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Super Rare Rozen Maiden Shinku Super Dollfie with the Author’s Autograph


If you are a Super Dollfie collector, you probably already know that Rozen Maiden Super Dollfies are one of the most sought-after Dollfies out there. Any character from Rozen Maiden series that has been adopted by Volks’ Super Dollfie could cost anywhere from 200,000 yen to 800,000 yen on auction (could vary depending on the condition, timing, scarcity). Shinku (真紅), the main heroine of Rozen Maiden, is the first one to be adopted into a SD in 2005.

Now, this auction listing we found on Yahoo Japan Auction today is even rarer than a normal SD Shinku.
SD Shinku Rozen Maiden 2005 with Peach-Pit Autograph



Yes, it’s signed by Peach-Pit, the manga creator team consisting of Banri Sendo and Shibuko Ebara, the creator of Rozen Maiden manga series!
When SD Shinku first came out, dolls were sold exclusively to its lottery winners (as customary of many Super Dollfies, not everyone who wants it can buy it). Additionally, one hundred pieces of Shinku dolls were sold separately with Peach-Pit’s autographs, and this is one of them.

As you can see in the photo, it is in beautiful, near mint condition, never been opened or played with, and includes all the original parts.




Take a look at how she looks after dressed up. The following photos are borrowed from Mokomoko, a Japanese doll review site.

super-dollfie-rozen-maiden-shinku-peach-pits-autographed-rinkya-japan6 super-dollfie-rozen-maiden-shinku-peach-pits-autographed-rinkya-japan5 super-dollfie-rozen-maiden-shinku-peach-pits-autographed-rinkya-japan7 super-dollfie-rozen-maiden-shinku-peach-pits-autographed-rinkya-japan8 super-dollfie-rozen-maiden-shinku-peach-pits-autographed-rinkya-japan9 super-dollfie-rozen-maiden-shinku-peach-pits-autographed-rinkya-japan10

super-dollfie-rozen-maiden-shinku-peach-pits-autographed-rinkya-japan11 super-dollfie-rozen-maiden-shinku-peach-pits-autographed-rinkya-japan12



She’s absolutely gorgeous! Peach-Pit must have been happy to see their creation turned into an actual, beautiful ball-jointed doll.
Don’t miss this opportunity to get this very special Super Dollfie Rozen Maiden Shinku! Two more days to bid!



Browse other Rozen Maiden dolls on Yahoo Japan Auction.

The Greatest Kaiju Toy, BANDAI 20-inch Tall R/C Mechagodzilla 1974


One of the greatest kaiju toys out there, BANDAI’s 20-inch Radio Controlled Mechagodzilla 1974 is being listed for auction right now.
Even with the hight retail price of US$800, this mighty Mechagodzilla toy sold out immediately after its release in 2009. Its massive 1/100-scale, 20-inch tall body, loaded with built-in gimmicks, and the attention to details made it way worth the money, and it has been highly sought after on used market ever since. These photos are from the item’s official site.

bandai-rc-remote-controlled-mechagodzilla-1974-rinkya-japan bandai-rc-remote-controlled-mechagodzilla-1974-rinkya-japan2

The auction seller has never opened the toy, so this is what the actual auction item looks like, in an original box.


It’s got lots of fun, great gimmicks!

  • Rotating head (action for making energy shield)
  • Mouth opens/closes
  • Arms move up/down
  • Hands rotate at the wrists
  • Flashing lights in eyes
  • Flashing lights in mouth
  • Flashing lights in fingertips
  • Chest opens and flashes light
  • Installed sound effects for each action

The appearance of Mechagodzilla is based on 1974 model. Watch the promo video below to see what amazing actions it is capable of!

If so, don’t hesitate and bid on BANDAI 20” R/C Mechagodzilla on Yahoo Japan Auction!

On somewhere like Amazon Marketplace, it’s being listed for 500,000 yen, but on our Auction, its current highest bid is only 101,000 yen, and if you really don’t want to miss it, the seller is offering buyout option for 150,000 yen! So don’t hesitate and get it!

Doraemon and Dorami-chan Portable Drink Coolers/Warmer – Use them outdoor or on a car!

Photo source: YJ Auction Item number m110929448

Bring Doraemon to everywhere this summer!
This Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler/Warmer is perfect for camping, outdoor activities, parties, concerts…No matter where you go, he’ll keep your drink nice and cold for you (or warm for you in winter)!
The item is a special gift given out by Art Moving Center to their customers. Thus, you can’t find it on regular market.

Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler

As you can see, the front cover opens up, and there’s just enough space for four 500ml bottles of beverage inside.



doraemon-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan4 doraemon-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan5
Photo source: Jomonart

How cute!
It also has a collapsible handle on the top for easy transportation.


You can plug it into either a regular electric outlet at home, or to a 12V cigarette lighter socket in your car. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the battery when your are driving with Doraemon. It can cool your drink or keep your drinks warm. Or maybe pack some lunch in it, keep the food warm! The control switches are located at his foot.

Phoso source: Jomonart

Want to own one of Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler?
Yahoo Japan Auction is the place to find it!


Also, there are Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler Christmas Edition and Dorami Version too.

Dorami-chan Portable Drink Cooler

doramichan-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan doramichan-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan2 doramichan-drink-cooler-rinkya-japan3
Photo source: YJ Auction item number u49369612

Doarmi-chan version is slightly smaller than Doraemon. It’s big enough to hold two cans of beer.


Doraemon Portable Drink Cooler White X’mas Edition

The X’mas version is white Doraemon, and it sings a X’mas song for you by turning on a switch on his Santa hat!



I want to collect all three of them! I’m sure kids would love it too :)