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Japan Word of the Day #9 – Kabe Sakuru/Wall Circle (Doujinshi Term)


Comic Market is the biggest doujinshi convention in Japan. If you are planning to go to one, this would be a good word to know.

Today’s Word is: Kabe Sākuru (壁サークル)

In doujinshi term, each single booth that sells doujinshi or doujin merchandises at an event is called a sākuru (サークル), based on English word “circle.”

At the venue, circles are allocated in such a way so to give the smoothest access to visitors. Comic Market gets more than 500,000 visitors each time, so the arrangement of proper circles at appropriate locations is crucial to creating smooth traffic. Naturally, the most popular circles get locations where visitors can form long lines without blocking the flow of traffic. Where are those locations exactly?

Well, the answer is right up against the wall of the convention hall.
During the event, the roller shutter gates around the building are opened up so visitors can form lines outside the building, not blocking any of the traffic inside the building. Thus, circles that get wall locations are usually the most popular circles of all, and therefore calledkabe sākuru (wall circle)”. It’s a pretty good indication of a circle’s high status when you get this location.


Above picture is a line waiting to buy doujinshi from a single wall circle.

Also, some wall circles are located against the walls but not along the roller shutter gates. These circles get visitors to form lines of fans inside the building, but they still get more space than circles that get island locations, which are clusters of circles that are arranged in the middle of the hall with limited space. These circles are called “shima circle (島サークル).” Generally, circles that get island locations are not as popular as wall circles (exceptions exist of course).


This is a section of the floor map from one of the previous Comic Markets. Red line shows wall circles, and the blue line shows island circles.

As you can imagine, it is a gigantic event, so make sure to plan a route before you go to Comic Market! The next Comic Market will be held on December 29-31, 2013.


Image sources: Otakunikki, Shimasakuru, Comic Market

Comic Market 84 Summer 2013 Limited Edition Items on Yahoo Japan Auction!

People from all over Japan and world gathered in this year’s Comic Market, the biggest comic event in Japan over the weekend! Tons of new items from popular doujinshi groups as well as commercial publishers/studios came out at the event. Just type in “C84” in the search bar, and you’ll instantly see the entire auction listings on Comic Market 84!



I’m going to go over some of the most popular items from C84.

SHAFT C84 Lineup – Fate, Bakemonogatari, Madoka Magica

At Shaft’s booth, they had items such as Madoka Magica Clear File Set. Each set includes 2 clear folders featuring opening sequences and 17 genga replicas. Plus an original anime film framed in a soul gem-shaped mount.

SHAFT Madoca Magica Clear File Set

comic-market-84-madoka-magica-clear-file-with-genga-set-rinkya-japan comic-market-84-madoka-magica-clear-file-with-genga-set-rinkya-japan2 comic-market-84-madoka-magica-clear-file-with-genga-set-rinkya-japan3




SHAFT Fate/Extra CCC Opening Animation Production Note Labyrinth Box Set

comic-market-84-fate-extra-set-rinkya-japan2 comic-market-84-fate-extra-set-rinkya-japan


Fate/extra CCC Labyrinth Box Set includes 5 books of opening animation production notes (rough sketches, storyboards, settei, interviews with production crew, illustration cards), nicely stored in a special sleeve! And two special B3-size large posters exclusively for customers who purchase this set at Comic Market 84!



SHAFT Bakemonogatari Key Animation Set

Bakemonogatari Key Animation Note vol.1 is released at C84. The book consists of 1,100 pages of gengas from Bakemonogatari show, and for C84 exclusive set, it also comes with a duplicate autograph art print of Akio Watanabe (shown on the right in the photo below).





Sometimes people sell all of the SHAFT items all together, so if you want to buy them all, just search for C84 SHAFT instead of specific items.


Kadokawa Shoten’s C84 Lineup – Strike Witches, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

Kadokawa booth sold a series of Strike Witches merchandise, including C84 exclusive item – Strike Witches Humikane Shimada Set, as well as Prisma Illya merchandise.


Strike Witches Humikane Shimada Set is especially popular, since this item is only available at Comic Market and will not be sold in other venues in future. This set consists of 52-page art book by Humikane Shimada and a pair of mugs.




Other Kadokawa items include Strike Witches B-1 size large tapestry made of suede, Strike Witches Body Pillow Case, T-shirts, Pocket Watches, Prisma Illya Making DVD Set, and more. Find all Kadokawa C84 lineup here. Or browse individual items from below.



Strike Witches B1-size Tapestry bid-now-button


Strike Witches Pocket Watches  bid-now-button


Humikane Shimada Strike Witches Body Pillow Case bid-now-button


Strike Witches Military T-shirts bid-now-button


Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Making Set (includes a Behind-the-Scene Making DVD, Episode 1 Storyboards, and a Tote Bag)


Of course, commercial merchandises are only half of the fun about going to Comic Market. The main mission of the event is to sell/buy indie books and doujinshi. Browse all C84 items including doujinshi from this link with preset keyword! You can also check out our dedicated Doujinshi category of the Auction and see what’s being listed. There are lots of new doujinshi there now!