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Cosplayers beware! HanaPuchi Bibico Nose Slimmer is here!

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Cosplayers beware! HanaPuchi Bibico Nose Slimmer is here! The beauty company Bibico has released product into the market aimed to cosplayers and women who want to look “slimmer.” Beauty products that make you look slimmer have been out there for ages. However, there wasn’t any product for making your nose look slimmer. Now, there is! And thanks to Bibico, a Tokyo-based company that promotes now their new product for “hanapuchi” or “petite nose.” This nose insert has been designed for Japanese noses. This new model doesn’t make Japanese noses hurt. There have been similar international products, but none of them were designed especially for Japanese.

But, how these “hanapuchi” slimmers work?

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You Can Win 1 of 20 Asuka or Ruri Hoshino Jackets for the Cospa 20th Anniversary!!

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You can win one of twenty Asuka or Ruri Hoshino jackets for the Cospa 20th Anniversary. Cospa is a cosplay apparel company that is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in the best way possible: with a limited edition Evangelion and Nadesico jackets as prizes. When you spend at least 3000 yen of their proudcts, you will be earning entries to the contest as well.

The top prizes are going to be jackets of Asuka and Ruri Hoshi from Evangelion and Nadesico. There are only 20 jackets of Asuka and 20 jackets of Ruri. These cannot be bought. You can only win them in this contest.

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Sailor Moon Queen Serenity Cosplay

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Sailor Moon Queen Serenity Cosplay is one of the sweetest and cutest cosplay options that are out there at the moment. It’s also a great idea as a wedding dress! Sailor Moon Cosplay themed weddings are on the rise, and with them the opportunity to live the Sailor Moon dream in reality! We start with an incredible picture of Koyuki Yukihime as
Queen Serenity. Wouldn’t this be the perfect wedding dress? Wouldn’t this be the perfect atmosphere for taking the most beloved photographs?

Let’s take a closer look at the rest!

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Awesome Cosplay: Attack on Titan Cosplay

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This week we have an awesome Cosplay display with Attack on Titan cosplay! Not only is badass, it’s also super cool! I love Attack on Titan, so it’s no wonder I would find these Cosplays super cool. But, what about you? What do you think about Attack on Titan? We start with Angel Sayoc‘s Mikasa Ackerman of Attack on Titan. This pic is great!

Let’s take a look at the other Cosplays of Attack on Titan!

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Mischievous Cosplay: Celebrities Fooling Comic Con Crowds

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This week we have a mischievous cosplay post! Celebrities fooling Comic Con crowds! To be more specific, at San Diego Comic-Con! San Diego Comic-Con is a perfect venue for celebrities to promote the movies and shows they’re part of while being able with interact with their fan-base. However, some of them do engage into fooling their fans. And that is what Ryan Reynolds did, Deadpool-style. Only that he was Darth Vader!

But other celebrities have been even more mischievous than him! Let’s discover them!

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Awesome Cosplay as Art: 16th Century Cosplay

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Awesome Cosplay as art can be a delight. 16th Century cosplay is also amazing. These pictures were taken by photographer Sacha Goldberger who held an exhibition at the School Gallery in Paris last year. They depict DC and Marvel superheroes and Star Wars characters dressed like if they were pictures from the 16th century. Amazing and incredible artwork, and incredible cosplays! Superman just looks incredibly powerful!

Let’s take a look at the rest!

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