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Sailor Moon Cels: the greatest collectibles!

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Sailor Moon Cels are the greatest collectibles. They’re cute and they make us remember one of our favorite animes of all times. Sailor Moon has the best collectibles out there, and cels are always a great thing to have in your collection. Today we have a small selection for you to choose from. We hope that you like them!

We start with a Sailor Moon Cel from the very first episode! It has Sailor Moon and Luna on it, and it’s super cute.


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Auction Wednesday: Madoka Magica Movie Original Films

Like many other animated feature films, after the movie finishes its production, Madoka Magica The Movie has been giving out original films used in the movie to its visitors. These films are highly collectible and frequently transacted on Yahoo Japan Auction.

Today we found several Madoka Magica films listed on YJ Auction.

1) Madoka and Homura from Opening Sequence


madoka-magica-rebellion-film-rinkya-japan6 madoka-magica-rebellion-film-rinkya-japan5


This is a film sequence used for the opening of Madoka Magica the Movie. This is a special film given only to visitors who went to both the first and the second films of Madoka Magica.

This auction ends on June 20th, 2014 at 00:57 in PDT.



2) Madoka Magica -Rebellion- Homura

madokamagica-film-homura-rinkya-japan2 madokamagica-film-homura-rinkya-japan

A beautiful sequence of Homura trapped in clockwork from its opening.

This auction ends on June 21st, 2014 at 6:27 in PDT.


3) A Set of 125 Madoka Magica -Rebellion- Films

This is a listing for a huge set of 125 Madoka Magica -Rebellion- films, plus several bonus items such as limited edition Blu-ray disc of the movie and five replica sketches by Ume Aoki that were given out to movie visitors.

madoka-magica-rebellion-film-rinkya-japan2 madoka-magica-rebellion-film-rinkya-japan



This seller has been donating profit to victims of Tohoku Earthquake, and for this auction, he’ll be doing the same. Unfortunately, he’s unable to upload all 125 films as Yahoo doesn’t allow uploading more than three photos (unless you do a proxy trick to get around it). If you are interested, the bidding ends on June 19th, 2014 at 6:54 in PDT.




Same Seller Discount Deal: Studio Ghibli and Osamu Tezuka Anime Cels!


A reliable seller is listing several rare and highly desirable anime cels from Studio Ghibli anime and Osamu Tezuka anime. Because Rinkya offers Same Day Same Seller discount (JP seller fee is free on any item won after the first from the same seller within 24 hours), this is a great chance to purchase multiple cels for cheap. In addition, all cels are eligible for commission discount ($7 up to 10,000 yen) as well.

Check them out!

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Japan Word of the Day #60 – Ekonte (Animation Term)

Today’s Word is: Ekonte (絵コンテ)

Ekonte (絵コンテ) is a Japanese animation/film/TV term that is equivalent of storyboard in English. “E” means drawing, and “konte” is short for “continuity (pronounced kon-ti-nyu-i-ti).” This is an useful term to know if you are a collector of Japanese anime storyboards and rough drafts.

In Japanese live action films and TV shows, ekonte is usually drawn based on an existing script written by a writer. However, in animation, sometimes ekonte comes before a script. Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki is well known for drawing ekonte first, and then flesh out a story and a script afterward.

A typical ekonte looks like this. (This ekonte is from TV anime Oreimo)

ekonte-rinkya-japan ekonte-rinkya-japan2 ekonte-rinkya-japan3


Depending on who’d drawn it, ekonte can be highly desirable on collectors’ market.
This Oreimo ekonte above is currently listed on Mandarake Big Auction, which Rinkya can help you purchase.

See how you can bid on valuable ekonte and other anime collectibles listed on Mandarake Big Auction.


Mandarake Big Auction Starting Today!


The 62nd Mandarake Big Auction is starting today!
Mandarake is one of the biggest manga/anime/toy collectible stores in Japan. You can find Japan’s most sought after items on their Big Auction! Contact Rinkya’s customer service if you are interested in bidding on any of the auctioned items. We’ve been helping our customers purchase items from Mandarake for years!

The following items are only a few selected examples from the whole auction list.

Anime Cels

UFO Robot Grendizer Color Chart Cel


My Neighbor Totoro


Sailor Moon





Original Art

Akemi Takada Original Watercolor Paint Patlabor


Haruhiko Mikimoto’s original full color Macross art


Castle in the Sky Rough Layouts

castle-in-the-sky-rough-layout-rinkya-japan castle-in-the-sky-rough-layout-rinkya-japan2



Vintage Toys

Masudaya Ultra Seven Race Car



Asakusa Toy’s Astroboy Race Car


There are tons more collectible items listed on Mandarake Big Auction. Check out their official site to browse all listings! Contact Rinkya to bid on items on behalf of you (You must be logged into Rinkya to access this page). Good luck bidding!

Amazing Ghibli Nausicaä God Warrior Cel and Douga for Auction

On Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya, there’s currently a listing of this amazing cel and douga set for God Warrior from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. (The black folder underneath is not included in the auction)

nausicaa-cel-genga-rinkya-japan nausicaa-cel-genga-rinkya-japan2 nausicaa-cel-genga-rinkya-japan3


The cel is labeled with “A-45,” meaning 45th cel in a sequence and the second layer of a multi-layer cel. Note that there’s a little damage on the douga where the sticky tape used to be. The cel itself is in a great condition without visible flaws.

This auction ends at 5:56 on February 23rd, 2014 in PST. 

Mandarake Big Auction Winter 2014 is Running!


Quarter-annual Mandarake Big Auction for winter 2014 has started!
Mandarake is the largest manga/toy collectible shop in Japan, and its Big Auction is known for listing many rare and valuable items gathered from all over Japan!

A registered Rinkya user can bid on any of the items listed on Mandarake Auction by requesting assistance from our Support Desk. You must be logged in first to access this page.

See more item details from below.

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