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CWC Exclusive Doronjo Meets Blyth, Jenna Fashion Obsession, Heart of Montmarte, and Yuki no Namida Hime

Doronjo has been a popular villain of Yatterman since her debut.

In 2009, CWC produced limited edition Blyth dolls in collaboration with Doronjo. She is absolutely gorgeous, and the costume is just perfect.



And here we have an unopened, brand new Doronjo Meets Blyth on Yahoo Auction!


Still got original packaging from Tomy even.

Bid on CWC Exclusive Yatterman Doronjo Meets Blyth here!

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CWC Exclusive 2009 Fashion Obsession Jenna

CWC Exclusive 2008 Heart of Montmarte

CWC Exclusive 2006 Yuki no Namida Hime in collaboration with popular gothic lolita fashion brand Baby The Stars Shine Bright.

Inside Yuki no Namida Hime looks like this… So pretty!


Check out all the items sold by this seller here!
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2007 limited edition CWC Blyth doll, Gentle River


Likes Blyth dolls? Want something unique and different from everyone else? Treat yourself with this gorgeous, special edition Blyth – Gentle River – a winning model from Blyth  Beauty Contest 2007.

crowncima-img500x500-1366464977qbyxc161113 crowncima-img500x500-1366464978vcsgao61113

Gentle River was designed by renowned group of Blyth custom designers Team Sibley. The beautiful custom doll won first place in the first annual Blyth Beauty Contest held in 2007. After being selected as a winner, 3,100 of Gentle River dolls were produced by Takara Tomy.
The auctioned item is in a brand new, unopened condition.
A great opportunity to buy it if you are looking for something special!
Bid on CWC limited edition Blyth “Gentle River” now! 

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Hand-made 1/6 Doll House Hidden Underground Cafe by Yumeneko – for momoko dolls, Blyth, Pullip, Barbie, etc

Yumeneko is an artist who is fascinated with building miniature models, sets, dollhouses, and everything that is small. Her creations are full of beautiful details and elegant design with use for dolls’ photoshoot and decoration in mind.
Her latest 1/6-scale dollhouse creation “Hidden Spot & Underground Cafe” is  up for sale on Yahoo Japan Auction right now.


With dolls in the house… (Dolls belong to the seller, not for sale)
dollhouse02 dollhouse03

You can imagine a kind of seclusive little cute spot where only customers who already know the place would go to, enjoying soothing tranquility away from noises from a bustling city. This dollhouse actually consists of two-floors. One is supposed to be on the ground level and the other is an underground room (but it’s detachable so you can arrange them in any ways). The ground room has large windows and pretty gardens, and the underground room comes with nice dim lighting from LED lamps on the ceiling. You can stack the two rooms on top of each other, display them separately side-by-side, or connect them together by staircase directly or in L-shape.
Layout ideas suggested by the seller:

This dollhouse is compatible with any dolls of 1/6 scale, including Momoko Doll (as shown in photos), Blyth, Pullip, Barbie, etc. Pre-furbished with tables, chairs, and framed artwork on the wall as in the photos, but decorative items used by dolls (magazine, wine bottle, food) are not included in the set. If you already have furniture and decorations of your choice, you can arrange them and open your own cozy little cafe for your dolls!
Bid on Hand-made 1/6 scale Doll House Hidden Underground Cafe by Yumeneko on Yahoo Japan Auction.

Check out Yumeneko’s blog  and her YJ Auction store listing page to keep updated on her new dollhouse creations (and view old ones). You can bid them on YJ auctions as they come out.

I like these ones personally…
Flight cabin:
dollhouse-flightcabin2 dollhouse-flightcabin

Hair Salon: