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Five Super Kawaii Japanese Cat Fashion Accessories You’re Going to Love

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Here you have five super kawaii Japanese cat fashion accessories you’re going to love. As you know, Japanese are unique in creating super cute fashion items related to cats. In Creema you can find tons of them! However we’ve chosen five for you to enjoy. We start with these super cute kitty bottoms ear jacks. They’re pretty unique and unusual, but certainly you’re going to rock your natural style hard if you get one set of these.

Let’s find the other super kawaii Kitty items!

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Sylvanian Families in Japanese Fundoshi Undergarments Are Somehow Extremely Fitting

Sylvanian Families is a line of animal figures and dollhouses originally sold by Epoch in 1980’s. Later it was distributed and became widely popular worldwide. I’m sure you’ve seen the adorable critters made of flocked plastic living in traditional western-style housings.


Photo Source: Amazon Japan

They are such adorable creatures!
However, there’s been some odd trend around Japanese Twitter community recently.
Here are cute Silvanian Families… 

Photo Source: Sylvanian Families 

Add Japanese “fundoshi,” a traditional Japanese undergarment…



“Let’s Partyyyyyyyy!”

Photo Source: Wikipedia

By just adding a single piece of garment, Sylvanian Families suddenly turn into exciting (possibly drunken) Japanese matsuri (festival) participants. They give us totally different impressions than when they are in their usual, western-tyle outfits that we are all familiar with.


“Is this where the party’s going on?”


Bunny Cop: “Where is the party!?”


“Everyone here? Let’s wait for the village chief and start the fundoshi festival!”


 Beavers: “Can’t hear your voice! Louder!”


“My underwear’s ripped! I have too much energy.”

(And a very drunk mole passed out on the sidewalk…)


“My family only has one grown man who can participate in the matsuri. Good luck Dad!”



Duck Mom: “Wh…who are you? Why are you in my house!?”
Ducklings: “Whoa… you guys are so cool!”


“Heave-ho! Heave-ho!”


“You two should get ready after the supper too!”


Beaver: “Are you ready for matsuri?”


“Fundoshi matsuri is all over Twitter!”


“Fundoshi is…so romantic.”
“Hahaha, you just found that out?”


“Here comes the mikoshi!”
“Heave-ho! Heave-ho!”

*Mikoshi is a portable Shinto shrine that four selected men (or women sometimes) carry to parade around the town during a matsuri.


 “Keep it up guys!”




“Great job, gentlemen!”

Photo Source: @mee0121 Twitter

“Let’s celebrate! Eat! Drink!”

Meanwhile…the mole family is completely wasted.

Photo Source: @kusomushimogura Twitter

“See what I can do! Hahaha”
“Hey! Keep your undies on!”

They are having so much fun! I’d never thoguht Sylvanian Families would look so good in fundoshi, but apparently they do. To follow all photos of fundoshi matsuri, check out the hashtag #ふんどし祭り.

Are you now interested in owning a Sylvanian Family?
Check out Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya for all listings of Sylvanian Families!

All Photos are from NAVAR matome, unless otherwise credited.

Doraemon and Dorami-chan Portable Drink Coolers/Warmer – Use them outdoor or on a car!

Photo source: YJ Auction Item number m110929448

Bring Doraemon to everywhere this summer!
This Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler/Warmer is perfect for camping, outdoor activities, parties, concerts…No matter where you go, he’ll keep your drink nice and cold for you (or warm for you in winter)!
The item is a special gift given out by Art Moving Center to their customers. Thus, you can’t find it on regular market.

Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler

As you can see, the front cover opens up, and there’s just enough space for four 500ml bottles of beverage inside.



doraemon-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan4 doraemon-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan5
Photo source: Jomonart

How cute!
It also has a collapsible handle on the top for easy transportation.


You can plug it into either a regular electric outlet at home, or to a 12V cigarette lighter socket in your car. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the battery when your are driving with Doraemon. It can cool your drink or keep your drinks warm. Or maybe pack some lunch in it, keep the food warm! The control switches are located at his foot.

Phoso source: Jomonart

Want to own one of Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler?
Yahoo Japan Auction is the place to find it!


Also, there are Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler Christmas Edition and Dorami Version too.

Dorami-chan Portable Drink Cooler

doramichan-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan doramichan-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan2 doramichan-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan3
Photo source: YJ Auction item number u49369612

Doarmi-chan version is slightly smaller than Doraemon. It’s big enough to hold two cans of beer.


Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler White X’mas Edition

The X’mas version is white Doraemon, and it sings a X’mas song for you by turning on a switch on his Santa hat!



I want to collect all three of them! I’m sure kids would love it too :)