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Japan Word of the Day #114 – Ochugen


Today’s Word is: Ochugen (お中元)

Around this time of a year in Japan, many stores start taking orders for ochugen gifts.
What is ochugen (お中元)?
It’s a Japanese tradition in summer where you send gifts to people whom you’d like to show gratitude to. It’s a custom of saying thanks to the recipients and also showing your intent of keeping good relationship with them in future. It’s basically the summer equivalent of oseibo gifts given at the end of every year.

Ochugen gifts are usually sent to recipients by July 15th in Kanto area and August 15th in Kansai area. Gifts are typically given to their business partners, clients, relatives, special friends, people you owe favors, etc. In many cases, people order presents at retail stores and have the stores ship them to recipients on behalf of the senders. This way, when gifts are fresh food or perishables, you don’t have to worry about them going bad in transit.


Beer is also a popular ochugen gift. It comes in a pretty packaging.

Like oseibo, ochugen gifts are wrapped in special paper called noshi.


Image sources: Okinaya, Kirin,

Happy 7th Anniversary PS3! Check out 10 Coolest Custom PlayStation 3 Mods


Are you excited for SONY’s PlayStation 4 coming out this week (for European countries, November 29th)? While PS4 is ready to hit the stores, PlayStation 3 marks its 7th anniversary today.
To celebrate this beautiful console loved by so many for so long, we’ve gathered 10 coolest PS3 mods to share with you!

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