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One Piece CaramellDansen

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Today we have another crazy idea for Halloween: One Piece CaramellDansen! So, if you are planning to cosplay as any character of One Piece, and do it with your friends… Why not adding CaramellDansen to the equation? It will be fun! (If you click on the image above, you’ll find a funny video).

What do you need for this endeavor? You need to cosplay as your favorite One Piece character. Then you also need CaramellDansen track and be eager to move your body with the sound of the music! Yup, as simple!

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Sailor Moon CaramellDansen

This week’s CaramellDansen is Sailor Moon! There are some funny Sailor Moon CaramellDansen videos that would be awesome to use as background to dance and have fun while cosplaying as Sailor Moon this Halloween!

So here are some crazy funny ideas to cosplay during Halloween:

  • Cosplay as your favorite Sailor Moon character.
  • Ask some of your friends to cosplay as their favorite Sailor Moon characters too.
  • Take CaramellDansen as inspiration and create a Halloween video!
  • Post it in Youtube!

If you do the video, we’ll share it here for sure! (I know, it’s crazy, but it is funny and cosplaying as Sailor Moon is a delight!).

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Hatsune Miku CaramellDansen Para Para version

Do you like Hatsune Miku? And the song CaramellDansen? Well, now you can enjoy Hatsune Miku and CaramellDansen with a twist! We have the Para Para version! This is a very funny video about one of my favorite trends online: Hatsune Miku and CaramellDansen. If you don’t know it yet, the Swedish group Caramell released in November 2001 this song, and it got viral. It got very popular online thanks to a meme in 2006 in the internet community 4chan. Since then, thousands of memes and Youtube videos have used CaramellDansen to create anime and comic versions of all kinds.

CaramellDansen became famous in Japan with the name of “uma uma dance” (ウマウマダンス) mainly because in the lyrics you can hear “u ua uaaa.” Plus Japanese started to add kaomoji too (like this (゚∀゚) and many others) at the end of the title (basically it makes it cute). Japanese have also change the meaning of the song using the phonetics, which can end up with very funny combinations. Thus, the song became even more viral.

So, it is not surprising to find Hatsune Miku dancing CaramellDansen! Creativity and combination of pop culture that comes around the world is just a normality online.

Find the official Japanese Uma Uma page here.

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Pokemon: funny CaramellDansen

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Do you CaramellDansen with Pokemon? And with Pikachu? Now you can! Today we have a very cute CaramellDansen with Pokemon characters, and of course, one with Pikachu! CaramellDansen is originally sang in Swedish, but, we found an English version with Pokemon! (The Pikachu version we have today is in the original language).

So, you can sing along with Pokemon and Pikachu, or you can CaramellDansen with them! You only need to move your hands and hips in the same way! Let’s give it a try in English first! (Please, look carefully how the characters dance so you can do it too.)

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Hetalia: funny CaramellDansen

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A friend of mine presented Hetalia to me. I was shocked, but at the same time it caught my eye. It’s a really funny manga! “Hetalia” is also a funny word. It is composed by イタリア Italia and ヘタ heta, which means “being unskilful or imprudent.” In fact, Italy drives Germany nuts. He is really funny, but he is like a little spoiled kid, and makes the serious Germany really go bananas. Perhaps, that’s why I might like Hetalia.

However, one of the things that I like the most about Hetalia is a version I found online: CaramellDansen Hetalia! “Caramelldansen” is a Swedish song from the music pop group Caramell. It became so popular that memes around the world started to appear. You can find dozens of “Caramelldansen” versions of your favorite fandoms around, specially in Tumblr. They are really funny! Here we have the one I like of Hetalia :)

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