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Creamy Mami Gets a New Makeup Merchandise: Eyeshadow in Magic Compact!


Fan’s favorite magical girl Creamy Mami finally gets a new cosmetic merchandise!
Premium Bandai is going to release Creamy Mami Compact Eyeshadow this September. It’s an eyeshadow set that comes in a makeup mirror case based on Creamy Mami’s Magic Compact. Check it out!

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Bento Friday: Kawaii Creamy Mami Bento!

Happy Friday!

It’s bento Friday, but before we start, there’s a great news for Creamy Mami fans living in Hong Kong. Namco is having its first official Creamy Mami 30th Anniversary Shop abroad in HK starting August 23rd-September 29th!


Lots of official Creamy Mami merchandise, claw machines, photo booth will be available at the Shop!

For people who cannot go, let’s have fun with Creamy Mami bento I picked for this week.

Source: Karimero


So kawaii! I love how the bento recreated that gentle purple color of Creamy Mami’s hair.

Creamy Mami anniversary celebration continues through out this year. We’ll definitely keep you updated on Rinkya blog! And don’t forget to check out Creamy Mami item listings on Yahoo Japan Auction, as lots of cute items are being posted everyday!

Have a great weekend! ^_^


Now taking orders for Creamy Mami 30th Anniversary Fragrance Pop’n Cream


The latest item celebrating Creamy Mami’s 30th Anniversary is Magic Angel Creamy Mami Eaux de Toilette Pop’n Cream, an original fragrance mixed from sweet scents of pink grapefruit, melon, flowers like mimosa, magnolia, Lily of the Valley!

Just the packaging itself is pretty enough to make girls happy <3

creamy-mami-perfume-fragrance-popn-cream-rinkya-japan1 creamy-mami-perfume-fragrance-popn-cream-rinkya-japan2 creamy-mami-perfume-fragrance-popn-cream-rinkya-japan3

It also includes a bonus item, Creamy Mami original charm made after Mami’s magical stick.


Its content volume is 25ml per bottle, all made in Japan. See product details on Premium Bandai’s official site.  We are now taking orders for US$67, including all the Rinkya fees except the international shipping! Skip all the tedious calculation yourself and go directly to our order page from Buy Now button below!  😀  The stock is limited, so get it before it sells out!


 *Make sure you are logged into Rinkya!


Also, don’t forget to check out other Craemy Mami items sold from Premium Bandai. There’re lots of new merchandises coming out!

Creamy Mami Hair Bow
(US$37.00 before international shipping)




Creamy Mami Neon T-shirt
(US$57 per each t-shirt before international shipping. Make sure to specify color Black or Pink in the order form)

creamy-mami-neon-t-shirt-rinkya-japan buynow

Creamy Mami Tote Bag
(US$49.00 before international shipping)


Creamy Mami Character Nail Tips
(US$34.00 per package. More details on our previous blog post.)


If you order items from the same store (Premium Bandai), you get to save on Rinkya handling fee.  So if you buy multiple items in one order, the final price could be lower than displayed above! :)

Happy 30th Anniversary Mami-chan!

Easy Anime Nail Art! Premium Bandai Chara Nail Series Lets You Have Perfect Creamy Mami, Tiger & Bunny, and Jojo Nail Art!

Bandai-Chara-Nail-Tiger-and-Bunny-Rinkya-Japan-sample Bandai-Chara-Nail-Creamy-Mami-Rinkya-Japan-sample Bandai-Chara-Nail-Jojo-BIzarre-Adventure-Rinkya-Japan-sample

Do you like nail art? Do you like anime?

If you answered “Yes!” to both, this is a perfect selection for you!

Premium Bandai is taking pre-orders for Chara Nail, a series of pre-made nail tips featuring Creamy Mami, Tiger & Bunny, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that’ll be coming out on July 20th!
Check out these awesome nail designs.

