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Black Cats Only! World’s First Black Cat Cafe in Himeji City



Black cats are believed to bring bad luck; such superstition is true in Japan too.
Despite their unfortunate reputations, there are many cat fans who absolutely love black cats.
If you are one of them, “Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka -Kuroneko cm-” in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture might be a perfect place to visit! This is the world’s first cat cafe in which the feline residents are all black cats!

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10 Unique (and sometimes odd) Japanese Travel Experiences Offered by Special Travel Agency Voyagin

Voyagin is an unique travel agency offering a variety of host-initiated experiences for tourists visiting Japan. The kind of activities/experiences offered here are very different.

Some of the experiences offered here is rather odd! Let’s take a look!

1) Go Shopping with Japanese Lolitas in Akihabara


Go shopping with actual Japanese Lolitas, they’ll share their extensive knowledge in Japanese lolita culture and tell you right places to go shopping for lolita fashion items.

2) Japanese Pop Idol Performance w Meal and Photo Ops


Watch idols singing themes from anime! You can experience the atmosphere created by idol otaku fans/audience, it’s one of a kind.

3) Spend Relaxing Time at Cat Cafe


After a busy day of sight seeing, you may want to take a break at a cafe surrounded by adorable kitties.

4) Eat Indian Curry made by and with Geeks and NEETs at Geek share house


Geek House is a share house with residents consisting of various geeks including unemployed NEETs. The owner of the share house will make an Indian curry and have a party with the rest of the geeky house mates! Take a glimpse of deepest geek life.

5) Sumo Wrestlers’ Morning Training Viewing


Visit sumo stable and watch their morning training. This is not a typical sight seeing spot, so you’ll be watching the training with most hardcore sumo fans!

6) Have a Dinner with Geisha in Asakura Private Restaurant


Enjoy a dinner with geisha and see their dance performance.

7) Let’s Play Pachinko!


If you’ve visited Japan, you’ve seen pachinko parlors everywhere. It’s a little intimidating to enter and play without knowing what to do. In this tour a guide will accompany you and explain how to play the most prominent form of gambling in Japan!

8) Learn How to Become a Samurai in Costume


Learn how to become a samurai including samurai etiquette, sword techniques KEMBU in Kyoto!

9) Visit Maid Cafe and Butler Cafe


It’s actually pretty difficult to get reservation for Japanese people at butler’s cafe too due to its popularity.


You’ve heard all about maid cafes and butler cafes craze in Japan. Indulge yourself with excellent service from beautiful maids and butlers!

10) Learn How to Make Japanese-style Bento. Chara Ben Class!


I know everyone on our blog loves our Bento Friday posts. Maybe you can make one yourself! Learn basic techniques you can apply to making any character bentos.

This site is great, since anyone can bring in a proposal for new travel experiences (Voyagin staff will pre-screen hosts and make sure they are legit, so there’s no worry about scams).