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New Marvel Spider-Gwen Bishoujo Kotobukiya figurine is to die for!

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New Marvel Spider-Gwen Bishoujo Kotobukiya figurine is to die for! Spider-Gwen joins Kotobukiya Bishoujo figurine collection and it rocks! Spider-Gwen comes from Marvel’s Spider-Verse. This time she is based on illustrations by artist Shunya Yamashita. Spider-Gwen was introduced in the events of the Spider-Verse Universe in which alternate possibilities appeared for the Spider-Man Universe. In fact, she is Gwen Stacy and she has been bitten by a radioactive spider (not Peter Parker!) and she is the Spider of her alternate Universe.

As you can see, this figurine is depicting Spider-Gwen as the blonde Superhero she is. She has blue eyes and great dynamics. She has also her iconic hoodie and mask. She measures around 222mm. Pre-orders are available till figurines last. She ships on August 2016! Don’t miss her!


Let’s take a closer look at Spider-Gwen together!

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Bishoujo and Nendoroid cute figurines

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Bishoujo and Nendoroid cute figurines make the best collectibles. Today we have two figurines that you will adore: Yui Yuigahama from anime “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU” and Nendoroid Laura Bodewig from anime “IS~Infinite Stratos~” Let’s start!

Bishoujo Yui Yuigahama from anime “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU” measures 230mm and is extremely sexy! Take a look at the pics and discover all her sex-appeal!


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Sexy Bishoujo Figurines: Perceval, Chris Yukine and Plamya-sama

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Sexy bishoujo figurines make great collectibles. Today we want to talk about Perceval (from zone control game “Eiyuu *Senki GOLD”), Chris Yukine (from anime “Senki Zesshou Symphogear G”) and Plamya-sama (from anime “World Conquest Zvezda Plot”). They are all sexy. So, we are having a great sexy bishoujo overload! Let’s begin!

bishoujo, bishoujo figurines, collectibles, rinkya, japan, anime, gaming, sexy bishoujo

Perceval bishoujo figurine is so sexy! She measures 320mm and is sexy from every single angle!


Let’s take a closer look at her!

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Pre-order your bishoujo x nendoroid figures before it’s too late!

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With Rinkya Direct you can now pre-order and buy your favorite bishoujo x nendoroid figures. Pre-ordering them assures that you will have your figure. Some of this figures sell before the pre-orders time has finished. So be aware of that. This set of figures has a limited pre-order time: till October 1, 2014. So, pre-order the ones you love before the limited time ends.

The first figurine we want to introduce you is an awesome Fate/Kalied Liner Prisma Iriya (see the image above). She is in total motion and her dress is just astounding. She measures 140mm and comes with the stand, of course. You can order 3 figurines per person. Though pre-orders are available till October 1, 2014, this bishoujo won’t start selling till April 2015.

Pre-order your Prisma Iriya now by clicking here:

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Pre-order your Sailor Moon Mars and Uranus Bishoujo Figures

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Pre-order your Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Bishoujo Sailor Moon Mars and Sailor Moon Uranus through Rinkya Direct. Sailor Moon is preparing a lot of wonderful goodies to celebrate Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary including wonderful figures. These are really nice and great items to have for collection or to enjoy. While Sailor Mars is in combat and showing up all her strength, Sailor Uranus is capable of moving! You can put her on the pose you want the most, and you can make her as sweet, rebellious or spooky as you want.

Sailor Moon Mars is in action! Made by Figuarts Zero, she is 190mm. Sexy and with a lot of energy, this figure will look great anywhere! Plus, thanks to Premium Bandai you can order 12 figures per person (which is a quite huge limit to have). I always end up buying two figures, one to display and the other to keep in a box. Having such a limit ensures that I can satisfy myself easily.

All the energy that Sailor Moon Mars is displaying is courageous! Her face is cute but menacing, and her whole body is pure action. A great figure to have at home! Pre-orders are opened now. She will start selling on February 2015. Pre-order before it’s too late!

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Kotobukiya launches Horror Bishoujo with “Freddy vs. Jason”

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Kotobukiya launches Horror Bishoujo figures for Halloween! “Freddy vs. Jason” haven’t been so “sexy” in the movies! While you might be avoiding meeting the real buddies from the movies, Kotobukiya has created a really sexy pair! Horror Bishoujo is a new line created by Kotobukiya enabling you to see a very sexy Jason Voorhees and a really appealing Freddy Krueger. You haven’t seen them like this!

Jason and Freddy are sexy beauties with torn clothing and mismatched stockings. Both are seductive and appealing. Nice to have them in the room, not to have nightmares with, precisely. These two beauties, stars of the Horror Bishoujo, stand around 7 inches tall, and will create awesome chills when displaying them at home.

You can pre-order them through Rinkya Direct. Be warned though, you can only take three Jasons and 6 Freddies per person. Freddy is coming out this September and Jason this October.

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