Creamy Mami Chara Nail Sets

There are three types of nail tip set to each anime title. You can choose from Neon Type (left), Idol Mode (middle), and Stripe Pop Type (right).


Neon Type


Idol Mode


Stripe Pop Type

How adorable! If you like Kawaii-style, Creamy Mami would be the choice for you!

Or, if you are more of a cool/modern type of a girl, how about some Tiger & Bunny nail tips?

Tiger & Bunny Chara Nail Sets


You can choose from Kotetsu Type (left), Barnaby Type (middle), or Heroes Type (right)


Kotetsu Type


Barnaby Type


Heroes Type

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure nail tips are highly stylized and darker. I think it’ll work great for a goth style!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Chara Nail Sets


You can choose from Bloody Stream Type (left), Phantom Blood Type (middle), and Battle Tendency Type (right)


Bloody Stream Type


Phantom Blood Type


Battle Tendency Type

Each set has 8 nail tips in it with all different designs. I’d have a difficult time deciding which one to put on! Buy a bunch of these and mix & match!

Order through Rinkya Store now to get it shipped on July 20th (within Japan, the time it takes to reach your destination country varies).
Use the URLs below to order!
Any type from the Creamy Mami SetsURL
Any type from the Tiger & Bunny SetsURL
Any type from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure SetsURL


Make sure to specify which type of 3 sets you want to purchase. Each set of nail tips (8 tips in one set) cost 1,050 yen + Rinkya handling fee + commission before international shipping charges. Read the instruction on the order form for more fee information.


Creamy Mami 30th Anniversary Live Concert!



Creamy Mami celebrates her 30thy Anniversary with this one-day special concert! On August 16th, the show will be held at Shibuya O-EAST. Starring Takako Ota (voice of Mami, also the singer of intro theme “Delicate ni Koi Shite”), Saeko Shimazu (voice of Megumi), Yu Mizushima (voice of Toshio), and more, it will be a blast for sure!

Tickets are going for 5,500JPY, if you want to join the celebration!


80’s independent short film Creamy Mami + L-Gaim crossover ‘Pony Metal U-Gaim’ and its related items

Today I’m going to feature a sort of odd item, Pony Metal U-Gaim.
Pony Metal U-Gaim is an independent short film made in 1988, which was a parody of mahou shoujo anime Creamy Mami and robot anime Heavey Metal L-Gaim crossover. If you get to know even a little bit about Japanese anime, you realize people love to combine robots and cute girls in a single universe. That’s what exactly people thought in the time of Creamy Mami and L-Gaim too!

Directed and created by a group of young and talented animators of the time (big names in present day), this short film ended up to be an extremely high-quality piece.

It is quite amazing, as if everything great about late 80’s anime is represented in it.
Artists involved in the project include Kazuaki Mouri (known for genga Ideon, Samurai Trooper, Pastel Yuumi), Yamashita Ikuto (mecha design Evangelion), Hiroyuki Okiura (genga  SPT Layzner, AKIRA, director Jin-Roh), and various other artists from animation studio Anime R.

It is unfortunate that U-Gaim didn’t get made into an actual TV show or an OVA due to copyrights conflicts, but some merchandise and doujinshi came out of this short film.

Pony Metal U-Gaim 1/6-scale Garage Kit
Comes with a pair of decals for eye parts.

ponymetal u-gaim

*Actual kit is unpainted. Images on the box is an example of a painted/finished kit Bid on U-Gaim cast kit via YJ auction now.


U-Gaim book of storyboards, character design model sheets, and drafts

Bid on U-Gaim book of storyboards, model sheets, and drafts on YJ auction.


U-GAIM Items Combo: Doujinshi, books of storyboards, designs, genga, etc. mug, and a 1/6-scale cast kit.


Bid on U-Gaim goods combo on YJ auction!

If you like Creamy Mami and L-Gaim, this would be a perfect crossover. Let’s hope some day it will make a comeback!