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Japan Word of the Day #111 – Kakigōri

Today’s Word is: Kakigōri (かき氷)

Kakigōri is a popular dessert in Japan that’s made primarily of shaved ice and sweet syrup.



It’s a popular summer staple in Japan and often sold at local fairs and matsuri (traditional festival) along with other popular items such as yakisoba, takoyaki, and cotton candy. Flavors commonly used for kakigōri include strawberry, melon, green tea, blue hawaiian, and condensed milk. Green tea flavored syrup is often topped with sweetened red beans.

Stores that sell kakigōri usually have recognizable flags printed with “氷” for ice.


Want to make kakigōri? There are many kakigōri machines available for sale in Japan. Some of them are manual (turn a handle with your hand), and some others are automatic.

Classical design of a manual kakigōri machine.

Classical design of traditonal kakigōri machine.


Electronic automatic kakigōri machine.

It’s very simple sweet, but sometimes the simplest thing brings the most happiness to your life!

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