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IS -Infinite Stratos- Bunny Girl Project welcomes Kanzashi Sarashiki!

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IS -Infinite Stratos- Bunny Girl Project welcomes Kanzashi Sarashiki! This sexy figurine by FREEing mesures 1/4 scale (around 40.5cm tall). She has net tights that appear authentic and a super sexy bunny outfit. As you might already know, Kanzashi Sarashiki is the IS Academy’s Student Council President’s younger sister. Pre-orders are available till June 8. However, this amazing figurine will start shipping on November 2016. Don’t miss this opportunity to pre-order her!


Let’s take a closer look at her!

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Nendoroid Peko-chan from Fujiya is too cute!

nendoroid, peko-chan, pekochan, fujiya, rinkya, japan

Nendoroid Peko-chan from Fujiya is too cute! Fujiya is a famous Japanese confectionery and restaurant chain in Japan. Fujiya’s first shop was founded back in 1910 in Yokohama. Fujiya’s mascot is Peko-chan, a super cute and sweet girl that licks her lips. She is a super cute icon famous all over Japan. Many dolls have been done during the years. Now, you can have your sweet Peko-chan in Nendoroid style! She is too cute to be missed! For those who love Peko-chan and collect her items, this Nendoroid comes as a present from Heaven!


Let’s get a closer look at her!

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Saber Alter: huke Collaboration Package is amazing!

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Saber Alter: huke Collaboration Package is amazing! If you’re searching for the ultimate figurine, this is it! This is an amazing collaboration figurine between Fate/stay Night and huke. Saber Alter is a famous illustration by huke and now it comes in shape of a gorgeous 1/7th scale figurine. It comes along with a replica print of the original illustration. She is incredibly detailed and has a black armor. Because her armor is dark and her skin pale, this creates the perfect combination to create astonishing results! Don’t miss this Saber Alter figurine! It’s a must-have in your collection! Pre-orders are available till March 30. It ships on August 2016.


Let’s get a closer look at it together!

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Studio Ghibli Cuteness Overload: Super Kawaii Totoro

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Today we have a Studio Ghibli cuteness overload for you with super kawaii Totoro items! If you have watched Studio Ghibli anime movies, then you know about My Neighbor Totoro, also known as Tonari no Totoro in Japanese. The famous anime movie creator Hayao Miyazaki wrote and directed this amazing film that has captivated many generations already. It premiered in Japan in July of 1988. The movie was then dubbed by Disney in 2005 for its US release.
Today we will be taking a look at some super kawaii Totoro items to celebrate My Neighbor Totoro, one of the sweetest anime movies of all times. Are you prepared for the ride?

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Sword Art Online: Must Have Figurines

sword art online, collectibles, figurines, manga, anime, rinkya, japan

As a lot of you know, Sword Art Online took the anime community by storm when it first came out. The anime is based off of a series of light novels that were written by Kawahara Reki. It was picked up for publication in April of 2009 with ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Bunko. The anime started in July of 2012, and it was produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tomohiko Ito. It was so popular that a second season was in the works and Sword Art Online II aired in July of 2014.

The third season is making a lot of buzz in the anime community with the release slated for summer of this year. I can guarantee there will be new figures around the corner but for now, let’s look at some popular figures from the series that are ready to purchase. These are must have figurines in your collection! Let’s take a look at them together!

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THE BATMAN: Day and Night Editions. A threeA x DC Comics collaboration.

the batman, batman, batman figurine, dc, dc comics, rinkya, japan

ThreeA and DC comics have release THE BATMAN Day and Night Editions! These two figurines rock! Thanks to the collaboration of threeA and DC comics we can now enjoy these two badass figurines! These are the very first figurines in the ‘Stell Age’ series. Both have LED eyes for you to enjoy every time it’s dark!

We start taking a closer look at the DAY version of THE BATMAN. It has mainly blue coloring and stands about 350mm (35cm) in height. He has over 50 points of articulation including the fingers. This means that you can put him in almost any pose you want and take lots of awesome pictures about him!


Let’s take a closer look at him!

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Shinobu Oshino from Nisemonogatari Bathes in Tub of Yummy Donuts

shinobu oshino, nisemonomonogatari, nisemono monogatari, anime, manga, rinkya, japan, collectibles, figurines

Shinobu Oshino from Nisemonogatari Bathes in Tub of Yummy Donuts limited figurine is here! And she is amazing! Shinobu Oshino is a character from the famous anime TV series Nisemonogatari. This is a super cool figurine since it’s based on the cover art from the anime’s third Bly-Ray. Shinobu is bathing in her favorite yummy food: donuts! She also has some palm trees around. The figurine is available for pre-order till February 2016. It will ship on October 2016.


Let’s take a closer look at it together!

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Pre-order your Steiff Pikachu now! Limited to 1000 units for all Japan!

steiff pikachu, steiff, limited ed, rinkya, japan

Pre-order your Steiff Pikachu now before it’s sold out! It’s limited to 1000 units for all Japan! It’s an amazing Steiff creation that will be sold throughout Japan. You can use Rinkya as a deputy service to be sure to get yours! Remember: only 1000 units are produced by Steiff. This gorgeous Steiff Pikachu measures about 280mm and it’s made of high quality mohair. It has been carefully hand-made and it’s super limited. Pre-orders are available till items last. It ships on February 2016!

Pre-order this beauty now! Make sure it’ll be yours!


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Marvel News: Kids Nations Iron Man Earphone Jack Accessories

kid nations, iron man, marvel, earphone jack, rinkya, japan

Great Marvel News! Kid Nations Iron Man earphone jack accessories are here! And they’re all super badass! We start with Kids Nations DX01: Iron Man Mark XLII Battle Damaged Ver. Earphone Jack Accessory. This Iron Man measures around 100mm, and it’s really threatening. This version comes from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. Pre-orders are available till items last, and till December 16, 2015! It ships on February 2016. Don’t miss him!


Let’s take a closer look at it!

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Favorite Figurines: Chopper from One Piece

one piece, chopper, collectibles, manga, anime, rinkya, japan

Among all my favorite figurines from different anime, Chopper from One Piece is perhaps one of the finest. If you are a fan of One Piece, I am sure that you know well who the Chopper is and how cute and badass he is. Today, we’re going to discover everyone’s favorite reindeer Tony Tony Chopper from a collectible point of view. If you’re looking for Xmas presents for someone who loves this character, make sure to check all the figures on this list!

We start with Figuarts ZERO – Tony Tony Chopper -5th Anniversary Edition-. This figure is from Bandai’s Figuarts Zero line. It came out earlier this year in August. He stands 2.5 inches tall and perfectly resembles Chopper’s cheerful manner. It is the perfect figure to celebrate the 5th anniversary.


Let’s take a look at the other cool Chopper figurines!

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