creative this Xmas? DIY Frozen’s Olaf Plushie! So cute! What do you need to create this awesome Olaf Plushie? First of all: the will to have a great time creating one of the cutest characters Disney has ever created!

Ingredients: pins and needle, thread, embroidery floss, scissors, glue, fabric marker, a white sock, black felt, white felt, orange felt, brown felt, polyester fiber and patience!

It is actually easier that it looks. Follow the video and create this awesome Olaf Plushie with a white sock! It is fun! You can also do it along with friends during Xmas!

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Guess the Fandom &/or the Fandom Crossovers!

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Yay! We have another Fandom Crossover Quiz! This time we decided to make it “a little bit more difficult!” You have to guess if it’s just a Fandom (and which one), or it has Fandom Crossovers (and what are the fandoms). We are starting with two brothers, who, we think are really well-known. So, we start with an easy one. Who do you think they are? Which is their fandom? Is there any fandom crossover there? Which one?

Still need extra hints? Both brothers live in Asgard.

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Another easy and funny one. You read it from left to right, being the last drawing (the conclusion) the one of the right. You can see some people “fighting” in a way, but one of them is taking advantage (perhaps) of a huge dragon. Now the question: is this a fandom or a fandom crossovers? If so, which fandom do these characters belong to?

Okay, you already have some hints but, perhaps you need some extras: some characters are English, and others are said to belong to Middle Earth.

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Auction Wednesday: Disney’s Frozen Japanese Handmade Bags

Disney’s Frozen continues to be all the rage in Japan as release of Blu-ray/DVD is nearing (Japanese version will be released on July 16th).
Japanese fans have been listing their handmade Frozen items on Yahoo Japan Auction. I picked some handmade bags currently listed on auction to share with our readers. Check them out!

1) Frozen Handmade Shoulder Bag


frozen-handmade-bag-rinkya-japan2 frozen-handmade-bag-rinkya-japan3

This fabric used for making this bag is originally a bed sheet.
Dimension: 23cm x 17cm x 11cm
It was meant to be used for kindergarten kids, but the strap is long enough a growunp can use it with no problem. (See the photo below for size reference. The model here is 160cm in height. The pattern is different from the item listed, but it’s the same size.)

Starting Bid: 2,800 yen
This auction ends on July 6th, 2014 at 06:48 in PDT.


2) Frozen Handmade Large Bag with Many Pockets

frozen-handmade-bag-rinkya-japan4 frozen-handmade-bag-rinkya-japan6

This is a super useful bag in addition to being adorable in its design. It’s spacious to begin with (Dimension: 30cm (L) x 40cm (W)), and there are two large pockets on the sides, one slit pocket on the back, plus five inner pockets. The slit pocket can be opened/closed with magnet inside the fabric (shown in the picture below on the right)



The two side pockets are large enough to hold a 500ml plastic bottle each. It’s perfect for carrying everything you need for school, work, picnic, etc. A detachable shoulder strap included.

Starting Bid: 4,900 yen
This auction ends on July 7th, 2014 at 05:31 in PDT.


3) Frozen Handmade Reversible Bag


This is a cute reversible bag you can switch between stripes or polka dots depending on how you feel that day. The stripy side has Anna and Elsa, and the polka dots side has Olaf and pretty stones.



Floral motifs are decorated all around the side. The blue color on comfortable canvas material is perfect for summer season.


Dimension: 31cm(L) x 17cm (W)

This auction ends on July 5th, 2014 at 4:54 in PDT.

There are a lot more handmade Frozen items on Yahoo Japan Auction! Browse all Frozen handmade items currently listed on the Auction via Rinkya.

Duffy the Disney Bear’s New Friend, Gelatoni is a Painter Cat!


Duffy, Tokyo Disney Sea’s popular mascot character, welcomed a new friend on June 30th at an exclusive party with 200 selected guests. Duffy’s new friend, Gelatoni, was revealed to be an artist cat who uses his tail as a brush to paint!

A mysterious mural has been worked on in Tokyo Disney Sea for a while, but its identity was finally revealed at this event.

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Frozen Japanese Premier Records Nine Hundreds Million Yen Box Office


Disney’s Academy Award-winning feature film Frozen, or “Ana to Yuki no Jooh (Anna & Snow Queen)” in Japanese title, premiered in Japan on March 14th, 2014. “Anayuki,” for short, has recorded a little over nine hundreds million yen in box office for the first three days, and brought in about 800K visitors to theaters.

As customary for films that premier in Japan, there are limited edition goodies you can get by reserving tickets in advance.


Some of them are showing up on Yahoo Japan Auction already!

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