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Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, we’ll miss you

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Carrie Fisher, dearest Princess Leia, we’ll miss you! Fisher was a great personality that enlightened us with her life experience and her wisdom. She also was Princess Leia, a role model for thousands and thousands of kids who wanted to be just like her. She confronted Hollywood, she made a stand, she was a true rebel. Witty, strong, and a storm that we loved.

Star Wars is deeply love in Japan, and so, Fisher’s passing has been a bomb. Everywhere in the world. Star Wars won’t be the same. Millions of fans mourn both the character and the human being behind.

She was a Jedi in Twitter, who fought for ageing rights and against injustice. Princess Leia will be in our minds forever!

All Rinkya members are deeply sorry and want to cherish her remembering Fisher and Leia in all their glory, in all their ages. May the Force be with You, Princess.

Image source: Independent