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Eat Anything You Want for 250 Yen! Family Mart’s All-You-Can-Eat Store Opened at Niconico Cho Kaigi

all-you-can-eat-famima-rinkya-japan2 Japanese conbini (convenience store) is not just convenient and being everywhere, but also usually carries delicious store brand snack, desserts, fried made food, and bentos. Many fans were exhilarated to experience 250 yen all-you-can-eat event at limited-time Family Mart store opened in Niconico Cho Kaigi 3. Yes, you can eat anything you want in the store for only 250 yen within the time limit of 10 minutes. Continue reading

Craze Over Uta No Prince Sama x LAWSON Fried Chicken Wrappers Cause Strange Phenomenons on Internet


LAWSON, one of the larger convenience store chains in Japan, recently did a collaboration with Uta no Prince Sama (“Uta Pri” for short), in which whoever buys L-Chiki (Large Fried Chiken) in a certain period can get the chicken in a special Uta Pri paper wrapper. Only 100 wrappers are available per store, so naturally, it turned into an instant fangirl war, and a great number of wrappers suddenly appeared on Yahoo Japan Auction.


Search results of the Uta Puri L-Chiki wrappers on YJ Auction via Rinkya

Not only it has began a bidding battle on Yahoo Japan Auction, it’s causing some weird phenomenons around this item.

It’s a paper wrapper used to wrap a fried chicken, so of course it gets all the grease if you were to buy it normally. A lot of fans just want the wrappers and have asked the store employee to sell  the wrappers without chickens in them. Some others brought their own plastic containers to take the chickens with so they can have clean wrappers.
In some cases, store employees are maybe too understanding, as seen in one conversation reported by a Twitter user:



Me: “Can I have a L-Chiki?”
LAWSON staff: “Do you want this? (pointing at Uta Puri wrapper)”
Me: “Hai!”
Staff: “I’ll put the chicken in the normal wrapper, and I’ll hand this one to you clean! “
          “Oh, and it would get crumpled from the moisture if I put them in the same plastic bag.   
           I’ll put the clean wrapper in a separate bag!”

Japan is known for polite, dedicated services, but this is a little over the top!

On Twitter, there’s a weird trend going on where people would volunteer to exchange their Uta Pri wrappers for free LAWSON fried chickens. Some say that they’d accept Family Mart chickens or Seven Eleven chickens instead too. At the end, somehow people started exchanging LAWSON fried chickens to Family Mart fried chickens (???). It just gets more random and random as it goes!

If you are one of those fans seeking Uta Puri L-Chiki wrappers, dive into Rinkya and browse all listings of LAWSON Uta no Prince Sama Collaboration L-Chiki Wrappers!


*Some of them come with special promo flyers and a clear folder that came with the chickens.

Or, maybe just look up all listings of Uta No Prince Sama items on Yahoo Japan Auction.









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